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Are French Bulldogs High Energy?

Are French Bulldogs High Energy?

French Bulldogs are adorable, loving little dogs that fit in well with most households because they take life in their stride and are generally easy-going and very friendly. If you are looking for a dog that is loving but playful you might want to know, are French Bulldogs high energy?

Though they do not require a lot of exercises when compared to other breeds, French Bulldogs do have a good amount of energy and they want to be physically and mentally stimulated. These are dogs that love to play and have fun. The natural energy that French Bulldogs have makes them a joy be around and it is rarely a challenge when they are properly cared for.

This article will go into detail about the energy and enthusiasm for life that you find in French Bulldogs, including where it comes from and what it might mean for you as an owner. Read on to find out why raising one of these wonderful little dogs is such a joy, and to discover some tips for helping your dog to burn off any excess energy.

How Much Energy Do French Bulldogs Have?

Every individual animal is going to be unique and have its own energy levels, but there are some traits that are more or less common amongst different breeds. French Bulldogs are often seen as lazy lap dogs, but they actually have a good amount of energy and a zest for life that is very infectious.

They are not intense or chaotic dogs by nature, but you may notice some boisterousness or overexcitement if they are not suitably stimulated and entertained. French Bulldogs are not the most energetic breed out there but they can be very playful and bouncy.

There is a big difference between the sort of energy that one of these little dogs is likely to have when compared to a Greyhound or a Border Collie. They don’t need excessive walks and loads of space to run around in every day, but they do need to get out and about and have some fun.

Why Does My French Bulldog Have So Much Energy?

You might find that your French Bulldog seems to have a lot more energy than you expected, to the point where they become difficult to manage. This is almost always due to something in their lifestyle that can be changed, rather than inherent hyperactivity. 

They Are Bored.

If your dog is not being mentally stimulated enough throughout the day they can build up too much energy and start acting excitable and hectic. This is often something that is overlooked by dog owners because your pet can seem very contented to relax for most of the day, but they need to be kept occupied and entertained!

They Need Exercise.

Frenchies don’t need a huge amount of exercise, but if they are not getting enough then they will start to get antsy and find other ways to burn off steam. They may be small and love a nap and a cuddle, but they need to be physically active to stay happy and healthy.

They Have Learned Bad Habits.

Sometimes French Bulldogs behave poorly or act in energetic and chaotic ways because they have been encouraged to do so by their owners. If you constantly rile up your dog and reward them for cute, but naughty, behavior, they will be more likely to act out.

They Have a Poor Diet

Food is obviously very important for any animal’s energy levels, and high levels of additives and sugars can cause your Frenchie to have too much energy. Treats and extra nibbles throughout the day are often overlooked as sources of excess energy.

How Do You Calm a Hyper-French Bulldog?

There are two sides to calming down your dog, and you need to be aware of both if you want to encourage good behavior and a healthy level of energy. You can make adjustments to your dog’s lifestyle to manage how active they are, but you also need to respond in the right way when their energy is too high. 

If your dog is acting out, there are a few things that you can do.

  • Use your body language. French Bulldogs are very receptive to how their owners are acting, and if you are agitated or distressed that can cause them to be more chaotic and unsettled. Stay relaxed and exhibit the kind of attitude that you want to see in them.
  • Speak calmly. Raising your voice or speaking harshly can intimidate or distress your dog and will likely lead to more bad behavior. Keep your voice calm and gentle and use clear, simple commands.
  • Reward positive behavior. All training should be centered around positive reinforcement because this is how your dog knows the right thing to do. Wait until your dog is calm and attentive, and then give them lots of praise.
  • Remove them from the situation. Often your dog is responding to some stimulation that is making them over-active, and if they are unable to calm down you can take them to a place where that will be easier. This will also teach them that getting overexcited and acting out may stop them from doing certain things.

Tips For a Healthy French Bulldog Lifestyle

Frequent, Regular Exercise

A French Bulldog needs a good 45-60 minutes of physical exercise every day. While they may only need to go out for one daily walk, they should also be active through play and training while they are at home. If your dog is still excited at the end of a walk, they probably need more activity.

Mental Stimulation

Training sessions, interactive toys, and meaningful interactions with people and other dogs will all help to keep your dog suitably entertained and keep their minds active.

Healthy Diet

Making sure that your dog is eating the right number of calories is one thing, but their food should also be healthy and free from additives and excess sugars. Treats and rewards should also be chosen carefully and monitored throughout the day.

Consistent Training

It is easy to accidentally encourage bad behavior in any dog, by responding and giving your attention. You need to make it clear what kind of behavior you want from your Frenchie by remaining consistent in what you reward. You don’t want to teach them that spinning in circles, jumping up, or making lots of noise is how they get you to notice them.

Are French Bulldogs Lazy?

While French Bulldogs can be active and energetic, they also love to relax. Some people think that Frenchies are wild and excitable, while others believe that they are lazy lapdogs. In reality, these little animals should be somewhere in between, and excess excitement or too much lethargy are probably signs that they are not as happy and healthy as they should be.

Frenchies should be enthusiastic about life and excited to engage in exercise and play, but they should also be relaxed and calm most of the time. Poor training, a bad diet, or inadequate exercise and stimulation can cause a French Bulldog to be sluggish in the same way that they can lead to hyperactivity.

While they are very cute when cuddled up on your lap, you need to make sure that your French Bulldog is living an active and energetic lifestyle that is going to keep them healthy and feeling good.

What Do I Do if My French Bulldog Has Too Much or Too Little Energy?

Some French Bulldogs may seem to have too much energy even if you think that you are doing everything right. They may be naturally high-energy or they may have hyperkinesis, meaning they are more impulsive and find concentrating difficult. You might even find the exact opposite and be concerned about how little energy your dog has.

Whatever the reason, you should always get in touch with your vet to find out the root cause of your dog’s inconsistent energy levels and figure out some solutions that may help. There may be some underlying health reasons that you want to address, and your dog may even be prescribed medication if they need it.

It is always important to keep an eye on your dog’s well-being, and the amount of energy that they have can be a strong indicator of that. You particularly want to note any significant changes that are unexpected and talk to a professional whenever you are concerned.

The Verdict: Are French Bulldogs High Energy?

So, are French Bulldogs high energy? They certainly can be as these little dogs have a lot of joy and life in them. Having a Frenchie in the family is loads of fun, and they can be both exciting and playful as long as they are properly cared for.

While some Frenchies are known to be a little hyperactive, this is usually a result of some poor lifestyle decisions that can be resolved with small adjustments. A good amount of physical and mental stimulation, a healthy diet, and effective training will usually make sure that your dog has just the right amount of energy throughout the day.

Raising a French Bulldog is an incredibly rewarding experience, and their positive energy and love for life are part of what makes them such wonderful companions.