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Can Greyhounds Live in Hot Weather? 

Greyhounds are gentle dogs that make excellent family pets, but due to their short coats, they feel the effects of the weather more than other breeds. Before the summer temperatures begin to rise, you may be asking “can Greyhounds live in hot weather?

Greyhounds don’t fare well in hot weather, but they can live in climates with hot summers if their owners stay on top of what they need. If you have a Greyhound, it’s very important to have a running air conditioner when the weather is hot. You will also need to make things more comfortable for your dog before taking it outdoors.

With summer on the way, you may be wondering how a Greyhound will handle the heat. On this page, we’re going to talk about how hot is too hot for a Greyhound. We will also share some of our top tips for keeping your pooch cool in the heat. Keep reading to learn more.

Can Greyhounds Live in Hot Weather?

If the summer season gets hot where you live, that doesn’t mean that you can’t adopt a Greyhound. These dogs aren’t fond of the heat. They have very short fur and slender bodies, so anytime the temperature is too warm or too cold, they can feel it. For this reason, a Greyhound should be kept in a temperature range of 65 to 75 F (18 to 24 C).

That’s not saying that Greyhounds can’t live where the temperature is outside of those ranges. It just means that you need to be prepared to help your Greyhound stay comfortable. This includes controlling the temperature indoors and taking steps to make outdoor journeys more comfortable for your dog. 

Keep Your Greyhound Cool Outdoors in Summer

This summer season, you can help your Greyhound stay comfortable. When the temperature hits 75 F or higher, your Greyhound won’t be as happy to romp around outdoors. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make the hot weather more bearable for your dog.

Stay in the Shade

While your Greyhound may be more comfortable indoors, it does need to go outside on a daily basis. Your Greyhound will need to go to the bathroom at some point during the day and daily exercise is important for its health. Try to keep your dog out of direct sunlight when you’re outside. Your dog will be happier playing in a shaded area.

Keep Exercise Light

Your Greyhound will need exercise on a daily basis, whether it’s hot or cold. However, your dog will get too hot if it romps around at the same rate that it does when the weather is cooler. Try not to work your dog too much when taking it outside to play. Instead of its usual running around and physical activity, try one of these activities:

  • Hike in the forest or trails where it’s shaded
  • Swimming at the lake or activities in a wading pool
  • Walks in shaded areas (The best time to walk is in the morning and in the evening since the sun won’t be at its peak)
  • Toys that involve mental activity 

Supervise Your Greyhound Outdoors

Dogs will be dogs and Greyhounds love to run around. Your Greyhound will still have the urge to release some energy and romp around at full speed. Always keep an eye on your Greyhound’s behavior when they are doing this. While you want your dog to have fun, you will need to make sure it isn’t overheating.

The problem with Greyhounds is they never want to stop the fun. Even if the dog is overheating, it’s likely to still run around and play. As its owner, you will have to get the dog to calm down before it overheats. 

Greyhounds Love Frozen Treats

When you’re outdoors on a hot day, the idea of a popsicle or ice cream cone sounds like a good treat. Well, your Greyhound has the same frame of mind. While they can’t eat sugary treats, you can make frozen treats for dogs and it’s very easy. Simply freeze beef or chicken stock in an ice cube tray and let your Greyhound enjoy them on a hot day.

Cool Material

If you and your Greyhound are spending time outdoors, you can help keep them cool with a damp material. Using a bandana, light scarf, towel, or cloth, wet it with cool water. Drape the damp material over your greyhound. The cooled-down material will evaporate when placed on your Greyhound, which will help keep your dog cool.

Always keeps an eye on the temperature of the wet material you’ve used. Once the material feels warm, it will start to heat up the dog. Try to remove the material before it gets warm and rinses it off with cool water again. 

Stay Off Of Pavement

When you take your Greyhound for a walk, try to stay on grassy areas or dirt trails. During the summer, the sun heats up the pavement and concrete. This can be very hot for your dog to place its paws on.  

Keep Your Greyhound Cool Indoors When It’s Hot

During a heatwave, you should keep your Greyhound indoors more often than outside. However, if you’re not on top of things, your indoor environment could become very uncomfortable for your Greyhound. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to make sure your pooch is comfortable indoors.

Control the Temperature

If you own a Greyhound, an air conditioner in the summertime is a must-have item. As mentioned above, between 65 and 75 F is the ideal temperature range for these dogs. Always try to keep your home within this temperature range. This will prevent your dog from overheating while it’s indoors.

Close The Curtains/ Blinds

Always close your curtains or blinds during the day. When the shine starts shining through a window, it can heat up a room very quickly. If there is an area in your home where the sun directly hits the windows, we recommend purchasing blackout curtains so the sun can’t affect the temperature of the room.

Always Have Water Available

It’s crucial that your Greyhound stays hydrated when it’s hot outside. You may even notice that your dog drinks more water than usual during a heatwave. Always ensure that the Greyhound has fresh drinking water available. If you are leaving for the day, place a few ice cubes in the water dish to keep the water cool for longer. 

Never Leave Your Greyhound in a Car in Summer

One of the most dangerous things a dog owner can do is leave their dog in the car on a hot summer day. This is one mistake that can be fatal for dogs. The reason why is that it’s always hotter in the vehicle than it is outdoors. Even though the temperature outdoors seems moderate, after a few minutes it gets very hot in the car.

Here’s an example. You could park the car and the temperature is around 75 F. This isn’t too hot for a Greyhound, so you think it may be okay to leave the dog in the car and go do some grocery shopping. Well, after only 5 minutes that temperature will rise in the car to 100 degrees. 

Should My Greyhound Go Outside During a Heatwave?

One thing you need to consider is that your Greyhound’s physique does put it at risk of heatstroke and hyperacute exertional rhabdomyolysis. On days when it’s simply too hot or too functional, we strongly recommend keeping your Greyhound indoors. While it’s okay to take it outside for bathroom trips, keep the time in the heat minimal.

Since you will be able to control the temperature indoors, we suggest setting up activities indoors so your dog will get stimulation. Mental activity can tire the dog out just as much as physical activity. Visit your local pet store to see what toys they offer that will keep your dog busy indoors.

While your Greyhound may be looking forward to its daily walk, it won’t hurt to skip one a day that’s too hot. After all, it’s better to not risk having your dog overheat. 

Final Thoughts

Can Greyhounds line in hot weather? Greyhounds need to live in a temperature range of 65 to 75 F (18 to 24 C). While they can live in climates that are warmer than that temperature range, the dog owner needs to take action to make sure the dog is more comfortable. This includes keeping indoor temperatures controlled, having plenty of water available for the dog, and paying attention outdoors.

Greyhounds have a lot of fun playing and running around, so it’s very easy for them to overheat. Keep an eye on your dog because it won’t stop playing when it’s overheated. When taking them outside in the hot weather, always keep them in a shaded area and out of direct sunlight. Also, try to include swimming and water activities to keep the dog cool while staying active.