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Are Whippets Good Guard Dogs?

Are Whippets Good Guard Dogs?

A lot of people want a dog because it can guard their family home, yet not all breeds are good guard dogs. This may have you wondering “are Whippets good guard dogs?

Whippets aren’t good guard dogs because they rarely bark. If a trespasser is on your property, a Whippet is more likely to try to be their friend than it is to warn you of their presence. If you decide to adopt a Whippet, don’t expect it to act as a watchdog. 

Today, we’re going to discuss why a Whippet isn’t a good guard dog and what you should know about the breed’s behavior. We will also discuss how they act around strangers at home and in public areas. Keep reading to learn more.

Are Whippets Good Guard Dogs?

If the questions “Are Whippets good guard dogs?” brought you to this page, you may (or may not) be disappointed about what you’re going to discover. The Whippet breed has many great qualities, but being a guard dog isn’t one of them. To begin with, a Whippet is a quiet breed that rarely barks. If someone or something unknown comes on the property, these dogs aren’t phased.

Even if an intruder broke into your house while you were sleeping, a Whippet wouldn’t bark to wake you up. These dogs aren’t phased by the sight of strangers. When it sees a person they aren’t familiar with, its first instinct doesn’t lead it to believe the new person is a threat.

If anything, the Whippet sees a potential new playmate that it could become friends with, and of course, another pair of hands to pet it. Whippets are very friendly dogs that thrive on receiving attention from people, even if they just met a few seconds ago. Unfortunately, your Whippet won’t make a good watchdog.

Are Whippets Threatening?

When you think of a guard dog, breeds like Dobermans and German Shepards likely come to mind. A Whippet doesn’t fit the description of a good guard dog for several reasons, and one of them is that they simply aren’t threatening. These elegant dogs are too docile to be seen as a threat to anyone. 

Whippets are low energy and rarely aggressive. If an intruder broke into your home, they would be more afraid of the stack of bills on your countertop than they would be by your Whippet’s presence. A Whippet is about as threatening as a kindergarten student in a puppy costume. 

One of the things that make people afraid of dogs is when they lunge. If a dog is barking a lot and then lunges towards a person they aren’t familiar with, it can be a dangerous situation for the person. However, Whippets are not known to lunge or strike at people when they are frightened. 

The size of a Whippet also makes it less threatening than breeds that are known for being good guard dogs. These slender dogs usually weigh between 26 and 34 lbs when fully grown. Not only are they skinny, but they aren’t very tall either. A Whippet usually grows to be between 18 and 22 inches. 

How Do Whippets Act Around Strangers?

Whippets are generally very well-behaved around strangers. They tend to be polite and happy to make a new friend. This is why they aren’t qualified to be guard dogs. However, because these dogs have such a friendly attitude it makes them an excellent choice as a family pet or for people who live in apartment buildings. 

Keep in mind, every Whippet should be viewed on an individual basis. The dog’s training will play a huge role in how it acts once fully grown. A Whippet that has been properly trained will likely be very gentle and happy when it meets new people. It is the type of dog that you can take to public places and not have to worry about it acting up.

When it comes to meeting new dogs, Whippets are often very calm about the experience. They enjoy having another companion to play with, so it’s no surprise when you notice your Whippet romping around with other dogs in the park. That being said, don’t let its good behavior with other dogs trick you into thinking it’s okay to unleash the Whippet to play.

This is because the Whippet was originally bred to hunt small animals and the instinct is still high even though you’ve house trained it. If your Whippet were to spot a small animal, it will go for the chase. This can be scary for dog owners because Whippets are incredibly fast and can run for miles at a time. They are often lost by the time they stop running.

What Traits Should a Guard Dog Have?

There are certain traits that make a good guard dog. Breeds that make good guard dogs typically have the following traits:

  • Intelligent
  • Courageous
  • Highly alert
  • Aggressive
  • Territorial
  • Scary

Whippets are very intelligent dogs, impressing many dog owners with their mental capabilities when overcoming obstacles. These dogs are also very alert, as they can spot prey hiding in numerous places. However, this is where the list of good guard dog traits ends with a Whippet breed. 

While this calm breed is a great fit for many people’s lifestyles, it is not the best pick for a guard dog. Whippets are not territorial, in fact, these dogs love the idea of new people coming around. You can expect your Whippet to be just as polite with an intruder as they are with your best friends. 

Don’t expect anyone to be scared of your sweet dog either. A Whippet couldn’t be scary if it tried. Since these mild-mannered dogs are so calm and gentle, strangers don’t feel threatened by them. This is why a Whippet can be useless as a guard dog. Luckily, Whippets are so friendly that they can easily get along with breeds that make good guard dogs if you are after one.

Do Whippets Appear Aggressive To Strangers?

As a dog owner, you are likely to become more familiar with the traits of the breeds you have adopted. However, people who don’t spend time around dogs may not know the temperament of each breed.  This has people wondering if their Whippet may appear aggressive or threatening to someone that isn’t familiar with the breed.

If a stranger knocks on the door, a Whippet won’t bark excitedly like other breeds. Actually, it may not bark at all. However, if the Whippet isn’t familiar with the person on the other side of the door and feels nervous about their arrival, it may start to growl. The growling may make the person feel threatened and question whether or not they should come in.

However, once the person comes inside and the Whippets sees you interact with them the growling usually comes to a stop. If the person pays the dog attention, it should instantly warm up to them. The only times when a Whippet will act aggressively towards strangers is if it hasn’t been trained, is poorly taken care of, or is in an abusive household. 

Some Whippets may also appear aggressive to strangers when they are playing. For the most part, these dogs are low energy. However, they do get a burst of energy and need to go outside to release it. When Whippets are romping around and playing, they may appear aggressive, but won’t cause harm to anyone. Once it releases that energy, it will be calm and content.

Are Whippets Protective?

Whippets love their owners more than anything. They love to spend time with people, go on long walks together, and cuddle up to bond. With such a close attachment to their owners, you would believe that a Whippet is very protective. However, Whippets are so mild-mannered that wouldn’t try to purposely hurt another human.

If someone was acting threatening towards you, there is a good chance that the Whippet would be scared too. These dogs don’t like confrontation, nor do they have the strength or bravery to attack a person much bigger than they are. Whippets are better suited as housepets or working dogs. This breed is not qualified as protection or a guard dog.

Final Thoughts

Are Whippets good guard dogs? If you are adopting a dog because you need a good guard dog around the house, a Whippet may disappoint you. These dogs are quiet, gentle, and love when new people come around. Don’t expect your Whippet to start barking if an intruder approaches your property. If anything, your pooch thinks that it has spotted a new friend.

Whippets are friendly dogs that thrive on getting attention. These dogs love to be surrounded by people and are willing to be friendly with complete strangers. They also aren’t aggressive or temperamental, so if the dog feels like there is a threat approaching, it is more likely to hide than try to protect you. Whippets are very calm dogs that are gentle with most people that they meet.