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Are Samoyeds Good With Other Dogs?

Are Samoyeds Good With Other Dogs?

Samoyeds are best known for their fluffy white fur and their big smiles, but they are also loyal and compassionate animals. If you do not already have a Samoyed in your home but are thinking of adopting one, you probably have a few questions regarding their character traits and tendencies. The good news is, we have absolutely everything you need to know about this beautiful breed including if they are good with other dogs!

Are Samoyeds Good With Other Dogs? Yes, Samoyeds are known for being well-behaved and good with most other dogs. They were bred to be herding dogs and do tend to chase or nip at other dogs, but always in a playful manner. They usually are very friendly and social animals, and they will both enjoy and benefit from time with other dogs.

If you want to learn a little more about Samoyeds and their possible tendencies towards aggression, as well as what other characteristics are important to understand before you take one home, you have come to the right place! We have everything you need to know about the personality of Samoyeds, how good they are with other dogs, and even which dogs they will get along best with!

Are Samoyeds Good With Other Dogs?

While certain breeds do have a more or less likely chance of getting along with other dogs, the truth is, your dog will be unique! Every dog, just like every human, is different, and its specific personality may or may not get along well with other dogs. 

However, in general, Samoyeds do well with other dogs, which is great news not only if you have another dog in the home, but also so you can confidently take your Samoyed to a dog park, on a public trial, or even to another home of your friends or family who have a dog. 

You can and should help your Samoyed be happy, healthy, and good with other dogs by training them properly and ensuring they are well socialized. If you’re not quite sure how to train and socialize your Samoyed, don’t worry, all the information you need is right here. 

How to Properly Socialize a Samoyed 

Whether you bring home a tiny Samoyed puppy or a full-grown adult, it is never too late to start socializing! While it is slightly easier to begin socializing dogs when they are puppies, as they are more likely to submit to other dogs if they become aggressive, all it requires to socialize an adult Samoyed is a little extra patience. 

Also, the tactics are slightly varied so let’s go through both so that you can be sure you are doing what’s best for your dog. 

How to Socialize a Samoyed Puppy

If you do decide to take home a Samoyed puppy, it is important that you do not take them away from their mother and siblings too quickly. Of course, there are health risks involved, but it can also stunt their socializing abilities.

They first learn how to play and interact with other dogs with their mother and the rest of their litter, in fact, mothers are truly the best puppy trainers! 

Once you have taken them home, you should begin socializing them right away, but note that they can be overstimulated which can deter them from socializing later on in life. 

Just with infant children, it is best to take baby steps and slowly encourage them to try new things, smell new scents, and meet new dogs and humans. Here are some important tips to remember:

  • Stay calm. Your puppy will be able to tell if you are anxious in new situations and it will make them feel less confident. 
  • Give them space. Never force your Samoyed puppy into anything they don’t seem ready for. Let them take their space around a new toy, house, and especially other dogs. 
  • Reward your puppy. After they have engaged in a new activity or had a successful encounter with another animal or person, make sure to give them verbal praise and treats so they know they did something you are proud of.

Now that you understand how to train your Samoyed puppy to enjoy and feel safe while socializing, we are going to dive into the proper care needed to help your adult dog socialize as well!

How to Socialize an Adult Samoyed

Realistically, the method for training your adult Samoyed to enjoy being near other dogs is fairly similar to those mentioned above for a puppy. However, it is even more important that you express extreme patience with an adult, especially if you know their background has been challenging, or if you don’t know where they came from at all!

Remember that unfortunately, some dog owners are not as conscientious as they should be, and your Samoyed may have never been properly socialized. 

Please make sure that when taking your adult Samoyed around other dogs that you are paying close attention to them, always make sure that you are nearby in case they get nervous or aggressive so you can quickly separate the animals before things escalate or your Samoyed becomes too scared or even traumatized.

Are Samoyeds Aggressive?

Now that you have learned that Samoyeds are usually very good with other dogs and that you as their caretaker can easily train them to enjoy socializing, you may be wondering are Samoyeds ever aggressive?

You will be excited to learn that Samoyeds are not typically aggressive! In fact, they are known as being playful and kind animals. Although it is important to note that as we mentioned, every dog is different. If a Samoyed is displayed aggression it is usually because of poor training or negative past experiences. 

What Breeds Go Well with Samoyeds?

Because Samoyeds are large playful dogs, not all other breeds will enjoy playing with them. Certain breeds who have a similar playstyle to Samoyeds will most likely be the best fit. This can include breeds such as:

  • Huskies
  • Malamutes
  • Retrievers
  • Labradors

While Samoyeds can still happily get along with smaller dogs or even calmer dogs, their size and rough play might just overwhelm them. 

The best thing you can do as a Samoyed owner is to ensure your Samoyed understands your role as the alpha so they are not overly domineering towards other dogs and people, and of course, that they listen well to your verbal commands if you need to instruct them to calm down.  

What is Bad About a Samoyed Dog?

As you now know, Samoyeds can be a wonderful addition to your home and family, but even though they tend to be loyal and loving animals, the breed does have a few tendencies that make them slightly challenging pets. 

Samoyeds Can Be Stubborn

You may already know that Samoyeds are considered to be an extremely intelligent breed, but that also means that they can be rebellious and stubborn if not trained with sufficient authority. 

If your Samoyed does not fully understand that you are in charge, they can be difficult to train. Now that does not mean that they need to be trained with hostility or force, in fact, extreme positivity, praise, and rewards should do the trick!

Samoyeds Are Top-Notch Escape Artists

Their innate intelligence, combined with their tendency to want to hunt, makes Samoyeds expert escape artists. The bred was originally used as deer hunters and therefore they are always on the lookout for prey, or really anything they can chase. 

Samoyeds do need a lot of exercises and having a safe space for them in the backyard is highly recommended. However, you will need to ensure you have a high fence that is well-secured. 

Final Thoughts

Samoyeds are very likely to be good with other dogs, especially if those other dogs like to play as much as Samoyeds do! 

As a dog owner, it’s important to remember that not only is every dog different, but so are their lives and how they were trained. Of course, you cannot control a dog’s personality, but you can ensure they receive the best possible training to help them feel comfortable around other dogs and understand what playtime should look like. 

Luckily, you now know everything there is to know about properly training your Samoyed whether they are a puppy or an adult. Now, not only can they have fun playing with other dogs, but you can also feel confident that they will not become overwhelmed, scared, or even aggressive when interacting and playing!