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Are Whippets Outside Dogs?

Are Whippets Outside Dogs?

Before you bring a dog home, it’s important to know whether or not you have enough space for them. Dog lovers, who live in apartment buildings often ask “Are whippets outside dogs?”

Whippets are not outside dogs, as they prefer to be inside with their owners. If you live in a smaller space, such as an apartment unit, a Whippet dog will be happy in that environment. Whippets typically only need to go outdoors for bathroom duties and to go for a run.

While a Whippet will enjoy going outside to play and romp around, they don’t want to spend too long out there. Are you interested to learn more about the environments Whippets are happiest in? You’re on the right page. Today, we’re going to discuss is Whippets are indoor or outdoor dogs.

Are Whippets Outside Dogs?

Whippets prefer to spend the majority of their time indoors, so they are not suited to be outside dogs. Physically and mentally, Whippets don’t make good outside dogs. 

If you live in a climate that gets cold in autumn and winter, a Whippet dog will not want to spend a lot of time outdoors. A Whippet dog has very short fur and its body is very lean. Whippets are not built to carry extra body weight, so they get cold more easily than other dog breeds. 

Whippets are also known for suffering from separation anxiety. If you are inside, they will want to be in there with you. These dogs are always happiest when they are close to the people they have bonds with. 

Why Do Whippets Prefer Indoors?

Whippets don’t like to be cold. When your Whippet is indoors, you will likely notice that they tend to curl up in warm areas or with blankets. These dogs are known to seek out the warmest places to relax when they are inside. Since Whippets are low-energy dogs, they are perfectly content relaxing indoors most of the day.

Another reason Whippets prefer to be inside is that that’s where the people are. Whippets have a natural attraction to people and will be drawn to the area where people it likes are. When you’re indoors, you are likely to notice your Whippet following you from room to room. 

Whippets are also known to curl up with the person they have a strong bond with when they are relaxing. This is why you will find a Whippet in your bed or on the sofa with you when you’re relaxing. 

Do Whippets Enjoy Being Outside?

A Whippets doesn’t want to spend the entire day outdoors, but they do enjoy being out there. Whippets love running and playing. What a lot of people didn’t know is that Whippets are incredibly fast runners and can catch speeds of up to 35 mph. Even though Whippets aren’t high-energy dogs, they do need to burn off energy or else they can become destructive.

Burning off energy is important for Whippets to keep them mentally and physically satisfied. Even though a Whippet can pick up speed quickly when playing outside, they also tire out quickly. Once a Whippet has burned off enough energy, they are more than happy to of back indoors and spend the rest of the day relaxing. 

Keep a Fenced-in Backyard

Ideally, a Whippet will be happiest if it can go outdoors and run around a fenced-in area. A fenced-in backyard with plenty of running room is the best solution because you don’t have to worry about putting the Whippet on a leash. It can romp around freely as they wish, but you won’t have to worry about it getting loose. 

Since Whippets are very fast when running, they can easily get over short fences. Make sure the fence in that area they are playing in is at least 5 to 6 feet high. While an electric fence may seem like a good idea, they typically don’t work well for Whippets. If a Whippet sees something it wants to chase, the shock these fences release won’t keep the Whippet still. 

Keep the Whippet on a Leash in Public

Whippets are very obedient and well-behaved dogs. Don’t let that trick you into thinking they will still be that way when you take them out in public. Whippets were bred to hunt small animals, so when they see a rabbit, squirrel, or cat, it’s in their nature to chase them. 

Owners have a very difficult time catching up to their Whippets when they take off at full speed. Not only are these dogs incredibly fast, but they can chase another animal for miles. This is why you should always have your Whippet on a leash when you take it outdoors in public areas or even areas without a fence. 

Why Do Whippets Dislike Being Outside?

Whippets love being outdoors, but there are some aspects of being outside that these dogs don’t enjoy. Keep in mind, every Whippet is different, but many Whippet owners have noticed that their dogs dislike dirt, mud, and puddles. A Whippet will be more than happy to join its owners on a long walk, but it will be quick to avoid the potholes.

Unlike other breeds, Whippets hate being filthy. They will try to avoid anything that could make them dirty because the feeling is very irritating to them. For this reason, a Whippet is generally more comfortable indoors because they don’t have to watch out for messes that will make their coats dirty.

Whippet owners have a lot to worry about when they allow their dogs to spend too much time outdoors. A Whippet left outdoors longer than it wants to be will become whiny, which will irritate your neighbors. If your fence isn’t high enough, the dog can easily escape. This puts them in harm’s way of dangerous animals, poisonous plants, and even dognappers.

Can Whippets Go Outside in the Winter?

Whippets do not enjoy winter because the weather is too cold for their bodies. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need to go outdoors. No matter what season it is, a Whippet will always need to go to the bathroom and burn off energy. 

During the winter season, dog owners will need to consider that their Whippet doesn’t have insulating fur. Similar to when you go outside in freezing temperature, your Whippet will also need good quality gear. When you’re looking for a new winter coat to keep you warm, you should also look for a coat for your Whippet. 

A winter coat will help them stay warm so they can still enjoy the time they spend outside romping around. Dog owners should also consider purchasing dog boots for their Whippet. The ground gets very cold during winter which will be uncomfortable on the dog’s paws. There are also more salts and chemicals put on the ground during winter, so boots will keep the Whippet protected. 

How Many Times a Day Does a Whippet Need to Go Outside?

A Whippet will need to take multiple trips outside throughout the day to use the washroom. Your dog will show you signs that will let you know when they have to go outdoors for this reason. Additionally, as you get into a routine with your Whippet, you’ll know what times are best to take them outside for a walk.

Whippets also need to be taken outside for exercise every day. A Whippet will need at least one hour of exercise daily to meet its physical needs. If a Whippet doesn’t get one hour of exercise daily, it will become destructive indoors. 

This one hour doesn’t have to be all at once. It’s recommended to break it down into several walks throughout the day. Your Whippet will prefer four different 15 minute walks with you than a whole hour in the backyard by itself. Going for walks doesn’t have to be the only form of exercise for a Whippet.

These dogs are very smart and love to play games that require both mental and physical skills. They enjoy running through obstacles that challenge them. Whippets also love to play with their owners. Games like fetch or tug of war will get them very excited. 

Final Thoughts

Are Whippets outside dogs? Whippets aren’t outside dogs, but they do enjoy spending a bit of time outside playing. Whippets tend to get cold and tired easily, so they prefer to spend the majority of their time indoors. You are more likely to find a Whippet indoors curled up somewhere warm. This is why they seem to like bedding and blankets so much, as well as cuddling with people.

Since a Whippet is a low energy, it will be happiest when it has short trips outside to burn off energy, then gets to relax indoors. These dogs do need to spend at least an hour (not all at once) outside each day to ensure they are getting enough exercise. This will prevent behavior problems and ensure your dog is happy. During winter, the dog will need boots and a coat.