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Are Samoyeds Easy To Potty Train?

Are Samoyeds Easy To Potty Train?

Getting a new dog is a very exciting and enjoyable time for most people, but with that comes a sense of responsibility, because there is a lot of training to do to ensure that your new friend becomes a source of happiness and fun, not stress. One of the most important elements of adopting a puppy is potty training; without this vital skill, your dog is liable to ruin your home and furniture, and can even create a health hazard.

Are Samoyeds easy to potty train? Samoyeds are not very easy to potty train, and many are still struggling at six months old and beyond. As a fairly stubborn breed, they do not readily take to being potty trained, and you will have to work hard with your dog to help it understand what it needs to do.

Understanding your dog and what it needs from you in terms of potty training is crucial, and that’s why today, I am going to cover whether Samoyeds are easy to potty train and some of the challenges associated with training these dogs to go to the toilet outdoors. We are also going to look at how to train a Samoyed, and how long a Samoyed can last between bathroom breaks. This should help to ensure you aren’t expecting too much of your dog and that you come home often enough to let it out when it needs to go.

Are Samoyed Easy To Potty Train?

Many people ask the question “Are Samoyeds easy to potty train?” and the simple answer is “not very.” Samoyeds are known for being quite stubborn dogs, and they do not take well to being given tasks, such as having to go outside for their bathroom breaks. It can take a long time to toilet train a Samoyed.

It is absolutely vital that you approach this process with plenty of patience. Your dog will not thrive if you don’t show it kindness, love, and understanding when it is a puppy. Never shout at your dog for potty training mistakes – this is just part of your dog learning, and it is not having accidents to be malicious.

You must treat your dog gently, and show it what to do as patiently as you can, even if it seems to take a very long time for your dog to understand. Make sure you approach each training session with a positive mindset and work with praise and treats, not punishments.

With kindness, you will find potty training a less frustrating process, even if it is still slow. It is a good idea to start training young, but don’t expect too much – your Samoyed may not be potty trained until it is six months old.

A very young Samoyed puppy is going to have accidents, even if it gets the idea quite quickly. They simply cannot hold their bladders for very long, and you must recognize this.

How Do You Potty Train A Samoyed?

You should start potty training as soon as you get your Samoyed, even if it is young. As long as you are patient and make training fun, it should not hurt your dog to start practicing outside toileting at a young age – just bear in mind that it may take months before it fully grasps it.

When you are ready to start training, choose a designated area that the dog is going to use. Once you have identified the spot, start watching your dog for the signs that it needs to go to the toilet.

Your dog is likely to start turning in circles and sniffing or scratching at the ground. Few Samoyed puppies can hold their pee or poop for long, so you should keep an eye on them throughout the day, and especially after they have had food or water. Most puppies will want to go out just after eating or sleeping, so these are the times to be most vigilant.

You will need to be very quick in moving your puppy outside, and you should certainly expect some accidents to occur. Pick up your Samoyed and carry it out of the house as quickly as you can when you think it needs the toilet. Place it in the designated toilet spot and wait for it to go.

Reward successful toilet trips with lots of praise and perhaps a small treat so that your dog understands it has done the right thing, but do not scold your dog if it fails to wait until it is outside before going. It won’t understand.

Your Samoyed should start to realize that it must go outside to potty, and at this point, you should watch for its cues. Some will go to the door, and others will come to you. Recognize this and promptly let them out. Continue to praise them for successful behavior.

Keep this up, and be patient, and you should soon have a well-trained Samoyed that knows exactly where its toilet is!

How Long Can Samoyed Hold Their Pee?

You should assume that a young Samoyed cannot really hold its pee, especially when it is only a few months old. Its bladder simply cannot hold much, and it may need to go out every hour or two hours. After the six-month mark, it should get a little better and may be able to hold its pee for around two to five hours.

Some may even be able to manage a little longer than this, but it’s best not to push it. 

Once they reach adulthood, most Samoyeds can hold their pee for up to eight hours, but this is not necessarily very fair to them. They may start to feel uncomfortable, and if they have been well trained, they might start showing signs of distress after about five or six hours.

If they have not been so well trained, they may simply relieve themselves indoors, which is the start of bad habits. You should not ask your Samoyed to wait this long without an opportunity to go outdoors, so if you work for up to eight hours a day, you will need to come home or engage a dog walker to see your dog’s needs.

Do not try to push how long your dog can hold its pee for; this is not good for the dog and can lead to accidents.

Are Samoyeds Easy To House Train?

Samoyeds are not the easiest dogs to house train, and you may find it takes quite a while for your dog to get the hang of going to the door to go out. You should simply keep encouraging it and praising it for success.

Don’t worry if it seems to be taking your Samoyed puppy a long time to master the idea of going outside for the bathroom; these dogs are not fast learners when it comes to where their bathroom is.

You will need to persevere and simply keep showing your dog what to do, over and over again. With enough time, your dog should start to learn that it must go to the door when it needs the bathroom. 

If you catch your dog relieving itself indoors, it is important to say “no” firmly, and then to take the dog outdoors to finish off if possible. This will help to reinforce the message that the house is not a toilet and encourage it to think about where to go.

Don’t play with your Samoyed when you take it outside to use the toilet. This time should be very clearly designated as toilet time, and you should not distract your dog or reward it with your attention until it has performed the task it is there to do.

Once your dog has finished, give it rewards/praise, and take it back indoors. This should help your dog to distinguish between playtime and toilet time, and realize that going outdoors has just one purpose when it needs the bathroom.


Hopefully, you now feel prepared for the journey of potty training your Samoyed. Be very patient and do not expect too much from your dog, especially in the early days. Even if it wants to please you, it may take quite some time for the dog to understand what it is that you want it to do.

Remember, positive training is always best, so successful potty trips should be rewarded with treats and praise. Accidents should not be met with punishment – just try again next time!