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Are Rottweilers Affectionate?

Are Rottweilers Affectionate?

Rottweilers are assumed to be dangerous dogs that are all business. Those who have owned Rottweilers know that this is not true whatsoever. Sure, these dogs can be efficient guard dogs, but are rottweilers affectionate?

Rottweilers are known by their families to be calm, affectionate, and warm dogs who enjoy spending time with their loved ones and interacting with people. They are pups with adorable personalities and have a playful disposition. They have their own ways of showing love and affection, as well as their own methods for bonding with their humans.

You can nurture this side of your Rottweiler and avoid encouraging any territorial tendencies that might be wading below the surface. These dogs enjoy standing guard to keep their home and family protected, but when they know they don’t need to, they’ll be able to relax and give into the cuddles.

Are Rottweilers Affectionate?

Rottweilers tend to be affectionate towards their pet parents and their human families. It’s much easier to get a Rottweiler acclimated to humans, especially those who treat their Rotties with respect and patience. They enjoy being part of a family, and they feel fulfilled when they get to spend their lives as part of a human family. 

Since Rottweilers love people so much, they like interacting and showing their humans affection. When you show affection back to your Rottie, this instills a sense of camaraderie and companionship that they crave. This tendency to want human bonding can be traced back to their time as working dogs when they usually spent more time with humans than other animals. 

Rottweilers are very intelligent, intuitive dogs, and can read humans well enough to interpret their intentions and their body language. When Rottweiler feels safe with their pet parents or human families, they are more likely to give in to their affectionate and cuddly tendencies. 

How Rottweilers Show Affection

One way that Rottweilers will show affection is through physical touch. They are comforted by your physical presence and will want to be next to you and touch you in some capacity. These big dogs like to be around people that whom they feel a connection. Rotties are known to develop clingy behaviors, such as following you around the house. 

This could simply mean they lean on you, put their paw on your lap when on the couch, or brush up against you when you enter a room. Even though they are large and can grow to be quite heavy, they don’t usually realize how big they are, so they could potentially knock you over when they lean on you. 

Rottweilers are playful dogs, despite being perceived as more serious dogs. If your Rottie brings you their favorite toy, or responds positively to you getting on the ground with their rope toy or ball, that’s a very good sign that they trust you and feel close to you. 

One of the unique ways that Rotties will show affection to their humans is through a low grumble, similar to how a cat purrs. For those that aren’t very familiar with a Rottweiler’s behavior, they might get scared that their dog is growling. However, they will usually do this when getting pets or cuddling with you, so you’ll know it’s not a warning sign or aggressive action. 

How Rottweilers Like To Receive Affection

Rottweilers won’t be shy when it comes to asking for attention and affection. They will usually nudge you, typically with their snouts or paws, in order to direct your attention to them. They might want to give you some kisses, or might want you to pet them when they do this. Rotties might also hold you with their paw because they want to feel close to you. 

When a Rottweiler turns over and shows you their belly or puts their head in your lap, be sure not to come at them too aggressively with pets. Be gentle and sweet towards your Rottie. If you go at them too quickly, they might get startled, or misinterpret your eagerness as aggressiveness. This is especially important when you are first developing your relationship with them. 

Do Rottweilers Like To Cuddle?

Rottweilers who feel close to their family members will adore cuddling, and they make some wonderful cuddling companions. As mentioned, they like to be physically touch their human companions to show their love, but it also offers them a sense of comfort as well. 

Some Rotties will climb up on your lap, regardless of whether or not they fit in your lap, while others will lay their heads or paws in your lap. If they put their heads in your lap and look up at you, keeping eye contact, that’s a telltale sign that your Rottweiler trusts you completely. 

Don’t be surprised if, once you develop a bond with your Rottweiler, they jump on you as soon as you sit down on the couch and get comfortable. They never do this as a way to hurt you, even if they are too heavy for you. 

It’s important to never try and force your Rottweiler to cuddle. While they love cuddling, they only want to cuddle with people that they’ve developed a sense of trust with. You should also avoid giving them aggressive hugs unless you are well-aware that they enjoy that. Forceful cuddling could overwhelm them, make them feel unsafe, and could harm the bond you’ve created. 

Do Rottweilers Form Bonds With Their Pet Parents?

Rottweilers are known to form very strong, permanent bonds with their families. It’s not uncommon for Rottweilers to form a stronger bond with one pet parent or human family member. 

They can also form different types of bonds with different people depending on the type of interaction that person typically has with your Rottweiler. Rottweilers also learn to appreciate people who meet their needs, such as feeding them, taking them outside, and taking them for walks. 

Rottweilers can also show some of the typical signs that most dogs show when they love you and are happy to see you. They will usually perk up when they see you enter the room, run to you when you get home from work, and wag their tail excitedly as you give them pets. 

How To Bond With Your Rottweiler 

While it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with any Rottweiler you bring home, there are ways to foster a mutually loving and fulfilling relationship between you and your new family member. Talking to your Rottweiler in a calm, gentle voice, rewarding them for good behavior, and smiling at them will show your Rottweiler that you respect and love them. 

Furthermore, respond to their requests for affection. Even if you’re otherwise engaged when your Rottweiler is asking for attention, take a moment to at least acknowledge them and give them some quick head scratches if nothing else. 

You should also develop a routine with your Rottweiler that they can rely on. This routine should include taking them for a walk at a certain time of day, taking a few minutes each day to throw a ball around with them or play with them, and also give them their space to relax on their own if they need to. 

Any pet owner knows that their pet finds a way to communicate with you through verbal and non-verbal behavior. Your Rottweiler will do the same. Be a present dog parent and learn how they respond to certain actions and words. This will help you respond to them appropriately, deepening their sense of trust with you. 

How Gender Impact Affection Levels

There are some anecdotal differences between how male Rottweilers and female Rottweilers show affection. These differences aren’t absolutes, and each dog can vary in their temperament and behavior. How these dogs are raised will also impact their affection levels. 

With male Rottweilers, they can be a little more demanding in how they ask for affection. This is due to their somewhat dominant nature. If your Rottweiler isn’t trained to know that you are the boss in the house, this dominant trait might be more obvious. 

Female Rottweilers tend to be a little bit more independent than their male counterparts. While they will enjoy cuddling and showing you affection, they also appreciate being able to have time to themselves. 

Regardless of what gender your Rottweiler is, they can become very compassionate dogs who enjoy being a part of your daily routine and helping you relax with a cuddle after a long day. 

Final Thoughts 

Receiving affection from an animal companion is one of the best feelings in the world. Creating a special bond with an animal who provides you with affection has been proven to be incredibly positive for your health. With Rottweilers, they are a misunderstood breed for many reasons, especially when it comes to their behavior. 

Are Rottweilers affectionate? They absolutely can be, as they love people. Rottweilers can become incredibly loyal members of your family that will dedicate themselves to your happiness and your safety. When you bond with a Rottweiler, you will have a best friend for the rest of their life.