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Are Rottweilers a Good Family Dog?

Rottweilers are big dogs but they are also very loveable. If you’re considering adopting one of these fun dogs, you may be wondering “are Rottweilers a good family dog?

Believe it or not, Rottweilers are actually a very good family dog. These dogs are easy-going and love spending time around people, which is why they fit in well with nearly any household. The thing is, in order to make sure your Rottweiler is a good family dog, it needs to be properly trained and socialized.

It’s important to know how a breed will act around groups or people, kids, and other pets before you invite it into your household. On this page, we’re going to give you a detailed answer to the question “are Rottweilers good family dogs?” Keep reading to learn more.

Are Rottweilers Good Family Dogs?

If your family wants to bring home a dog, a Rottweiler can be an excellent addition to your household. These dogs have many great qualities that make them good family pets. Over the years, Rotties haven’t had the nicest reputation. A lot of people think of a big, mean, scary dog when they picture a Rottweiler.

However, none of that is true when the Rottweiler is placed with the right owner. In fact, when a Rottweiler is taken care of and has been trained, it can be a very good pet to have around kids. After all, Rotties are very loyal and affectionate dogs. They love being in the company of their favorite people and bond well with other pets.

Rottweilers Love Children

A lot of people are skeptical about the idea of mixing a large dog with a small child. Could this be a recipe that results in a disaster?

Not at all! Rottweilers love children and can be very good with them. These playful dogs really enjoy being around children because they are energetic enough to keep up with them. On the same note, they are also easy-going and very patient. If your kids get a bit too rowdy while playing, the Rottweiler won’t be phased.

It’s not uncommon for a Rottweiler to form a great bond with children in the household. They are very loyal dogs and will also view the kids as part of their pack. This will cause the dog to act very protective of the children in your house, which is good news for parents if a stranger ever approaches.

Do Rottweilers Like Other Pets?

For the most part, a Rottweiler can get along with family pets. The biggest factor that determines how well the dog will get along with other animals is whether or not it has been socialized. Socialization isn’t just important for how well the Rottweiler will get along with other dogs, but it also plays a part in how it behaves around other people.

The most important parts of Rottweiller’s socialization process are typically between the ages of 11 and 16 months. However, the puppy needs to be socialized much earlier than that. It’s important that you are adopting the puppy from a reputable breeder who is aware of this. Rottweiler puppies typically need to begin being socialized around 5 to 7 weeks, which is before you will bring the dog home.

Once you bring the puppy into your household, you will need to continue the Rottie’s socialization process. If the puppy is brought into a house that already has a cat and/ or dog, there is a good chance that the Rottweiler will adjust easily to meeting new dogs later on in life.

If the dog wasn’t around other dogs or cats as a puppy, it can still get along very well with the other animals. However, the Rottweiler must be socialized for this to be possible and you will always need to be patient with new encounters.

Are Rottweilers Good in the House? 

Rottweilers make excellent housepets. Even though these dogs are big and need a lot of exercise, they are also very obedient and want to be around their people. So, a Rottweiler will need to go outside daily. These dogs need at least 2 hours of exercise each day. The best way to make this happen is to let the dog outside to run around and play.

For this reason, a lot of dog owners think it’s appropriate to leave their Rottweiler outside all the time. This is not a good idea because Rottweilers prefer to be in the house surrounded by family members. If the dog is left outside on its own for too long, it will become bored, which will lead it to act destructive and possibly even aggressive. 

If a Rottweiler gets enough exercise on a daily basis and has been properly trained, it will be very well-behaved in the house. However, you may need to work on teaching the dog commands during training if there is certain furniture or areas of the house you want the dog to stay away from.

Is a Rottweiler The Right Choice For a Family Environment?

There are a lot of people who are skeptical about bringing a Rottweiler into a family environment. Some people worry about these dogs’ large physique when playing with children. Others worry about the breed’s aggressive reputation. 

If you’re willing to put in the time to train your dog efficiently and give it the care it needs on a daily basis, a Rottweiler is a perfect dog to bring into your household. Now, don’t get us wrong. Tending to your Rottweiler won’t take up the majority of your agenda. There are many reasons why a Rottweiler can be a perfect fit for your family.

Easy To Train

Training is a very important part of making sure you have a good family pet. Rottweilers do need thorough training, however, they are very intelligent dogs that can pick up on new commands easily. Most Rotties are able to learn a new command within 5 repetitions. 

Easy to Groom

Since Rottweilers have short fur, they require very minimal grooming. You won’t have to worry about maintaining a strict brushing schedule. However, you will need to get in the habit of bathing these dogs because Rotties love playing outside where it’s dirty. 

Rottweilers Don’t Shed

That short coat of the Rottweiler isn’t just great for minimal grooming. It also prevents the Rottweiler from shedding. If your Rottie likes to relax on the furniture or sleep in your bed, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after them.

Rotties Are Easy-Going

Rottweilers are very easy-going dogs, which helps them fit in well in family households. When a Rottweiler has a good family to live with, it’s nothing like the mean reputation these dogs have received. If a Rottie has a good environment to live in, it is usually very calm and obedient. 

Rottweilers Are Protective

As we mentioned above, Rotties are very loyal dogs. When these dogs form a relationship with members of your household, they will want to keep you protected. Rottweilers have very good senses too, so they can alert you of somebody approaching before you can see them. They can also sense whether someone has arrived for a friendly visit or if they could be dangerous.

That Rottweiler that you know as a kind and affectionate dog can act very scary if it believes that someone is posing a threat to you or your children. These dogs have a very mean bark paired with a large body, and that’s enough to scare off pretty much anyone.

Rotties Are Social

Rottweilers want to be a part of the family. You will likely notice that your Rottweiler is happiest when it’s around the people and other pets that it loves the most. For the most part, a Rottweiler will simply enjoy spending time with you. It will enjoy spending time cuddling with you, bonding with the kids, and playing with the other dog.

A socialized Rottie will even be friendly to your visitors, once it becomes familiar with who they are. Before you know it, your pooch will be just as happy to see your best friend or the mailman arrive at the door. 

Final Thoughts

Are Rottweilers a good family dog? Rottweilers are very good family dogs. They are a social breed that can be very loving and affectionate. These dogs are known to form good bonds with their owners and love to spend time with them, even if it’s just being in the same room. Rottweilers also get along very well with kids of all ages and other pets, including cats.

Rotties do have a mean reputation, but that has proven to be untrue when they are placed with the right owners. When you take care of your dog well and give it good training, the Rottweiler will be very obedient. To ensure the Rottweiler is good with a family, it’s important to start socializing while it’s still a puppy. A socialized Rottweiler responds well to being around people.