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Are Whippets Loud?

Are Whippets Loud?

Dog owners often praise Whippets for being excellent companions and very well-behaved indoors. If you want to adopt one of these dogs but live in an apartment, you may be wondering “are Whippets loud?

Most Whippets are quiet dogs that hardly ever bark. These mild-mannered dogs are low-energy, so they don’t get riled up when they see a stranger walking past or hear an unfamiliar sound. If a Whippet does bark, there is usually a specific reason for it.

Are you interested to learn about the noise levels of a Whippet? You’re on the right page. Today, we’re going to discuss how loud Whippets can be. Keep reading to learn more. 

Are Whippets Loud?

In general, Whippets are not known as loud dogs. Most Whippets rarely ever bark. This is one of many reasons why they are an excellent choice for a housepet, even for people who live in an apartment, condo, or attached townhouses. Since Whippets rarely bark, they can be brought into one of these environments knowing the dog won’t disrupt your neighbors’ peace.

It’s not to say that Whippets never bark. These dogs do bark on occasion, but there is usually a specific reason for it. Barking is a form of communication, so if a Whippet needs to get your attention, it could let out a couple of barks. Other than that, it’s very rare for these dogs to cause a commotion. 

Whippets are low maintenance, but there are certain needs that have to be met to keep the dog calm. If the owner doesn’t care for the dog’s needs, then it may be a bit more vocal. After all, there is something that the Whippet wants and barking is how it will let you know. 

How Often Do Whippets Bark?

Every Whippet is different from the next. How the Whippet was raised, whether it has had proper training, and its owner schedule all play a role in how often a Whippet will bark. It’s also important to consider why the dog is barking. If your Whippet is playing, it may just let out one or two barks, but if it’s alarmed about something it could bark for longer.

Some dog breeds will bark at nearly everything. Owners have to use blinds or else their dog will bark at everything from the mailman to leaves blowing across the yard. Luckily, Whippets owners don’t have to deal with that. A Whippet could sit by the window all day and not make a sound.

Many Whippet owners aren’t aware their mail has been delivered to their house because the dog doesn’t bark at familiar faces. The Whippet may bark the first few times it sees the mailman, but once it becomes familiar with the face it will no longer get vocal. Your Whippet may even show signs of happiness and try to befriend the mailman.

This is a big reason why people are comfortable adopting a Whippet when they live in an apartment. If the dog hears your neighbors in the hallways coming and going, it will be familiar with their presence. This prevents it from barking at random noises it hears that aren’t in your apartment unit.

What Causes a Whippet to Bark?

While a Whippet won’t howl or be loud often, there are a few things that can get the dog to bark. If you don’t want your dog to bark often, knowing what its bark means can help you determine the solution to get it to stop. The good thing about Whippets is that they don’t bark excessively.

A lot of times, it will only let out a few barks at a time to get its message across. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons a Whippet gets loud.

Barking is Communication

Let’s start off with the most essential reason a Whippet will bark. How else is the dog supposed to communicate its needs to you? After all, you aren’t a mind reader. You won’t automatically know that your Whippet has to pee, knocked over its water dish, lost a toy under the sofa, or whatever else it needs assistance with.

If your Whippet needs your help with something, it is likely to let out a bark or two to get your attention. When Whippet bark to communicate with you, it typically isn’t loud or aggressive so you won’t have to worry about the dog upsetting your neighbors. 

You Have a New Visitor

As we mentioned above, Whippets typically don’t bark at faces they are familiar with. These dogs are very friendly, loyal and love to be around people. When a familiar face stops by for a visit, your Whippet will likely be happier about the occasion than you are. 

When it comes to unfamiliar faces, your Whippet is more likely to bark. The dog isn’t barking to intimidate the person, it’s actually meant to alert you. Your Whippet knows that if it barks while looking out the window, you will come to observe the scene. 

Some Whippets may growl when the stranger is approaching. While this may seem loud at the moment, there is usually nothing to worry about. Whippets aren’t known for snapping at people and if it feels threatened or scared, it will most likely find a hiding spot.  

Your Whippets is Excited

A happy Whippet may get loud, but only for a moment. Excited Whippets are known to let out a bark or two as a way to show their owners how happy they are. If your Whippet greets you in a happy manner when you come home from work, you may notice it let out a bark.

Whippets are also likely to let out this exciting bark when they are playing. If your Whippet is having fun with a new toy it enjoys or one of your friends brings over a dog it likes to play with, your Whippet may bark out of excitement. When this happens, the Whippet doesn’t bark excessively. It’s usually just one or two barks of joy. 

Your Whippet Has You Whipped

You may think you’re training your Whippet to behave accordingly, but what you didn’t know is that the dog is doing the same thing to you. Whippets love when they are receiving affection and attention from their owners. These dogs are very smart , so they realize that certain actions always result in attention.

If your Whippet has you trained, it will likely let out a bark to get you to focus on it instead of whatever you were doing. Since Whippet barks usually mean something, you will give your dog attention to see what it wants. In your Whippet’s mind, this is a win because you are now focused on them. This is the reward the dog was seeking.

Separation Anxiety

Whippets are pack dogs, so your Whippet won’t enjoy spending a lot of time alone. If you work full-time and your Whippet is your only dog, then your dog could be barking while you are away. The dog is lonely, anxious, and stressed, so it is becoming loud to voice it’s displeasure about the situation. 

As a dog owner, there are a few things you can do about this. Since you likely can’t avoid leaving your house, it’s important to ensure the Whippet has what it needs to stay calm and comfortable while you are away.

  • Consider adopting another dog so your Whippet has a companion. Many people have noticed a boost in their Whippet’s mood when another dog was brought into the household.
  • Take the dog for a jog or run before you leave. This will help the dog burn off some energy and it will become too tired to bark. Your Whippet will likely spend most of your time away sleeping.
  • Set up a crate for your Whippet so it has a safe spot. Make sure you add blankets, cushions, and toys to make this spot more comfortable. 
  • Purchase toys that require the dog to think. Whippets are very intelligent dogs and need mental stimulation. 
  • Ask a friend, family member, or neighbor to check in on your Whippet. If you know someone who is free during the hours you are away, a visit could keep your dog from getting too lonely. 

Final Thoughts

Are Whippets loud? Whippets are not loud dogs. Most Whippets barely make any noise. They tend to stay calm and quiet, with most of their days spent lounging indoors. Whippets are generally friendly and enjoy when visitors stop in, which means your Whippet isn’t likely to get loud when guests visit your home. If anything, your Whippet will be happy more people are here.

Some situations can cause a Whippet to bark. Luckily, most Whippets only let out a couple of barks at a time to get their owner’s attention. If a Whippet wants to communicate something to you (or just get your attention), it will let out a bark. Many dog owners view this as an alert bark. They don’t mind because the Whippet doesn’t carry on the bark.