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Are Whippets Loyal?

Are Whippets Loyal?

If you want a loveable dog, you can’t go wrong with adopting a Whippet. Dog owners, who want to form a strong bond with their dog often ask “are Whippets loyal?

Whippets are very well-known for being loyal to their owners. These dogs love to be around people and will form a very close bond with their owners. For this reason, Whippets truly are a man’s best friend.

One of the best parts of adopting a dog is knowing that you’re bringing home a new best friend. However, some dog breeds are more loyal than others. On this page, we’re going to discuss how loyal Whippets are to their owners. We will also discuss other things that Whippet owners should know about forming a close bond with their dog. 

Are Whippets Loyal?

Throughout history, Whippets have earned a reputation for being loyal dogs. These dogs are people pleasers and are happiest when their owners are around. Whippets do well in families too because they love to be surrounded by company. 

If a Whippet lives in a multi-person household, it’ll form a bond with its favorite person. While the Whippet may love everyone in the house, it will have a specific person that it is loyal to. You will be able to tell who it is because the dog is always eager to be around them. When they are relaxing on the sofa, the Whippet will be curled up with them.

Male and female Whippets do have slightly different temperaments. Many dog owners have noticed that male Whippets tend to be more loyal than female Whippets. This doesn’t mean female Whippets aren’t just as loveable. While a female Whippet is more complex and independent, it also loves spending time with its owner.

How Do You Tell If a Whippet Loves You?

Whippets are very affectionate dogs. For some owners, it’s very easy to tell that their Whippet loves them back. However, a lot of Whippet owners actually have a hard time telling whether or not their Whippet loves them. A Whippets won’t be able to use words to tell you it’s loyal, nor can it show you with a hug.

So, how do you know if a Whippet really loves you?

The Whippet Leans on You

Whippets may not hug or kiss the person they are loyal to, but they do have another way of showing love. Whippets are known to lean on their favorite person. You will notice this happening in situations where you are calm and relaxed. If you’ve sat down to watch a movie before you know it your Whippet will be there too, leaning against you.

The Whippet Notices When You Arrive

When Whippets love a person they always notice when they have arrived. Whether you’ve entered the room they were sleeping in or have arrived home from a day at work, the Whippet will seem alert and seem excited by your presence. The Whippet may even jump on you to show how happy it is that you’re finally back.

The Whippet Cuddles After Eating

Dogs are known to engage in their favorite action after they have eaten. If your Whippet eats dinner then chooses to cuddle with you afterward, that is a subtle sign of love. Cuddling with you has become one of the dog’s favorite activities and it’s something it looks forward to. 

Pay Attention to Your Whippet’s Eyebrows

Your Whippet’s eyebrows could have a very important message for you. When you’ve been away for a few hours, do you ever notice your Whippet lifts or wiggles its eyebrows? This is your dog’s way of letting you know that it’s happy you are back. You may notice that your Whippet tries to make a point of showing you this eyebrow movement.

The Whippet’s Nearby While You’re Sleeping

Whippets love a comfortable and secure area to rest in. For this reason, they do very well in crates, especially if the crates are set up to be very comfortable with a dog bed. Many Whippet owners have gone the extra mile to create a very comfortable setting for their dogs. However, when they wake up in the middle of the night, their Whippet is laying on their bedroom floor. 

If your Whippet insists on being in the same room while you are sleeping, it means that it loves you. After all, why else would they leave a comfortable bed to lay on a cold hard floor?

Your Whippet Shows Signs

There are subtle signs that your Whippet will show that means it loves you. If you have a loyal Whippet, you may notice some of these signs:

  • Soft eye contact to show trust without appearing threatening
  • Happy greetings when you enter the premises 
  • Wagging its tail when you’re around
  • When you yawn, your Whippet will yawn too
  • Loves to lick you
  • Stays calm when you have to leave

How To Show a Whippet You are Loyal

If you want to build a strong bond with your Whippet there are a few things you can do to show the dog you are loyal. Building a strong bond with your dog is important to help it adjust to living with you. Many dog owners have noticed that forming a strong bond with their Whippet has helped to keep the dog obedient and well-behaved.

Here is what you can do to show your whippet that you are loyal.

Spend Time With Your Whippet

If you want to form a strong bond, you will need to spend more time with your Whippet. It’s important that you and your Whippet have quality time to engage with each other. Ensure that you spend time with your Whippet daily doing things it enjoys. This can be as simple as cuddling or playing with a toy.

Go Outdoors With Your Whippet

A great way to bond with your Whippet is to get out their leash and take the dog outside. Whippets love to romp around and play outdoors. They also enjoy going on long walks and jogging with people. This is a fun way to improve the bond that you have with your dog.

Learn How to Communicate With Your Whippet

Whippets are very intelligent, so if you spend time training your dog it won’t take long until it understands your commands. You will also have to pay attention to your dog’s actions. Whippets use different actions to communicate with their owners. These dogs are quiet and rarely howl or bark, so they will use other gestures to communicate their needs.

Respect Your Whippet

Whippets are people pleasers, and your dog will likely try its best to obey you. However, it’s important that you respect the dog’s boundaries. Don’t push your dog into training when it’s tired or has had enough. When you respect your Whippet, training goes a lot smoother.

Are Whippets Friendly? 

Whippets are very friendly dogs. If your Whippet has been socialized and trained (potty trained included) from a young age, it can become one of the best-behaved dogs you’ve ever met. A socialized Whippet is always happy to see a new face, which means it will be very friendly when you have visitors. 

Even around new people, Whippets are very polite and mild-mannered. These dogs rarely bark, so they don’t appear threatening or rowdy when people stop by your home for a visit. Since Whippets enjoy being the center of attention, you will likely notice your Whippet attempting to become friends with complete strangers.

Whippets are friendly all around. They are great with adults, children, and other dogs. While Whippets can be friendly with cats and other small animals, their hunting instinct takes over and they could injure the cat from rough play. Parents of young children don’t have to worry about Whippets snapping. If a Whippet is nervous by an energetic child, it will find a quiet hiding spot. 

Since Whippets are so friendly with people, they don’t make good guard dogs. If someone new approaches your property, your Whippet will likely stay quiet. It may let out a few barks or a growl to alert you, but if you’re sleeping it may not make enough noise to wake you up. If the intruder comes in, your Whippet may even try to befriend them. 

Final Thoughts

Are Whippets loyal? Whippets are very loyal dogs that are capable of forming strong bonds with their owners. If you want to ensure that your Whippet is loyal to you, make sure you spend quality time with the dog. These dogs thrive on receiving affection from their owners, so it’s highly unlikely that your Whippet will ever turn away petting or cuddles.

While Whippets can easily form friendships with anyone they meet, they typically form a strong bond with one person. This is who the dog will be most loyal to. If your Whippet is loyal, it will always greet you in a happy manner whenever you arrive, even if you were only gone for a short period.

As long as you are good to your Whippet, it should pay you back with loyalty.