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Are Rottweilers Easy To Potty Train?

Are Rottweilers Easy To Potty Train?

Rottweilers are known for being lovable, loyal, and smart dogs, but are they easy to potty train?

Yes! Rottweilers are easy to potty train because they are intelligent and want to please their owners. This combination makes Rottweilers easy to train. However, it’s important to potty train your Rottweiler properly for best results.

To learn how to potty train your Rottweiler successfully, read on.

Are Rottweilers Easy To Potty Train?

Rottweilers are considered very easy to potty train. They are highly intelligent, and they are very loyal to their owners. Their intelligence means that they pick up on commands and training easily. Meanwhile, their loyalty creates motivation to learn commands quickly and efficiently.

To prove just how intelligent these dogs are, canine psychologists often rank Rottweilers in the top ten smartest breeds. In fact, they place 9th as being the most intelligent dog. Being in the top 10, Rottweilers can learn new tricks and tasks within five exposures, and they are known to obey at least 95% of the time when trained correctly.

Meanwhile, Rottweilers are notorious guard dogs and protectors. This stems from the fact that Rottweilers are loyal and territorial. Their loyalty will make it easy to convince them that they should listen to you. Rotties truly want to listen and please their owners for this reason.

Needless to say, Rottweilers are easy to potty train. Especially if you potty train them correctly and lovingly, you can expect your Rottweiler to pick up on the command and expectation quickly and do their best to hold it until they are outside.

How To Potty Train Your Rottweiler

If you want the best results from your Rottweiler, you have to train it properly. This will take a lot of patience, especially if your Rottweiler is a puppy. Note that puppies take longer to potty train simply because their bladders and bowels are not trained to hold it for a long time yet. Either way, Rottweiler puppies and adults are much better at being trained than other breeds.

Here’s how to potty train your Rottweiler correctly.

Training Starts From Day 1

For best results, you will need to start potty training your Rottweiler as soon as you bring it home. Training from day one will make it a lot easier for your Rottweiler to pick up on the command. As soon as you get home, introduce your Rottweiler to the bathroom area.

Failing to train from day one is one of the most common reasons that potty training takes a long time. If you don’t start from the beginning, it will confuse your Rottweiler since it has already learned that going to the bathroom inside is OK.

Get The Needed Supplies

Since potty training starts from day one, you need to get some supplies before you bring your Rottweiler home. These supplies will help make the potty training process a little bit easier.

Obviously, you will want to get some cleaning supplies. All dogs will have a few accidents while being potty trained, especially if they are puppies. Be prepared for accidents with cleaning supplies since messes are inevitable.

Also, get a crate. Crating is imperative for potty training if you have a puppy. Put the dog inside the crate whenever you are unable to watch it, such as when you leave the house or go to bed. Lastly, get treats so that you reward the Rottweiler every time it goes to the bathroom outside.

Define The Potty Spot

The most effective way to potty train your dog is to find a designated potty spot in your yard. Select a spot that is close enough so your dog can get to it without being so close that the odors penetrate your home. Show your dog the potty spot again and make sure that they have enough time to smell and get familiar with the area.

Pick A Verbal Cue

Every time you take your dog outside, pick a verbal cue, such as “Let’s go outside” or “Let’s go to the bathroom.” This verbal cue will work as a command. Every time your dog hears the sound, they will associate it with going to the bathroom. Use this cue consistently. Consistency is key.

Take The Dog Outside

After you use the verbal cue, hook your dog onto the leash and walk it to the potty spot. Even if you have a fenced-in backyard, the lease will ensure that your dog goes where it should. Leash your dog quickly so that it can make it to the backyard without an accident.


After your Rottie goes to the bathroom outside, make sure to praise it and reward it with a treat. The reward is what motivates dogs to continue going outside. Especially for a dog as loyal as the Rottweiler, they will quickly pick up on the praise and continue going to the bathroom outside to receive more.

Things To Do When Potty Training Your Rottie

Here are some other tips and things to do whenever you are potty training your Rottweiler:

  • Keep An Eye On Your Dog

Whenever you bring the dog home, it’s your responsibility to keep a close eye on it. If you suspect that your dog has to go to the bathroom, take it outside using the steps above.

  • Stick To A Routine

Dogs thrive on a schedule. Create a base routine so that your Rottweiler starts going to the bathroom on the clock. For example, take your Rottweiler out at the same time. Feed your dog consistently so that its bowels are regulated too.

  • Consistency Is Key

The only way to successfully train your Rottweiler is to be consistent and patient. If you fail to be consistent, your Rottweiler will be confused and not learn the task. Always be consistent, even from day one.

  • Things To Avoid When Potty Training Your Rottie

Just as there are some things you should do while potty training your Rottweiler, there are some things you should avoid.

  • Don’t Use Negative Reinforcement

Most notably, do not physically punish or negatively punish your puppy whenever it has an accident inside. Not only is this ineffective, but it is abusive to the dog. For a dog as loyal as a Rottweiler, negative reinforcement is seriously damaging to its psychological well-being.

  • Don’t Change Cue Words

Whenever you pick a cue word, stick to it. Changing the cue word will only confuse the Rottweiler, especially if it is a puppy.

  • Don’t Be Inconsistent

We cannot overstate how important consistency is for potty training your dog. Inconsistency from day one is the top reason that Rottweilers are not potty trained effectively. If you are inconsistent, the process will take a lot longer.

Other Considerations

If you follow the tips and steps above, you should be able to successfully train your Rottweiler. However, there are some things to keep in mind before training.

  • The Rottie’s Age

Healthy, adult Rottweilers are the easiest to train. Their brains are fully matured, as are their bladders and bowels. These dogs can be potty trained in a few short days. Puppies and senior Rottweilers aren’t quite as easy.

Puppy Rottweilers are still very intelligent and loyal, but they are puppies. They are more playful and more difficult to train than an adult Rottweiler. Plus, their bladders and bowels are not trained to hold it in yet. These facts mean that puppies will take longer to potty train. Patience is critical when training a puppy since it cannot help it.