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Are Greyhounds Easy To Take Care Of?

Are Greyhounds Easy To Take Care Of?

Greyhounds are slender, athletic dogs are known for their hunting characteristics. For many centuries, they were bred exclusively to chase and hunt prey and are now widely acknowledged as the fastest dog breed in existence. They can reach speeds of up to 40 miles an hour!

Are Greyhounds easy to take care of? Owing to their gentle and graceful nature, Greyhounds are easy to look after. They have relatively simpler needs and taking care of them is usually not that difficult.

The rest of this article explores various characteristics of Greyhounds and answers some important questions you might have about taking care of one. Keep reading!

Are Greyhounds easy to take care of?

If you’re thinking about getting a Greyhound puppy or an adult, this is one of the first questions that may come to your mind. Some breeds of dogs are known to be quite difficult to take care of, but the Greyhound definitely isn’t one of them. Greyhounds are quiet, docile creatures and are known to be not aggressive at all.

Greyhounds are also known to be sensitive and affectionate and can easily develop close relationships with you and your family members over time. Besides the basic needs that all dogs have, Greyhounds have little extra needs and are easy to look after. And since they’re well-mannered and cooperative, they’re less likely to cause problems.

How easily do Greyhounds adjust to pet life?

Greyhounds have been bred as hunters for ages and have been subjected to various forms of animal cruelty. So, if you’re thinking of adopting an adult or more specifically, a retired racer Greyhound, chances are it hasn’t been treated in the best possible manner during its life.

Due to this reason, adopted adult Greyhounds aren’t normally used to living in a family with people, and socializing is new to them. They need to be given proper attention, love, and care so that they can become acclimated to living as pets. With time, they’ll form close bonds with you and your family, given their affectionate nature.

That being said, an adult Greyhound usually takes anywhere between four and seven weeks to adjust to pet life.

Are Greyhounds friendly with children?

Since Greyhounds are well-mannered, gentle, and easy to get along with, they are usually quite friendly and tolerant towards children. They’re fine with children playing with them.

You should keep in mind though that most adult Greyhounds usually don’t have a lot of experience in dealing and socializing with children and may take time getting used to it. Children should also be taught to respect the Greyhounds and all dogs in general. If children understand their traits and respect them, Greyhounds will easily reciprocate the behavior.

Another point worth mentioning is that the older the child, the better their understanding of Greyhounds will be. This is also something that adoption organizations look into. Families with children that are quite young may not be able to adopt a Greyhound.

Even though Greyhounds are quite friendly with children, you should never leave them alone with a child, as a general safety rule.

How do Greyhounds behave towards other dogs and other animals?

Due to their tolerant nature, Greyhounds are likely to get along well with other dogs and pets you might have in your house.

Although they may accept other dogs in your household as well in public spaces, they normally won’t socialize with them a lot and may prefer keeping to themselves rather than playing with them.

It is always good practice to introduce your Greyhound to other dogs in the beginning so that it’s aware of them. If you have multiple dogs in your household, ensure all of them have separate resting and eating areas to avoid problems.

Greyhounds can usually live together with smaller pets such as cats and rabbits. They can even become friendly once they’ve adjusted to the new environment.

Do Greyhounds always have to be kept on a leash in public places?

Yes. Keeping your Greyhound on a leash is what you should always do if you’re heading out, especially in unenclosed public spaces. Places like crowded streets, busy roads, and shopping areas may pose serious dangers.

The reason for this is that since your Greyhound is a fast, energetic creature, it is likely to spot something in the distance and run after it in an instant. And because it’s so focused on that object of interest, it’ll be unable to pay heed to your shouts. The high-speed chase may also make your Greyhound less aware of its surroundings and it can end up getting hurt.

How much exercise does a Greyhound need?

Greyhounds are known to be quite energetic creatures and like to chase and sprint. So, they normally require walks ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour each day. The amount of exercise your Greyhound requires depends on its age and energy levels before the walk, so there’s no fixed walk duration that is ideal for every Greyhound.

Although Greyhounds are fast sprinters, they don’t have much endurance and so do not require hours of exercise as some breeds do. After they’re done with walking and chasing, Greyhounds love to lie down in a corner and take a nap. They like to rest and can sleep for over 20 hours at a time.

What should you feed your Greyhound to maintain a healthy diet?

Feeding your Greyhound a healthy diet, or any other pet for that matter is essential to its health and wellness. According to Gumtree Greys, an average-sized Greyhound should ideally eat between 250-300 grams of meat a day, in addition to dry food and vegetables. Here is a list of foods you can feed your Greyhound:

·         meat and chicken

·         vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, and green beans

·         foods such as pasta, eggs, and rice

·         dry foods like biscuits

·         other dog treats

Foods you must strictly avoid include coffee, avocado, cherries, grapes, chocolate, and mushrooms. The diet of your Greyhound also depends on how big it is, so you must ensure your Greyhound is receiving a healthy diet based on its size.

How should you groom your Greyhound?

Grooming Greyhounds isn’t difficult. It should be done regularly to maintain good hygiene and also keep them happy. Use a soft cloth to wash the face gently and a special nail clipper to regularly trim the nails.

For washing, bathtubs will work fine. To groom the coat of your Greyhound, brush it daily and wash it with a gentle shampoo. Before getting started with the bath, insert cotton balls into its ears to prevent water from reaching there. Make sure you rinse out all the shampoo once you’ve finished the bath. Use a large towel to dry your Greyhound and get rid of loose hairs using a grooming mitt.

What are some medical issues that Greyhounds are prone to?

Greyhounds are a relatively healthy breed and get sick less often than some other ones. But there are some certain medical conditions that they are prone to and that you should be aware of. Some of these can be dealt with easily at home, while others may require a trip to the vet. Here is a list of them:

·         Ear infections (can be controlled by ear cleaning solutions)

·         Digestion problems such as bloating

·         Dental issues like gum infection

·         Sensitivity to temperature changes

You should schedule vet appointments for your Greyhound on a regular basis even when it’s perfectly healthy.

What are some problems I may have with a Greyhound?

Although adopting a Greyhound can be a great experience for many, it may also bring about some problems. Knowing these problems before you adopt a Greyhound is important so that you can make an informed decision.

Firstly, Greyhounds are large dogs that can get excited quickly. This can cause some problems in families with small children and compact spaces. Secondly, Greyhounds shed a lot of hair. This can become a cleaning nightmare as you’re going to find fur in every corner of the house your dog has visited.

In addition, Greyhounds have some special medical needs and need to be protected against certain ailments, which are mentioned in the previous section.

How do I go about adopting a Greyhound?

Once you’ve decided that you want to adopt a Greyhound, you might be wondering how to get started. To adopt one, you should look up adoption centers in your area. The adoption center might ask you for some details about your family and lifestyle. This is to ensure that you’re able to provide the animal the care it needs.

Don’t buy a Greyhound puppy from dog breeders as it’s unethical and breeders frequently subject dogs to cruel treatment. Adoption is the way to go.

Some popular Greyhound adoption organizations in the US include FastFriends, GREY2K USA, Colorado Greyhound Adoption (CGA), and Midwest Greyhound Adoption (MGA).

Final thoughts

So, are Greyhounds easy to take care of? The answer is yes! Greyhounds are sweet, gentle creatures that make great companions and require little maintenance. They adjust well in a family and are good for children and other pets too.