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Are Rottweilers Loud?

Are Rottweilers Loud?

Rottweilers are confident and protective, which is perhaps why they have developed an unfair reputation as aggressive or fearsome animals, but are Rottweilers loud dogs?

Rottweilers are naturally quiet and calm – it is uncommon for them to be particularly vocal unless there is a reason for it. Well-trained and properly socialized Rottweilers will only bark when they are trying to intimidate someone, or something, that they deem to be a threat. Some Rottweilers are certainly louder than others, but they are not a noisy breed on the whole.

The rest of this article will go into detail about when and why your Rottweiler might make noise so that you can learn more about these wonderful, often-misunderstood, dogs.

Are Rottweilers Loud Naturally?

Though Rottweilers are generally known as guard dogs, they aren’t instinctively loud animals. Actually, Rottweilers were mainly used to herd cattle. In the town of Rottweil, from which they get their name, they were used by the Roman army to carry meat and supplies rather than as fighters.

With that being said, Rottweilers do have protection and defending in their DNA, and they will use their voices to do this. If they are well trained and socialized properly from a young age, Rottweilers won’t feel the need to make noise unless there is a genuine threat or reason for them to do so.

When Rottweilers do decide to make some noise, though, it can be pretty loud. Any dog breed can growl and bark often if they have been poorly trained or have developed some anxiety, but because of the power of their bark, it can be particularly problematic if a Rottweiler develops this habit. 

What Sort of Personality Will My Rottweiler Have?

Just like people, no two dogs are alike, and your Rottweiler will have a unique personality all of their own. There are, however, some common traits among breeds that can help you to understand what you might expect from your dog, and what you can encourage or avoid.

Rottweilers are generally bold and confident, and they can be very protective over their families. These are positive traits that make them stoic, loving companions as well as brave guard dogs, but if they are raised poorly it can lead to them being aggressive, noisy, or even dangerous.

A large part of your dog’s personality will depend on you, and how you care for them. If they are properly trained, Rottweilers can easily understand the difference between a harmless stranger and a threat, and they will know when they should or should not speak up. They can also be very relaxed, loving, and gentle dogs, both inside and outside of the home.

Are Rottweilers Hard to Train?

Inadequate training is something that can quickly result in your dog acting too aggressively, threatening others, and making too much noise. Fortunately, they are very intelligent dogs that are easy to train compared to most breeds, though they can be a bit stubborn at times.

The main issue that owners face when they are training Rottweilers is not establishing a sense of leadership over their dogs. Rottweilers are great listeners that respect a strong leader but, because of their size and strength, some owners fail to remain consistent in showing their dog who’s boss.

If your Rottweiler believes itself to be the leader of the family, it is much more likely to take matters into its own hands and bark or growl to ward off perceived threats. If your Rottweiler knows that you are in charge, they will be watchful and attentive to your needs and are much less likely to make unwanted noise.

Socialization is also a key part of training any dog and can make a huge difference in how they behave around others. Introducing your Rottweiler to other dogs, other adults, and even children, while they are still young will stop your dog from viewing them as threats. 

Do Rottweilers Bark or Growl a Lot?

Rottweilers are usually quiet dogs, but some will bark and growl more than others. If you are noticing a lot of barking or growling from your dog, there are a few possible reasons why.

  1. They are trying to protect you. Because their protective instinct is so strong, Rottweilers may bark to scare off a threat or growl to intimidate others.
  2. They are demanding something from you. Any dog can become bossy and demanding if you don’t establish leadership over them, and Rottweilers are no exception.
  3. They are excited. Often, dogs make noise because they are simply having a good time, and something is exciting them.
  4. They are bored. Rottweilers are very active dogs that need physical and mental stimulation throughout the day, or they can become bored and start acting poorly.
  5. They are trying to communicate with you. Low growls are common among Rottweilers, and it is very normal instinctive behaviour. They may be warning you of a threat, they may be telling you that they are in pain, or they may just be telling you that they are happy!

It is important to pay attention to the body language of your dog if they are making unexpected noises, as they may be in pain or warning you of danger. Whatever may be causing your dog to bark or growl, good training can help you to manage how loud they are going to be, and help them to understand when it is appropriate. 

Do Rottweilers Howl a Lot?

Some Rottweilers will howl at times, and it is a very impressive sound. As an ancient breed, they are believed to have close DNA links to their wolf ancestors, which may partly explain why these dogs can be inclined to use howling as a form of communication. Rottweilers usually howl for one of a few reasons.

  1. To communicate a threat or something important. Rottweilers mostly bark to gain your attention, but if they are in pain or really need you to know something they might howl instead.
  2. To join in with the pack. When they hear other dogs howling, Rottweilers may be inclined to join in as a social activity.
  3. Because they are lonely. If they are anxious about being left on their own, Rottweilers can howl because they’re frightened and sad by themselves.

Are Rottweilers Loud When They’re Anxious?

One of the big questions about any breed is whether they are likely to be loud when you are not around. It is much easier to train and manage how vocal your dog is while you’re in the room, but are Rottweilers loud when you leave?

Generally, Rottweilers are quite confident and brave dogs, but they can develop separation anxiety if they are not given enough independence as puppies. You should allow your dog to have time on their own, in a cage or another room, while they are still young so that they can start to feel safe when they are by themselves.

If your dog is too dependent on your presence to feel safe and secure, they can bark and howl whenever you are away. A fully-trained Rottweiler should be able to be left alone for up to 6 hours at a time, but if they have developed separation anxiety they will find any alone time stressful.

How Do I Stop My Rottweiler from Barking?

If you have had difficulties with training, or have adopted a dog that already has bad habits, there are a few things that you can do to help.

  • Teach your dog the “quiet” command. Use this command and give them lots of praise and a treat when they are silent.
  • Use positive praise when they are being calm and quiet. Reward your dog for the behaviour that you want to see, rather than waiting for them to do something wrong and punishing them for it. 
  • Give them more exercise and stimulation. More toys, new tricks and a more entertaining environment can keep your dog from becoming bored.
  • Soothe your dog. If you are calm, quiet, and soothing, your dog is much more likely to calm down.
  • Distract them or remove them from the situation. If your dog is barking at something in particular, you can take their attention away from it so that they can quiet down.

There are some things that you should never do to try and stop your Rottweiler from barking. 

  • Don’t use physical punishment. Physical punishment is never an effective way to teach your dog anything, and it is likely to make them more fearful, anxious, and aggressive.
  • Don’t yell or shout at your dog. This will only encourage them to make more noise as they will copy your attitude as well as your actions.
  • Don’t immediately respond to all noise. If your dog is barking to get your attention, you don’t want to teach them that it works!
  • Don’t use anti-barking devices. Even more “humane” options like ultrasonic sound devices are upsetting for your dog and are designed to punish negative behaviour rather than encourage positive behaviour.

Verdict: Are Rottweilers Loud?

Rottweilers can make a lot of noise when they want to, but they are naturally very calm and quiet dogs. If they are properly trained and socialized from a young age, you are unlikely to hear a Rottweiler’s voice very often.

Rottweilers are only loud if they are acting overprotective because they don’t feel safe and secure, or if they are generally anxious and unhappy. If they are happy and safe, a Rottweiler can be as quiet as a mouse.