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Are Whippets Prone to Obesity?

Are Whippets Prone to Obesity?

Whippets are known for having a long and slender figure that attributes to their ability to run very fast. Since these dogs are common housepet, it leads people to wonder “are Whippets print to obesity?

Typically, Whippets aren’t prone to obesity because they have lean figures with very little body fat. In fact, Whippets have such a lean figure that many people unfamiliar with the breed mistake them for being underweight. However, if a Whippet has a poor diet and doesn’t get regular exercise, they could become overweight. 

Knowing the ideal weight range for a Whippet is important for ensuring you are keeping your dog healthy. On this page, we’re going to discuss if Whippets are prone to obesity and everything dog owner should know about keeping their Whippet in a healthy weight range. Keep reading to learn more.

Are Whippets Prone to Obesity?

Whippets generally aren’t prone to obesity. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t get fat. While Whippets are naturally a skinnier breed, there are certain things that can cause them to gain weight. Just because these dogs are naturally skinny doesn’t mean they can eat anything and stay that way.

Owners will notice their Whippets put on weight if they are fed a poor diet. Dogs that eat low-quality food or are often given table scraps will put on pounds quicker than a dog that follows a routine diet. If you want to keep your Whippet at a healthy weight, avoid letting them eat extra calories.

Additionally, if a Whippet doesn’t get enough exercise it will also gain weight. Physical activity is necessary to prevent a Whippet from becoming obese. If your dog is lazy and doesn’t go for daily walks or runs, then it is more likely to put on extra pounds. 

In some situations, the extra weight will call for a visit to the vet. If a Whippet is obese, it could be a sign of another medical problem. Hypothyroidism and Cushing’s disease can cause a Whippet to gain extra weight. 

What is the Ideal Weight Range For a Whippet?

Wither proper care, a Whippet should stay in a healthy weight range. Whippets are typically full-grown once they are 12 to 14 months in age. The ideal weight range for a fully grown Whippet is between 15 and 31 lbs. Females are typically on the lower end of this scale, while male Whippets will be at the higher end. 

Keep in mind, if your Whippet is taller then it’s normal for it to weigh a bit more than the recommended average range. As long as you are feeding your Whippet good quality food that doesn’t contain fillers and are ensuring it gets daily exercise, weight gain shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s important for your Whippet’s quality of life that you don’t allow them to exceed this weight range. When a Whippet is obese, it can lead to further problems in the future with its health. In order for a Whippet to enjoy a long and healthy life, it needs daily exercise and a healthy diet. Feeding it unhealthy food and letting it be lazy will shorten its lifespan.

How Should You Feed a Whippet? 

One of the keys to preventing obesity with your Whippet is to feed it proper portions of high-quality food. Look for dry foods that don’t contain filler or chemical preservatives. The food’s main ingredient should be lean protein, with chicken and lamb being preferred. It should also contain healthy carbohydrates and vegetables. 

You will need to feed your Whippet based on its size. Whippets should ideally eat 1 to 1.5 cups of food per day. Most Whippets do best when this food is split into two separate portions. However, if you notice that your Whippet eats very quickly, it is getting too hungry between feedings. If this happens, try splitting the food into 3 portions throughout the day.

You should avoid feeding your Whippet table scraps. There are certain foods you eat that your dog may be able to enjoy once in a while as a treat, but they should be kept to a minimum. Since a Whippet has such a slender figure, it doesn’t have room to hold additional weight.

This is why you can’t give a Whippet as many treats as you would with other dog breeds.

How Often Does a Whippet Need to Exercise?

Another key to preventing obesity in a Whippet is to ensure it gets the right level of exercise every day. A rule of thumb is that a Whippet should get at least one hour of exercise daily. Keep in mind, this won’t need to be an entire hour at once. It can be broken down into several activity breaks throughout the day.

Whippets were bred to hunt small animals, so they are able to run incredibly fast. A Whippet will begin to get antsy and destructive if it is not able to get outside for a run. Running is also important for helping them maintain a lean figure. It’s strongly recommended to take them for a long walk or jog daily or allow them to romp around a fenced-in area.

One mistake that dog owners tend to make which leads to obesity is assuming their Whippet doesn’t need to run. Whippets are low energy and more than happy to curl up relaxing for the day. These dogs also spend a lot of time sleeping. If your dog is pampered, it may take more encouraging to get them excited about the activity. 

Why is Obesity a Risk for Whippets?

Obesity is very dangerous to a Whippet’s health. It puts them at risk of various different health issues and diseases, such as:

  • Poor life quality
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Hypertension
  • Skin problems
  • Damaged immune system
  • Breathing issues
  • Cancer ; more

Being overweight can severely affect a Whippet’s quality of life. A happy Whippet loves to romp around playing, however, this is not something they can enjoy when they are obese. Some of the problems that obesity can lead to are painful with no real cure, like arthritis. Even if the dog were to lose the extra pounds, the effects of arthritis would still be there.

Some problems that obesity can cause are very damaging to a dog’s health. When a dog’s immune system is affected by its weight, it is at a higher risk of becoming sick. Other diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer, can shorten the Whippet’s lifespan as well.

When your Whippet is in a healthy weight range, these are not problems you will have to worry about. The best way to keep your Whippet in a healthy weight range so you don’t have to worry about health issues is to be consistent with physical activity and a healthy diet.

How Do You Help an Obese Whippet Lose Weight?

As mentioned above, diet and exercise are the most important factors when it comes to a Whippet’s weight. If your Whippet is overweight, then you need to look at what their diet and exercise are like. 

Always start with the diet because it’s important to make sure the dog is eating nutritious food. Once you know the dog is eating the right amount of food divided out in portions, you can focus on its treats. While your Whippet may not enjoy this part, if you want it to lose weight, you will need to cut back on how many treats they are being given. 

Make sure you have a discussion with other members of your household so everyone is on the same page. Often dogs gain weight because multiple people are giving them treats throughout the day without the others realizing it. Make sure everyone stops giving the pooch treats to get it back on a healthy track.

You will also need to be consistent with the amount of exercise the overweight Whippet is getting. Remember, Whippets love to spend time around people. If you want to get your Whippet moving, you may need to move with it. Encourage walks and playtime with the Whippet so they enjoy being active.

Final Thoughts

Are Whippets prone to obesity? Whippets are naturally a thing breed of dog that can appear underweight at first sight. A healthy Whippet isn’t prone to obesity.

However, if a Whippet eats the wrong food often and doesn’t get enough exercise, it can become overweight. When a Whippet is obese, it will have a poor quality lifestyle and it will be at risk of several health issues. Owners need to ensure their Whippet is eating good quality food and has daily exercise.

Dog owners need to keep in mind that Whippets have a very slender frame that is not built to hold the extra weight. To avoid having problems with your dog, it’s important that they don’t gain weight. A few extra pounds can be very uncomfortable for such a slender dog. If you have a Whippet dog and tend to its needs, you shouldn’t have problems with your dog gaining weight.