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Can Rottweilers Be Left Alone?

Can Rottweilers Be Left Alone?

Worried about whether your Rottweiler is going to tear up the place while you’re away at work, or out with friends? Is it safe to leave them alone?

Although Rottweilers are incredibly loyal and affectionate dogs, they are also independent and can spend time alone. Adult Rottweilers can be left alone for up to 8 hours so long as they have been trained to do so.

Below we’re going to cover whether they can be left alone, for how long, and what you can do to prevent destructive behavior while you’re away.

Do Rottweilers Like Being Alone?

Rottweilers love their owners but they are independent dogs if trained to be so. Of course, this varies from dog to dog, and if you smother your Rottweiler with affection and never leave their side, it’s natural for them to become overly attached to you. 

Experts say that to prevent situations such as separation anxiety, you should get your dog used to being alone from puppyhood. This does not mean leaving them alone for extended periods but teaching them how to have fun with self-directed play.

Rottweilers are very loyal and can be very attached to their owners. This is because of their defensive instincts, which make them great guard dogs!

It is normal for any dog to spend time by themselves, even while you are at home. Set out a place that is there’s and has lots of chews and their favorite toys around. Letting your dog have some alone time for an hour or so a day is great for their self-confidence too.

Can a Rottweiler Be Left Alone For 8 Hours?

Adult Rottweilers can stay alone for up to 8 hours a day, but their energy and nutritional needs must be met. If you are going to leave your Rottweiler alone in the house for a long time, you should take it for a long walk and let it blow off some steam before you go.

After meeting all their basic needs, you should leave the necessary things like toys and chewable treats in the living area so that they do not get bored and have some things to occupy their time while you are away.

Can Rottweiler Puppies Be Left Alone?

In the case of Rottweiler puppies, the situation is a little different. Because puppies have smaller bladders and digestive tracts they will have to toilet more often and will need a space to go inside the house until they reach 3 months of age.

The general rule is that puppies of any breed can hold their pee for 1 hour per month of age until they reach adulthood. The longest an adult dog can hold they pee is 8 hours, maybe a little longer while they sleep through the night.

Therefore it is not advisable to leave a puppy longer than the suggested hourly timeframe. This, and for other reasons such as damage they may do to the house (since they have yet to be trained) and that they could hurt themselves while unsupervised.

Rottweilers are very smart dogs, with good training, they can stay at home safely and wait for you to come home to walk them before going to the toilet.

Should I Hire a Dog Walker for My Rottweiler?

Dog walkers have a great love for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and if you cannot be at home as much as you would like, then hiring a dog walker may be a good move.

Dog walking is a very popular profession and you will likely find a reliable dog walker in your area. 

The first palace to check in on reliable websites, but many dog owners prefer to hire a dog walker who has been recommended by a friend. 

Hiring a dog walker for your Rottweiler can be a great solution if you cannot make it home in time to meet their needs, or just to provide your Rotty with an extra midday walk before you arrive home.

How Long Should I Walk My Rottweiler Before Leaving Them At Home?

Rottweilers love to spend time outside, especially in nature. For this reason, a 1-2 hour-long walk in the morning will help your Rottweiler to burn off its energy before you leave and encourage them to nap while you are away.

If you cannot take your Rottweiler outside for this long, then another solution is to hire a dog walker. If you think your Rottweiler will be bored at home alone, you should contact a dog walker and have them take your dog out once or twice while you are away.

How To Calm An Anxious Rottweiler Left Home Alone

Can Rottweiler be left alone? Yes! However, try these tips for helping your Rottweiler adjust to your absence!

Exercise And Mental Stimulation

One of the best ways to calm your Rottweiler who is experiencing separation anxiety is to take them for a long walk and help them relieve stress. Your Rottweiler, who has already been alone at home for a long time, will relax when they go out and anxiety will decrease. 

Since Rottweilers are very energetic and active dogs by nature, staying at home alone for long hours affects them both physiologically and mentally. Letting your Rottweiler release its energy will make it a calmer and happier dog.

Crate Training

While you’re away from your Rottweiler, you may want to consider crate training. In this way, you provide your Rottweiler will have a safe and comfortable environment. 

Crate training your Rotty should be straightforward as most dogs like crates, but every dog is different so it is normal to expect an adjustment period and some training will be required.

Rottweilers have very high protection instincts by nature. If your Rottweiler is free to roam around the house, they may become restless and will perceive everything that passes in front of the house as a danger. 

But thanks to crate training, he will feel safe and will stop them from barking at passers-by.

Distractions; Activities

Rottweilers are mentally active and intelligent dogs. When left alone at home, they can get bored very quickly and turn their attention to the objects around them. At such times, if you don’t have a trained Rottweiler, it will start to gnaw and shred the things in the house. 

To avoid such situations, you should put some toys and treats around your Rottweiler’s living area that may be of interest to them. Especially Kong-style toys where your Rottweiler has to work to get the treat. 

What Makes Your Rottweiler So Anxious About Separation?

Rottweilers are very attached to their owners and can easily experience stress in their absence, which can sometimes even lead to anxiety. Some of the situations that can trigger separation anxiety in Rottweilers include.

A Change In Schedule

A change in your work schedule or extended working hours can cause your Rottweiler to worry. Because he knows when you come home every day and accordingly, he will greet you with joy at the door. A sudden change in your working hours may cause him anxiety.

A New House

Dogs are not very willing to leave their adopted habitats, and they do not immediately adjust to new places. If you move into a new home, it may take a few weeks for your Rottweiler to fully accept its new home. 

During this period, your Rottweiler wants to feel safe by being with you all the time. Therefore, such situations may cause abandonment anxiety if you leave your Rottweiler alone for a long time.

A Familial Change

Rottweilers are very attached to each of their family members and their territory. If there is an unexpectedly painful situation such as a death in the family – including other pets – your Rottweiler will feel the absence of this person and may mourn them for a short time.

If the deceased is the person to whom he was most attached, then this separation anxiety can even go as far as depression. At this point, you must be extremely loving and supportive of your dog and talk to your vet if you are concerned.

Final Thoughts

Rottweilers are dogs that are very attached to their owners by nature and have deep feelings that can sometimes lead to defensiveness. Being very energetic and active at the same time, Rottweilers do not like to be left alone for long periods. 

But with good training, you can leave your Rottweiler alone at home. Long-term separations can also cause separation anxiety in Rottweilers. For this reason, you should take some measures to relieve your Rottweiler’s anxiety and promote calmness. 

Since Rottweilers have very high protection instincts, they may bark and display other defensive behaviors while left alone. This can also cause them anxiety. 

Although Rottweilers have a tough appearance, they are known for their loyalty and emotionality towards their owners, so long-term separation can affect them deeply. 

However, Rottweilers do enjoy alone time. If they have their favorite spot, covered in blankets with plenty of toys, they can remain happy here for quite some time.

For this reason, you should create space for your Rottweiler to help them get used to spending time by themselves and give them independence. You can also contact a local dog walker to take your Rottweiler out frequently while you are away from home.