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Are French Bulldogs Loud?

Are French Bulldogs Loud?

French Bulldogs easily capture the heart of so many with their precious faces and their charming personalities. They also have a reputation for being noisy dogs, but are French Bulldogs loud?

French Bulldogs can be loud with some of the strange noises they make. However, they aren’t usually loud to the point of being a nuisance. Many of the sounds that French Bulldogs make are methods of communication or sounds that they just can’t help making. They definitely aren’t quiet dogs, but they aren’t always loud. 

Knowing how to differentiate between the different sounds that your Frenchie makes, along with how to spot abnormal noises, can help you determine whether or not their loudness is something to be concerned about, or if it’s just your Frenchie being a Frenchie. 

Are French Bulldogs Loud?

To say that Frenchies are loud wouldn’t be the right term used to describe them. They can be noisy and expressive dogs, as they love interacting with you. Many Frenchies will save their noise-making for when they want to communicate with you. 

French Bulldogs can make a variety of sounds, as most Frenchie parents know. Some of these noises can be concerning, some of them can be loud, and some of them can be funny. One of the many joys a Frenchie can bring to a family is their willingness to interact and communicate with us in their own silly language. 

Why Are French Bulldogs So Noisy?

Frenchies like communicating with you in their own way, which will consist of barks, snorts, whining, and random sounds. It’s part of what makes the French Bulldog breed so endearing. They are attention lovers, so they might loudly make noises at you in an effort to divert your attention towards them. 

Some of the noises that Frenchies make are a result of their unique facial structure. They have flat faces, which is known as brachycephalic. They also have soft palates between their nose and their mouths. This alters how they breathe and can lead to them making noises like snorting and snoring, as well as reverse sneezing, which sounds like choking but is fairly normal. 

Frenchies can also be noisy because they like to guard their things and their home. They are known to be territorial, but not in an aggressive manner. This could cause them to bark, growl, or snort at people, either passing by or in your home, or other pets. This behavior is usually temporary and is more common in puppies than adult Frenchies. 

Are French Bulldogs Loud Barkers?

Frenchies don’t actually bark as incessantly as other dogs do. They are more selective when it comes to what will make them bark. What’s more, when these pups bark, it almost sounds like they are trying to talk to you. Of course, they are, but their barks sometimes sound like words, which is adorable. 

If your pup is barking, there’s a chance that it’s for a good reason. Usually, they are trying to alert you to something, they are feeling territorial, or they are feeling playful and excited. It is also possible that they will consistently bark if they’re feeling anxious about something. 

How To Stop Excessive Barking

If you happen to have a Frenchie who enjoys barking a lot, there are some ways to mitigate the behavior. One technique is to not respond to their barking. Usually, it’s an attention-seeking method of theirs, so once they realize that you’re not going to respond to them, they should stop. You can also train them to learn to be quiet after training them to speak. 

You can do this by giving them a treat after they bark once you tell them to speak. Once they are comfortable with this command, command them to be quiet. Have a treat in your hand so they can see it, and only give it to them once they stop barking. Repetition is key to making this behavior stick. 

Do French Bulldogs Whine?

Frenchies are known to whine, usually because they want something. They could whine because they want you to pet them or play with them, or they might whine because they’re hungry. Additionally, they could be whining because they need to go outside. 

Some Frenchies will only whine when they need something or something is bothering them, while others will whine because they know it’s going to get your immediate attention. Whining could also be accompanied by whimpering, barking, or crying, and it can get very loud if they don’t get your attention right away. 

Frenchies are also known to wail, which can get really loud. Once again, you don’t need to be immediately concerned if you hear wailing. It could be an attention-seeking method of theirs, but be sure to check them out and check out their surroundings in case they are scared or hurt. 

Nonstop whining that doesn’t seem to get better with food, playing, or walking could be a sign that your Frenchie isn’t feeling well. If you notice other changes in their behavior, such as constant barking, lack of appetite, or lethargy, you may want to take them to the vet to rule out any potential health issues. 

Do French Bulldogs Snort?

French Bulldogs snort and will do so for many reasons. Sometimes, their snorting is just a way of letting you know they are happy to see you. They might also snort if something is irritating them. Because of their narrow nostrils, they are more susceptible to allergens such as dust. This might cause them to snort in an effort to remove that debris from their airways. 

It’s important to ensure the air in your home doesn’t get too dry, as this could make their snorting worse. Additionally, you want to keep their bedding and other surfaces they use clean of dust and fluff. Having a humidifier and consistently dusting or vacuuming is an ideal way to avoid your pup’s nose and mouth from getting obstructed, which can make them much noisier than usual. 

Your Frenchie might also snort when they are sniffing at something and trying to discern what it is. Additionally, if they are looking for something, such as their favorite toy, their snorting and snuffing may just be a byproduct of their nose working hard to find what they’re looking for. 

Do French Bulldogs Snore?

French Bulldogs are notorious for being snorers, and their snoring can be pretty loud. This can make it difficult for pet owners who want to let their Frenchies sleep with them in bed. Their snoring is attributed to their facial structure and palate, which can obstruct their airways, leading to snoring and other sounds. 

For the most part, you don’t have to be concerned about your Frenchie’s propensity for snoring. While it can be a nuisance when you’re trying to sleep, there isn’t much you can do about it. However, you should monitor their weight, as an overweight Frenchie can become even louder when they snore. 

If you notice your Frenchie is snoring when they aren’t sleeping, that’s normal as well. You might notice this when they are tired and about to fall asleep, or after a strenuous activity such as a long walk or a zestful play session. 

Some Frenchies are also more prone to snoring depending on which position they’re sleeping in. For instance, when Frenchies sleep on their back, their snoring is more likely to get louder. You can try to shift them into a different position to reduce the volume of their snoring. Giving them a pillow to elevate their head can also help. 

Do French Bulldogs Fart? 

French Bulldogs are known for having some pretty loud farts, which is nothing to be concerned about. It’s more something that might startle you, as you might not expect a small, cute dog to be able to fart that loud. 

Sure, they can get smelly, but it’s a normal body function. Part of what makes Frenchies more prone to farting is that their short muzzles cause them to quickly bring in air, which gets expelled through the other end. 

A French Bulldog that seems to fart excessively might be one with an upset stomach or an inadequate diet. Their diet should consist of kibble made with mainly meat and vegetables, as this is the easiest for them to digest. 

Final Thoughts 

The noises that your French Bulldog makes are a part of their charm and can be a source of entertainment for you. These lively dogs love to communicate with their family and will play up their silly noises if they know they make you smile or laugh. They can be noisy, but are French Bulldogs loud?

It’s rare, but some Frenchies get loud. All it takes is training to help control their noise level. If it’s hard to get them to quiet down with training, affection, or distraction, it could be a sign that something’s