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Are Samoyeds Good With Cats?

Are Samoyeds Good With Cats?

If you want to introduce a new pet to a home with an existing pet, it is crucial that you do your research first. Cats and dogs are not always easy companions, and if you want to get a cat when you already have a dog (or vice versa), you need to look at whether this is likely to work based on the breeds and the individuals involved. Do not just get a new pet; it could be disastrous for both animals involved and cause a lot of unhappiness.

Are Samoyeds good with cats? It depends very much on both the cat and the Samoyed in question, but overall, this breed is not known for being great with cats. Samoyeds have a high prey drive, and this means they may chase and sometimes hurt cats. Be careful if you plan to keep both.

We are going to explore whether Samoyeds can get along with cats, and the top methods for introducing a Samoyed and a cat to each other. We are also going to look at how well Samoyeds cope with other animals that you may have in your home, and whether it is a good idea to get both a cat and a dog at the same time. This should put you in a great position to make the right decisions for all animals involved, so you can ensure that your pets are happy and healthy.

Are Samoyeds Good With Cats?

In general, Samoyeds are not particularly good with cats, no. Although these dogs are friendly and affectionate with people, they do tend to have a high prey drive. They evolved to hunt reindeer, and they like to chase smaller animals – such as cats.

How well this can be managed and avoided depends on your dog, your cat, and your ability to control the situation. If you are able to put a lot of time and energy into training your Samoyed, you may be able to get control of its chase impulse and discourage it from chasing your cat.

However, it is important to be aware of this issue before you introduce a new dog or cat to a household. If you are not going to be around a lot, you shouldn’t try to do this, because you won’t be there to intervene if the dog starts chasing the cat.

Samoyeds are generally very gentle creatures, and they may not deliberately hurt the cat. However, they are quite big and powerful, and it’s easy for rough play to get out of hand. If you do have both a Samoyed and a cat, make sure the cat always has an escape route that the dog cannot use, and supervise them when they play together.

Overall, a Samoyed can be good with a cat, but you might want to choose a dog with a lower prey drive to increase your chances of them getting along well. Samoyeds are friendly and affectionate, but that does not mean they are automatically good with cats.

How To Introduce Samoyed To Your Cat

If you do want to introduce a Samoyed to your cat, note that it is best to choose a young dog so that you can train it. If you would rather get a dog from a shelter, that’s a great thing to do, but try to choose one that has lived with cats before. 

An older dog that has never spent much time around cats could prove very difficult to train and is more likely to be aggressive toward your cat.

When it comes to introducing the two to each other, choose a neutral space if possible. Put the Samoyed on its crate and encourage it to sit quietly before giving your cat access to the room. Make sure your dog is secure and cannot chase the cat.

Allow the cat to approach in its own time. If the Samoyed gets excited and starts jumping up or barking, calmly tell it to stop. If the cat chooses to leave, let it, but if it stays, reward both it and your dog.

This will help the two to start associating each other with a good thing. Keep doing this in the following days/weeks and see how the two progress. Your dog should get less excitable and your cat less nervous as time goes on.

Do not let your dog out of its crate/off its leash until the two are very comfortable with each other. You should ensure that your cat can always get out of the dog’s reach if it wants to. A baby gate is often a good solution. Your cat will be able to slip through when it wishes to be away from the dog, and the dog won’t be able to follow.

Are Samoyeds Good With Other Animals?

Samoyeds are usually great with other dogs, and they love to meet them. If you take your Samoyed out for a walk, you’ll probably find it wants to play with every other canine it meets.

However, Samoyeds can be tricky around smaller animals because of their prey drive. They are very friendly canines and they do love to play, but this can cause issues with pets like guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, etc.

It depends very much on the Samoyed and their training, but most will try to herd or chase anything smaller than them. However, they will usually play well with other dogs, and they can be taught not to play roughly with smaller animals.

You shouldn’t leave a Samoyed unattended with something small enough for your dog to cause it harm. Rodents, for example, may get hurt even if the Samoyed does not intend to injure them. Samoyeds tend to be boisterous and overly playful.

This can even extend to the small breeds of dogs. Your Samoyed may not be aiming to cause harm, but it could hurt a smaller animal in over-excited play. Make sure you supervise your Samoyed when it is around any animal that is noticeably smaller than it is.

Despite that, it’s good to remember that your dog will love an opportunity to play with other animals, and with children. Samoyeds are friendly, sweet-natured, and very affectionate creatures, so don’t be afraid to introduce them to others with supervision.

Should I Get A Dog And Cat At The Same Time?

This depends on your circumstances. Most cats and dogs will get along well if they are raised together, so you could consider getting a puppy and a kitten. However, this will not always work out, and it is a lot to take on at once.

If you are an experienced pet owner, getting a dog and a cat at the same time could work well and should encourage the two to be friends. Growing up alongside each other is usually enough to encourage bonding. 

If you have not owned dogs or cats before, it is better not to get them both at once. Both require a lot of work and energy, especially in the early days, and you may find that it is more than you can handle. Once you have a bit of experience with them, this will be significantly easier.

You might be wondering which order to get them in if you can’t get them at the same time.

In general, it is better to have a cat first if you are going to get both animals (and not as puppies/kittens). This ensures that the cat has some dominance despite being smaller, helping to balance the relationship.

You should not get an adult dog and an adult cat at the same time. It is best to have a younger dog and an older cat because this again gives the cat authority over the dog and encourages a balanced relationship.

An adult cat is less likely to tolerate bullying and rough play than a kitten, and so may stand its ground against the Samoyed’s boisterous nature. However, if your cat is nervous or submissive, it will probably find even a young Samoyed difficult to deal with, and maybe distressed by its presence in the home.


So, are Samoyeds good with cats?

A Samoyed can be reasonably good with cats if it is well trained and cat is bold enough to stand its ground. Obviously, this is heavily dependent on the individuals involved. You should be aware of your Samoyed’s prey drive, and ensure that it does not get into the habit of chasing your cat, even in play.