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Are Whippets Easy to Potty Train?

Are Whippets Easy to Potty Train?

When you bring a Whippet into your home, you likely don’t want it to go to the washroom in there. This has a lot of first-time dog owners wondering “are Whippets easy to potty train?” 

Once a Whippet reaches the right age, it is relatively easy to potty train. Keep in mind that a Whippet under the age of 4 months hasn’t fully developed, so it still doesn’t have control of its bladder and bowel movements yet. Whippets are very obedient which makes them easy to train, but owners do need to have patience with potty training.

It’s important that your Whippet understands where it’s okay to go to the washroom and where it’s not allowed. On this page, we’re going to discuss if Whippets are easy to potty train. Keep reading to learn more.

Are Whippets Easy to Potty Train?

For the most part, Whippets are easy to potty train. However, it’s important that you wait until they are at least 12 weeks old when you begin this process. This is because, at 3 months in age, the Whippet puppy is able to hold urine for up to 2 hours. At 12 weeks, a Whippet may still have occasional accidents, but it will start understanding the training.

Most Whippets don’t have full control over their bladders and bowels until they are approximately 4 months old (16 weeks). If they already have a few weeks of training, it will be easier for the dog to retain its training. Keep in mind, if you want your Whippet to fully retain the training, you need to be consistent with it.

As with any form of training, consistency is one of the most important parts. This is because your Whippet is trying to learn what you want them to do. If you are consistent in your commands and methods for potty training, it will be easier for the dog to understand and remember what to do. 

When you come up with cues and commands you want to use for potty training the Whippet, it will be easier for the dog if everyone in your household uses them as well.  If the Whippet is learning different commands from each person, it will end up confused and the potty training won’t be as successful.

What Should Owners Know About Potty Training Whippets?

One thing that every Whippet owner needs to keep in mind is that potty training does take time. Don’t expect your Whippet to fully understand the concept after the first day. A Whippet puppy does need time to learn, so try not to get overly frustrated with the dog if it does have accidents while you’re training.

Good behavior does take time to develop, so this is why it’s a good idea to begin training earlier rather than later. Many Whippet owners have found that potty training their puppy isn’t too stressful because Whippets like to keep their sleeping areas clean.

However, a Whippet doesn’t know right from wrong. If there is a specific area where you want the dog to go to the washroom, you will need to instruct it. This is very important for you to prevent the dog from going to the washroom indoors. If you want to prevent accidents indoors, always be thorough with communication and training. 

Whippets can also sense your mood. If you are angry when training the dog, it will pick up on that. Try to approach training sessions with a positive mindset so your Whippet will be more responsive to potty training. 

What are Whippet Potty Training Rules?

Every owner needs to follow some important rules when potty training their Whippet. Potty training a Whippet is very easy to do when you are patient and prepared. Some important rules to remember when potty training a whippet are:

  1. Keep it short. Try not to plan a long training session for your Whippet. These dogs get bored easily, which can lead them to become distracted. If you want to have your Whippet’s full attention, it’s best to keep the potty training sessions short and sweet.
  2. Potty train after activity. You will have more success if you let your Whippet burn off some energy before you attempt a potty training session. When a Whippet has been relaxing or alone for most of the day, they will have built up energy. Whippets listen better once they have released some energy, so take it for a walk or run first.
  3. Maintain a schedule. Potty training will be a lot easier for you and the Whippet if you make a schedule and stick to it. Plan a food and water schedule for your Whippet and then it will be easier to determine when it needs to go outside to release its bladder and bowels.
  4. Be positive. When your Whippet associates training with positivity, it will be happy to continue. Try to make potty training a fun and happy experience for your Whippet. Make sure you praise it and show affection every time the session is successful. That way it will be happy for more.

Does Diet Play a Role in Potty Training for Whippets?

If you want your Whippet to maintain a schedule for potty training, the diet it eats plays a very important role in that. In order to maintain a schedule, you’ll need to manage what it is eating. Making sure your Whippet is eating good quality food will ensure it stays full for longer. This will prevent your Whippet from trying to find scraps of food that could upset its stomach.

Good quality food will also result in healthier bowel movements. While the Whippet will be regular, it will be solid and won’t have its stomach upset before it’s time to go out. To ensure your dog is being fed nutritious food, always read the labels. It’s important to feed them food with lean protein that’s free from preservatives and fillers.

You will also need to time your Whippet’s meals with its bathroom breaks. Typically, a Whippet is ready to go to the washroom approximately 90 minutes after it has eaten a meal. This gives you the opportunity to create a routine for the Whippet that it will get used to with time. 

To maintain the food and washroom schedule for the Whippet, it’s important that you give them food in portions throughout the day. Try to limit snacks and treats, and always avoid giving the Whippet table scraps. This will prevent the dog from having accidents in the house.

Why Routine is Important for Potty Training Whippets

Routine is very important for potty training Whippets because it results in success. If you are not consistent with a routine for the Whippet, you will not see the results you were hoping for. 

When it comes to the routine, you need to make sure you follow the exact same directions every time. This means you will have to create a set pattern for every step along the way. Be consistent with every detail, down to the entrance you use. Developing patterns and routines help the puppy understand what is expected of it.

You should always be present with the Whippet while potty training it. When it goes outside, you need to go with it. This way you can ensure that the puppy has done its business. You don’t want to bring it back inside until it has completely voided its bladder and bowels. If the dog only partially completes its business, it may have an accident indoors.

Whippet owners may have to come up with a command word to ensure their dog pees and poops when it’s outdoors. These dogs have a lot of fun playing outdoors, so excitement may take over. If your Whippet is playing and not going to the washroom, you may want to use a command word so it knows what to do. 

When a Whippet obeys the command word you have put in place, always give it praise. This will show it that you are pleased with its actions. Whippets are known for wanting to please their owners, so they aren’t difficult when it comes to obeying commands. The dog is also more likely to listen to a command if there is a positive outcome, such as praise.

Final Thoughts

Are Whippets easy to potty train? Whippets are very obedient dogs which makes this breed easy to potty train. Keep in mind, owners will need to be patient when potty training their Whippet puppies. Young puppies do take time to learn a routine. This is why you will need to be very consistent when developing a potty training schedule.

A Whippet doesn’t have control of its bladder or bowels until it’s 4 months in age. While it’s important to start potty training before it reaches this age, it will take time for success. Try not to get upset with your Whippet if it has a few slip-ups along the way. Always approach potty training with a positive mindset for the best results.