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Are German Shepherds Cuddly?

Are German Shepherds Cuddly?

We know that German Shepherds are smart dogs, active dogs, and they are loyal to their families. But are German Shepherds cuddly?

German Shepherds can be cuddly and affectionate towards their human family members. These dogs are incredibly sweet and enjoy making their pet parents happy. After some dedicated play and exercise, your German Shepherd would be happy to cuddle with you for a restful nap. 

How you socialize your German Shepherd, as well as your temperament towards them, will most likely shape how often they choose to cuddle. 

Are German Shepherds Cuddly?

German Shepherds can be cuddly with their families. However, like most dogs, they don’t want to be smothered or forced into cuddling. You must be patient with your German Shepherd and let them come to you on their own terms to cuddle, or they may start to associate cuddling with force and they won’t feel inclined to do it. 

Part of what might lead to a German Shepherd’s cuddly disposition is their desire to stay close to their loved ones. When they bond with you, they are going to want to be around you all the time. 

When German Shepherds do come to cuddle, you might notice their bodies completely relax onto you. This is a great indication that your German Shepherd feels safe and secure in your presence, which, as a pet parent, is one of the best feelings in the world. 

How German Shepherds Like To Cuddle

Your German Shepherd might not just jump onto your lap and cuddle up to you. If they did, it could end up hurting you, since they can grow to be quite large dogs. That being said, each dog is different, so it’s possible your German Shepherd will want to get as much of their body onto your lap as possible. 

A German Shepherd will typically cuddle with you by sitting or lying close to you, and they will lean part of their body onto you. They might also try to hold you with their arms or their paw, and may even like to use you as a pillow. 

German Shepherds create some of the strongest bonds with people. German Shepherds also become attached to their family members in different ways. This might mean they choose to cuddle one person more often than another. This doesn’t mean they don’t like the other family members; they just prefer to show their love in other ways to those people. 

This could be through playing, walking, or staying close to others. While you can’t necessarily help who your German Shepherd attaches to, there are ways to try to encourage a stronger bond between your dog and other family members. German Shepherds will bond with those who care for them, so taking turns with feeding, walking, and playing can help.

Situations Where German Shepherds Are Likely To Cuddle

Other than wanting to show you some affection, your German Shepherd might make the active choice to cuddle you for other reasons. Your German Shepherd might want to benefit from some of your body warmth, as they can get cold despite their thick fur. If they get too warm, however, they will probably stop cuddling. 

German Shepherds also enjoy affection, despite what some might believe about the tough breed. Thus, they may want to cuddle with you to get their daily dose of cuddles and pets. They also might feel safer being cuddled up next to you, so they might come to you for a cuddle after being stressed out or scared by something. 

Additionally, if your German Shepherd gets the idea that you might be scared or stressed out about something, it might lead them to cuddle you in order to offer a sense of comfort, safety, and protection. 

Why Your German Shepherd Might Not Cuddle Often 

Don’t take it personally if your German Shepherd doesn’t want to constantly cuddle you. German Shepherds were bred as working dogs and guard dogs, and those instincts haven’t been completely lost since they have been domesticated. Thus, your German Shepherd may have a hard time relaxing, because they don’t want to avoid their duty to their family. 

There is also the potential for your German Shepherd to have a hard time being cuddly or affectionate depending on the way they were raised. This may not be an issue if you adopt a young German Shepherd. However, all this would mean is you might need to put in some extra work to socialize them into your loving family. 

When socializing your German Shepherd, be sure to be kind and gentle. Reward them for good behavior with some pets, smiles, and treats. You also want to stop petting them or fussing over them if they seem not to want it, or they walk away or are trying to sleep. 

Respecting their boundaries is an important part of showing affection, and the more affectionate you are in a respectful way, the more likely your German Shepherd will become affectionate and cuddly with you. 

Do German Shepherds Shed When Cuddling?

German Shepherds have gorgeous, thick coats of fur, but this leads them to shed a lot. Thus, you’re most likely going to be covered in dog fur after your cuddle session with your pup. There’s not much you can do to prevent this; you have to learn to live with it. Of course, proper grooming such as regular brushing can help manage some of the shedding. 

Are German Shepherds Affectionate?

German Shepherds are often affectionate, but only towards people that they know. This will include family members of all ages, as they are known to be excellent family dogs. Their protective nature can cause them to be wary of people they aren’t familiar with, however. 

Affection also means different things to different people, as it does with dogs. For some German Shepherds, they will be outwardly affectionate, while others might need some extra time before they feel comfortable showing affection. When a German Shepherd is raised in a family that is affectionate and warm towards them, they will be more inclined to want to cuddle. 

How German Shepherds Show Affection 

There are various ways your German Shepherd communicates their love and affection towards you; some of this will be shown through cuddles, while other signs may be more subtle to you. For instance, your German Shepherd holding eye contact with you is a definitive sign they trust you wholeheartedly. The same is true if they seem to raise their “eyebrows” at you; this is a sign of excitement. 

Your German Shepherd will also become very happy when they see you walk in the door or come into the room. They will usually perk up, and their tails will start wagging. That is if they don’t follow you around everywhere you go, which German Shepherds are prone to do when they are bonded to you. 

German Shepherds also love to give kisses, but they aren’t very aggressive with it. This is a common bonding behavior that dogs pick up as puppies when they are still with their mother. These pups also show affection by trying to share their favorite activities with you, such as playing with toys, asking for belly rubs, and accepting hugs from you. 

As mentioned earlier, German Shepherds are also known to lean on those they love. This might be either on the couch or in the bed when lying down, but it might also be when you’re standing somewhere or doing something else. German Shepherds appreciate that closeness and physical touch, which helps both them and you feel safe. 

Do German Shepherds Like To Cuddle In Bed?

Your German Shepherd could prefer to cuddle with you in bed as opposed to sleeping on their own bed. While this is going to depend on how you train them as a pup, their predisposition to protect you will have them wanting to be close to you when you sleep. 

This doesn’t mean they’ll immediately hop into bed with you, but they might get restless if their bed isn’t at least close to yours or in the same room. In terms of what’s best for your German Shepherd’s development, experts are torn on the best decision. 

It’s ultimately up to you, but they should have their own space established regardless for when they need alone time. 

Final Thoughts 

So, are German Shepherds cuddly? Ultimately, the amount your German Shepherd wants to cuddle is going to depend on a lot of factors, and you shouldn’t take it personally if they aren’t big cuddlers. Focus on giving your German Shepherd the most respectful, gentle affection, and they’re bound to show you affection back. 

There’s no doubt that one of the best experiences a pet parent can have with their pet is a cuddling session. In fact, cuddling with your dog has been scientifically proven to have health benefits. Your German Shepherd wants what’s best for you, and will always be there for you to protect you, whether that’s through cuddling or staying close by in case you need them.