Are Rottweilers Aggressive?

Rottweilers have a reputation for being big, mean, scary dogs. Even though dog owners all over the world are claiming this stereotype isn’t true, you still may find yourself wondering “are Rottweilers aggressive?“ Since Rottweilers are very adaptable dogs, they generally aren’t aggressive. However, this only applies to Rottweilers that have been trained and socialized … Read more

Are Rottweilers Good With Kids?

While Rottweilers have a reputation for being mean, dog owners have proven that they can be very loveable. Yes, these dogs are incredibly friendly, but are Rottweilers good with kids? Rottweilers can be very good with kids. These dogs are very friendly, playful, and protective, which makes them a great breed to have around kids. … Read more

Are Rottweilers Hypoallergenic?  

If you suffer from allergies but love having a furry friend around, you may want to adopt a hypoallergenic dog. When looking at different breeds, you may find yourself asking “are Rottweilers hypoallergenic?“ Rottweilers aren’t a hypoallergenic dog breed. While these dogs require minimal grooming to stay clean, they do produce a fair amount of … Read more

Are Rottweilers a Good Family Dog?

Rottweilers are big dogs but they are also very loveable. If you’re considering adopting one of these fun dogs, you may be wondering “are Rottweilers a good family dog?“ Believe it or not, Rottweilers are actually a very good family dog. These dogs are easy-going and love spending time around people, which is why they … Read more

Do Rottweilers Drool?

Every dog drools, but some breeds are heavier droolers than others. When it comes to Rottweilers, you may find yourself asking “do Rottweilers drool?“ Rottweilers do drool, but they aren’t a breed that drools heavily. On the same page, Rotties aren’t light droolers either. While Rottweilers do drool, the amount depends on the individual dog … Read more

Are Rottweilers Smart?

One breed that continues to impress dog owners is the Rottweiler. These strong dogs have a lot of great qualities, but one question a lot of people have before adopting one is “are Rottweilers smart?“ Rottweilers are very smart dogs that can learn at a quick pace. These dogs have extraordinary instincts and very good … Read more

How Long Are French Bulldogs Pregnant For?

It’s always exciting for future dog owners on a waiting list to find out the dog they want to adopt is pregnant. If you’re waiting to adopt a Frenchie, you may have come here because you’re asking “how long are French Bulldogs pregnant for?“ On average, a French Bulldog will be pregnant for 9 weeks. … Read more

Do French Bulldogs Need To Be Groomed?

French Bulldogs are smaller-sized dogs that have short coats. Luckily, dogs with short coats don’t need to be bathed frequently, but do French Bulldogs need to be groomed? French Bulldogs do need to be groomed because it keeps them looking and feeling good. While these dogs don’t require haircuts during grooming sessions, they do require … Read more

Are French Bulldogs Stubborn?

Not only are French Bulldogs adorable, but they also have a lot of great qualities. When it comes to the behavior of these dogs, many people want to know “are French Bulldogs stubborn?“ French Bulldogs can be stubborn at times. Many owners have noticed that their Frenchie takes on a stubborn streak during training sessions. … Read more

Do French Bulldogs Dig? 

French Bulldogs are so sweet, we couldn’t possibly imagine them having any bad habits. However, if you’ve ever seen the backyard of a Frenchie owner, you’ll definitely be wondering “do French Bulldogs dig?“ The answer is a firm yes, French Bulldogs will dig when the opportunity presents itself. Many Frenchie owners have to keep an … Read more