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Are Whippets Stubborn?

Are Whippets Stubborn?

The Whippet dog was bred as a sighthound to be able to hunt without commands from its owner. When it comes to training and teaching the dog commands, people often ask “are Whippets stubborn?

Whippets are not known to be stubborn dogs, but it’s important to judge each dog on an individual basis. While some dog owners have mentioned their Whippet isn’t the least bit stubborn, others have noted that there is a mild dose of stubbornness on occasions with their pooch. However, it’s highly unlikely that you will come across a Whippet that is stubborn with its ways.

Before you adopt a dog, it’s important that you understand what to expect from the breed. On this page, we’re going to discuss how stubborn the average Whippet dog is. We will also delve into some situations where a Whippet may be stubborn and what you can do about it. Keep reading to learn more.

Are Whippets Stubborn?

Typically, Whippets are not stubborn dogs. These dogs do have physical and mental needs that owners need to ensure are met on a daily basis. If you do your part in taking care of the Whippet dog and it is well-trained, your Whippet will likely be very obedient. However, if the Whippet needs activity or is poorly trained, it is likely to become destructive and may seem stubborn.

One thing to know about Whippets is that they are independent and intelligent. The independent side of this dog can make it seem mildly stubborn because the dog’s natural instinct will always be stronger than any training it has received. Yet, the Whippet’s intelligence also helps it understand training and commands. 

Training is typically the area where dog owners can sense whether or not the Whippet is mildly stubborn. Whippets are very obedient dogs, so some owners have no trouble teaching their dog tricks and commands. Since these dogs are intelligent, they can easily register what’s being taught. However, when a Whippet’s strong independent side kicks in, it may seem like it is too stubborn to learn. 

How To Deal With a Stubborn Whippet

It’s highly unlikely that you will come across a Whippet that refuses to obey you. After all, Whippets love their owners. This breed of dog always wants its owners to be pleased by its actions. Whippets hate the feeling of being rejected by their owners, so your dog will be more obedient in attempts to keep you happy so you continue to give it praise and affection.

If you have a Whippet that has a slight stubborn side, the key is patience.  Whippets are very well-behaved dogs, so with a consistent training routine and a positive attitude, you can overpower its stubborn side. Remember, a Whippet isn’t being stubborn to be disobedient.

It only seems to have stubborn qualities because Whippets were bred to hunt without commands. It’s in the dog’s nature to act independently. However, the bond with its owner is often stronger than the dog’s independent side. For this reason, the dog will want to obey so it’s on your good side.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Whippets respond to your attitude. If your Whippet has a mild stubborn side with its training, one of the worst things you can do is show that you are frustrated or upset with the dog. If the Whippet thinks you’re upset with it, the dog will feel rejected.

Not only will it not want to continue training, but it may try to escape. Whippets that feel rejected have been known to run away. Whippets are sensitive dogs, so it’s important to keep that in mind when trying to teach it a new command.  This is why you will want to keep your mannerism calm and positive.

Whippets do respond well to praise and rewards. If you want your Whippet to learn a new trick or command, it’s very important to reward it each time it obeys during training. This can be done with either affection or treats. Even the slightly stubborn Whippets will begin to respond better to the training with this technique.

Change Up Your Methods

All dogs are different, so the training methods that worked on one breed may not be as effective with another. If you previously had a German Shepard who responded well to certain training techniques, don’t be discouraged if your Whippet is stubborn towards them. This doesn’t mean that your Whippet is hopeless to train, it just means you need to try something new. 

When trying to determine the best ways to train any dog, it’s important to think about what the dog was originally bred for. Since Whippets are bred for hunting small animals, they respond well to training lessons that involve a chase. Whippets do better with advanced obedience training because of how intelligent they are.

Many Whippet owners have been successful with lure coursing, race training, and even obedience training that involves competition. 

Why Do People Think Whippets are Stubborn?

A common misconception is that the Whippet is a stubborn breed, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of people have not spent time around this breed to know what its mannerism is really like. Yet, when they see one in action, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking Whippets are stubborn. 

This goes back to what we said about a Whippet’s natural instincts overpowering its training. When a Whippet spots a small animal (like a rabbit or squirrel) it will have the urge to chase it. If the Whippet is unleashed and not in an enclosed area, it will go for the chase. When this happens, the Whippet will ignore any commands the owner has taught it. 

When it comes to chasing prey, even the most obedient Whippet won’t listen if its owner tells it to stop or stay. This is why it’s important that Whippet owners always consider this when preparing to take their dogs outside. If a Whippet is taken for a walk or is in a public area, it needs to stay on a leash the entire time. 

It’s also important that you only let them run around freely in an enclosed area. If the Whippet is playing somewhere outdoors that isn’t fenced in, it’s very easy for it to escape. Whippets can run very fast and very far, making it easy for them to get lost. 

Do Whippets Listen to Commands?

Many dog owners will teach their Whippet drill commands. This helps them teach their dog house manners and how to act around other people and dogs. Since Whippets are intelligent, they don’t have a difficult time learning the basic commands. Since these dogs are eager to please their owners, they will make an attempt to catch on quickly.

Some dog owners may have an independent Whippet on their hands. This can happen if the Whippet wasn’t trained as a puppy, adopted from the shelter as an adult, or naturally has a stronger independent instinct. In this situation, you may have a Whippet that ignores your commands, even if they know what you want.

Whippets are obedient and intelligent enough to learn commands, however, that doesn’t mean anyone can use commands on them. Dogs of all breeds are known to only obey commands they have learned from the person who taught them. If a Whippet lives with a married couple and the wife has taught it all the commands, it may not obey the same commands when the husband tries them. 

Are Whippets Difficult to Train?

Whippets are not difficult to train, however, you must be consistent with your training routine. A Whippet responds very well to patterns, so if you want to train it efficiently, you will need to do the same thing every time. For example, when trying to house train the Whippet, you will need to take it outside at the same time using the same door every day.

If you want to ensure your Whippet stays attentive when you are trying to teach it something, keep things short. When a training session goes on for too long the Whippet will get bored and may not listen. When training is short and fun, the Whippet will see it as a positive activity.

Final Thoughts

Are Whippets stubborn? Whippets are generally not a stubborn dog breed. These dogs are very calm, obedient, and intelligent. This makes it easier for owners to train them and teach their dog’s new commands. However, Whippets do have an independent side, so it could show signs of stubbornness when you are using a command the dog has been taught.

It’s also important to remember that the natural instincts of a Whippet will always take over anything it has learned. A Whippet was bred to hunt, so if it spots prey to chase and can get free, don’t expect the dog to obey when you say “stop”. As long as the temptation of prey isn’t in its sight, a Whippet is usually very obedient and strives to please its owner.