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Are Whippets High Energy?

Are Whippets High Energy?

Before you bring a dog home, you will want to make sure your environment meets its energy level. Since Whippets are known for their speed, a lot of people ask “are Whippets high energy?” before bringing them into a small environment. 

Whippets are typically low-energy and calm, which makes them suitable for apartment living. However, a Whippet does have exercise needs that have to be met, or else they could become destructive. As long as your Whippet engages in daily activity, its energy levels are not high.

Are you interested in learning more about what to expect with a Whippet’s energy levels? You’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to talk about everything dog owners need to know about a Whippet’s energy. Keep reading to learn more.

Are Whippets High Energy?

Whippets typically aren’t high-energy as long as their needs are being met. These playful dogs love to go for a run, but they do get tired after burning off some energy. Owners that are on top of making sure their Whippet gets daily activity will notice that their dog has low energy levels when indoors. 

As long as the Whippet gets out for a good run, they will be relatively calm indoors. They don’t mind being in smaller spaces either, which makes them a perfect fit for people living in apartments. 

In the case that an owner isn’t allowing the Whippet to meet their exercise needs, the dog may appear high energy. This is because it will become destructive with belongings indoors or appear to be overactive. Once a regular activity routine has been established, the Whippet’s energy levels will decrease.

What Should Dog Owners Expect With a Whippet’s Energy?

Whippet dogs love to run and play. These dogs are incredibly fast and can run to speeds of up to 35 mph. They were initially bred for hunting and can run fast to catch a rabbit or other small animal. While a Whippet that’s house trained may not have the urge to hunt, they will still have the urge to run. 

One thing to know about Whippets is that a good run will tire them out. When the dog appears to be energetic, allowing them to run within a fenced-in area will help them burn off that energy and remain calm when they come back indoors. When a Whippet dog gets enough exercise, it will be very well behaved.

Whippets need exercise and mental stimulation to remain happy. They are very intelligent dogs, so they do require mental activity as well as physical activity to maintain good behavior. A disobedient Whippet typically isn’t having its needs met. 

Why is Exercise Important for Whippets?

Exercise is very important for a Whippet’s overall health. If the dog doesn’t get daily activity in its lifestyle it will gain weight (they are prone to obesity) and could experience other physical side effects. Yet, it’s not just the Whippet’s weight that owners are concerned about when it comes to exercise. A Whippet needs exercise for its mental health as well. 

In order to be satisfied, a Whippet needs to run. Running doesn’t just work a Whippet’s physical muscles but also allows them to put their minds to work. As a whippet runs around, it needs to avoid obstacles. If it is chasing something, the dog will keep the focus on it. Simply running around in the backyard can easily give the Whippet the physical and mental activity needed to be happy.

Are Whippets Energetic All Day?

As long as a Whippet gets a good run-in, the dog will not have high energy levels all day. Whippets are actually sprinters, which means they can run very fast but only for a short period of time. Once the dog releases its energy, it will become tired very quickly. 

A Whippet that has gotten its daily dose of exercise in is very likely to remain calm until its next walk or activity. This means that the dog will be more than satisfied to stay indoors and relax. If the owner has to go to work for the day, they don’t have to worry about coming home to an upset dog who has been destructive in their house. 

Whippets are very obedient when their owner is able to meet their needs. The American Kennel Club describes Whippets as being well-mannered with their temperament as long as they have an outdoor area where they can play when they need to burn off energy. 

However, they won’t want to be outside playing all day. All they need is a bit of time to run around and then they are happy to snooze on the couch or in their beds for the remainder of the day. 

What To Know About Whippets; Exercise

Your Whippet dog will be happiest when you make time for activity every day. If you have a fenced-in backyard or another fenced-in area outdoors, this is the ideal area to let them run around at their own speed. 

Since Whippets are very obedient and friendly with other people and dogs, many people make the mistake of allowing them to walk off the leash. Owners should always keep a Whippet on a leash when taking them for a walk. If your Whippet were off the leash and spotted other small animals, such as a squirrel or cat, it will be quick to take off. 

When a Whippet goes full speed, it can be very difficult to catch up to. Not only are they fast, but they can chase another animal for several miles. You may have to use a vehicle to catch up to them if this were to happen.

How to Create a Safe Outdoor Area For Whippets To Exercise

If your property doesn’t have a fence, you may want to consider investing in one to ensure that your whippet has an area where it can run freely. In order to keep the are enclosed so the Whippet won’t escape when its energy levels are highest is to make sure the fence is the right size. Ideally, the fence should be between 5 and 6 feet. 

One mistake that some dog owners have made is thinking that an underground electric fence will keep a Whippet in the space. If a Whippet spots something they want to chase, they will be so eager to run that the shock from the fence won’t affect them. The mental stimulation of the chase will overpower the feeling of shock.

Even if you create a great fenced-in area outdoors for your Whippet, they won’t want to spend the majority of the day out there. Keep in mind that a Whippet has a thin frame and short hair in a variety of colors and markings, which means that they get cold very easily. Whippets actually prefer to be indoors where it’s warm and relaxing when they are not romping around. 

Are Whippets Low Energy Indoors?

Whippets are known for being calm and relaxed when they are indoors. These dogs are typically low energy and love to relax, especially when their owner is nearby. However, one thing to keep in mind about Whippets is that they can experience separation anxiety. That can also lead them to become destructive, similar to what they would do if they weren’t getting exercise. 

Whippets do well when they are indoors with a multi-household family. When they only have one owner, they can become more dependent on that person for attention. Owners will find this dog following them from room to room. If a Whippet receives enough attention from people in the household then it’s generally low energy indoors. 

A Whippet dog is happiest when it knows that the people it loves are nearby. While it won’t demand its owner’s attention 24/7, they do like to be close by their side. This is why people notice that their Whippets are more than happy to cuddle up with them on the couch or sit by their side. 

Since Whippets are easily cold, they will often appear lazy during the winter months. This is mainly because they are colder and trying to find ways to warm up. They will be more eager to snuggle up on or underneath some warm blankets and snooze the day away. 

Final Thoughts

Are Whippets high energy? Whippets typically aren’t high-energy. When a Whippet is able to run outdoors and burn off energy daily, they are more than content to relax inside without getting antsy. While Whippets are very playful dogs that love to run around, they are also low energy. If you see how fast a Whippet runs, you might not believe they are low energy, but these dogs love relaxing. 

While a Whippet can pick up speed while chasing something, it’s important to remember that they also get tired out easily. After a Whippet has romped around for a while, it won’t have much energy left. This will leave owners with a dog that is more than happy to go back indoors and relax for a while.