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Are Samoyeds Lazy? Samoyed Behavior Explained

Are Samoyeds Lazy? Samoyed Behavior Explained

Samoyeds are great dog companions because they are friendly and love to spend time curled up on their owner’s lap. When you see how much a Samoyed loves to lay down with its owner, you may wonder “are Samoyeds lazy?” 

Don’t let a Samoyead’s calm nature fool you, because these dogs aren’t lazy. Samoyeds are active dogs that need exercise for a good quality of life. If a Samoyed doesn’t get enough physical activity in its lifestyle, it may act out or become destructive. 

Owning a dog is a big responsibility and it’s important to adopt one that fits your lifestyle. On this page, we’re going to talk about how lazy a Samoyed dog really is. This will help you determine if you can keep up to the dog’s level of energy before you commit to bringing it into your household. Keep reading to learn more.

Are Samoyeds Lazy? 

Samoyeds aren’t a lazy dog breed. These dogs enjoy playing, running, and other forms of physical activity. While a Samoyed may seem happy snoozing away on its owner’s lap, it wouldn’t be this content to be lazy if it hadn’t burned off all of its energy. If you are bringing home a Samoyed, don’t expect to have a dog that’s fine with laying around the house all day.

If you were to look up a list of the laziest dogs known to mankind, you wouldn’t find a Samoyed on there. These dogs are not the least bit lazy (unless they are tired). For this reason, you will need to ensure that your dog has enough activity to keep it entertained throughout the day. If the Samoyed doesn’t get enough exercise, it could become destructive – start digging.

Samoyeds are not a destructive or disobedient breed. So, if your dog gets to the point where it doesn’t get exercise each day, it will resort to this behavior. These dogs are very playful, and many dog owners notice that Samoyeds mature at a slower rate than other breeds. If you thought a Samoyed was going to be a lazy dog, you thought wrong.

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How Much Exercise Does a Samoyed Need?

Physical activity is a very important part of a Samoyed’s lifestyle. To understand why, you need to be familiar with their history. The Samoyed dog was originally bred as a dog that would pull sleds in the artic and herd reindeer. While you may not need your dog to pull you through the snow to get to work, your Samoyed will still have natural instincts that relate to its heritage. 

You may notice some of the dog’s natural instincts when it’s playing. These dogs are known to love running and romping around, hearing other dogs at the dog park, and even pulling on objects when it’s in a playful mood. As a Samoyed owner, you will need to ensure your dog gets enough exercise each day.

Your Samoyed is going to need a minimum of 2 hours of physical activity every day. This should be separated into segments throughout the day to keep them entertained.  Some activities that these dogs love include:

How Do You Prevent a Samoyed From Becoming Lazy? Samoyed Puppies Lazy?

Even though a Samoyed isn’t naturally lazy, if the dog isn’t in a household that meets its needs, it may become lazy. To prevent this, it’s important that you take steps to train the Samoyed and provide it with plenty of activity. Samoyeds need mental activity just as much as they need physical activity. 

One thing that you may notice about Samoyeds is that these dogs are always enthusiastic about playtime. You may take your dog out for a run, but when it gets home it’s exciting to play with its favorite ball. These dogs can go from one activity to the next without needing a time-out. There is never a bad time to suggest playtime with Samoyeds.

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If you spend several hours away from home during the day, you should always provide your Samoyed with toys to play with. Samoyeds are known to get bored if their needs aren’t met. A bored Samoyed is more likely to become a lazy Samoyed. When you notice signs of laziness with your dog, it’s important to make some changes.

  • Provide the dog with toys that provide challenges or make it think. Many pet stores have puzzle toys that keep Samoyeds (and other breeds) busy for hours.
  • Make sure the dog is taken for a walk or run before you leave and after you return.
  • Consider adopting a second dog so your Samoyed has a companion to play with during the day.
  • Play with your dog even when you’re busy at home. While you’re reading a book or watching tv, you can toss a ball or toy occasionally to keep your dog entertained without interrupting what you’re doing.

Will My Samoyed Exercise With Me? Is My Samoyed Dog Lazy?

If you make fitness a priority in your lifestyle, a Samoyed dog could be a great fit for you. These dogs are known to keep up with active owners. Even if you still hit the trails to go for a jog in the wintertime, your Samoyed is built to keep up with you.

A Samoyed dog is happiest when it’s living with an owner that likes to get out and live an active lifestyle (while bringing the dog along). Your Samoyed will be much happier if you take it out on an adventure with you rather than letting it loose for a few minutes in the backyard. 

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These dogs love running but playtime is also exciting for them, so make sure you make plenty of time for that. Samoyeds are incredibly friendly and love interacting with people, so your dog will have more fun if it can play a game of fetch or tug-o-war with you than on its own.

Samoyeds also enjoy playing with children, which makes them great dogs to have as family pets. These dogs can keep up with a child’s energy, but since the Samoyed is a gentle breed it won’t become too aggressive with kids. While a kid and a Samoyed may become best of friends (as Samoyeds are very cuddly), you may notice the dog attempting to herd the child. 

Are Samoyeds Good Work Dogs?

If you see a Samoyed at work, it will erase any thoughts you had about this dog being lazy. A Samoyed is an excellent breed of work dog, as they are exceptionally good at pulling. 

To ensure that your Samoyed is a good work dog, it’s important to introduce the dog to training early on in life. It’s also important that you socialize the dog so it doesn’t become nervous around other people and other dogs or cats. Most Samoyeds are very calm and friendly if they have been socialized at an early age.

When training a Somyed, it’s important to play into the dog’s strengths. This way, you will have a very obedient work dog on your hands. Some training activities that are beneficial for Samoyeds include:

  • Obedience training
  • Agility
  • Herding
  • Weight pulls
  • Sledding 

Are Samoyeds Lazy When Left Alone? Are Samoyeds Lazy?

Samoyeds shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time. When these dogs are on their own for too long, they can easily become bored. This can happen to Somyeds that have not been provided with enough stimulation or had enough exercise before their owners left for work for the day.

As we mentioned earlier, bored Samoyeds can become lazy so owners need to ensure their dog has stimulation to keep it occupied while they’re away. 

  • Since Somyeds are a very cuddly breed, they do well with other household pets. While many other dog breeds are great companions for a Samoyed, your dog may need extra training to behave around a cat. This breed has a strong prey instinct and may want to chase the cat.
  • Ask a friend or relative if they wouldn’t mind stopping in for a visit with the dog. This will give your dog an opportunity to interact, play, and burn off some energy while you’re away. It also prevents it from becoming too lonely.  
  • Hire a local dog walker that can fit your dog into its run while you’re away.

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Final Thoughts

Are Samoyeds lazy? Samoyeds aren’t lazy dogs. Samoyeds love to play and are always happy to go on a long run or walk with their owners. It’s very common for a Samoyed to jump from one activity to the next, without needing to rest in between. This is why it’s important to have plenty of toys ready for your dog to enjoy playing with.

In some situations, a Samoyed dog may become lazy. If its needs are not meant, it’s alone a lot, and it doesn’t have toys for mental and physical activity, the dog will become very bored. A bored dog is more likely to become lazy and not want to play on its own. If you notice your dog becoming bored, it’s important to switch up the activity routine for more excitement.