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Are French Bulldogs Good With Other Dogs?

Are French Bulldogs Good With Other Dogs?

French Bulldogs make some of the best family dogs, with their goofy tendencies and playful, loving demeanor. We know they love getting attention from their humans but are French Bulldogs good with other dogs?

Based on their nature, French Bulldogs tend to get along swimmingly with other dogs. They love having the company of any kind. What’s important to know is how to ensure they are introduced to other dogs in the right way, and to ensure the other dog will be kind to your sweet Frenchie.

Frenchies don’t tend to be aggressive so they aren’t prone to wanting to fight or scare off another pup. If anything, they can become anxious. Some training and patience can help keep your Frenchie calm enough to make new dog friends. 

Are French Bulldogs Good With Other Dogs?

French Bulldogs love having another dog around to play with, walk with, and cuddle with. This might cause other dogs to be wary of them at first, so you might have to reign in your Frenchie a little to let the other dog get used to them. 

These precious dogs are recognized for their calm and friendly nature, and they can capture the hearts of other dogs just as easily as they capture our hearts. They also appreciate other dogs who like being social, going on walks, and snuggling up with their pet parents on the couch together. 

French Bulldogs are known to create bonds with their families, and they can do the same with other dogs. This leads to a clingy disposition that many pet parents love. However, when you’re not home, your Frenchie could end up developing separation anxiety. With another dog at home, they are less likely to feel alone or sad when you have to leave. 

Even though it’ll most likely be easier to get your Frenchie to get along with another dog, there are considerations that must be made before you bring another dog home. 

French Bulldogs And Small Dogs

French Bulldogs have no issues getting along with small dogs. One thing to be aware of is that your Frenchie is going to want to play, so a dog that is especially tiny or fragile could potentially end up getting hurt; accidentally, of course. 

When a French Bulldog is excited, they tend to jump around, want to play, and may sometimes even nip. This should not be mistaken for aggression; it’s more of a positive trait, but it’s ideal to be wary of this tendency when introducing your Frenchie to a small dog. 

The small dog might mistake this behavior as something to be cautious or scared of, so you might want to separate the dogs until your Frenchie is a little calmer. Your French Bulldog might also feel inclined to chase a small dog around. If you have a small dog that is timid, this might potentially make them feel unsafe. 

French Bulldogs And Medium Dogs

Frenchies might be considered a medium dog by some, as they can fall between that small and medium-size marker. Thus, Frenchies can be good with other medium-sized dogs as well. For a French Bulldog, size really doesn’t matter; Frenchies love most dogs and people regardless of their size. 

French Bulldogs And Large Dogs

French Bulldogs and large dogs can also get along very well. There are some things to be cautious of, however. Large dogs that are wary of other dogs may not take to your Frenchie too fondly, as your Frenchie may want to play or interact right away. This doesn’t mean a large, territorial dog will never get along with a Frenchie; socialization is just going to take more time. 

A large dog with a calm but playful disposition will most likely love your Frenchie, and your Frenchie will feel the same way. There is less of a chance of a dog with this type of temperament to accidentally hurt your Frenchie. While French Bulldogs are hearty, they can still be somewhat fragile due to their unique body structure. 

Do French Bulldogs Get Along With Other Frenchies?

Frenchies are more than happy to live with another Frenchie in the same home. If there was a way to adopt a family or two bonded Frenchies, that would be your best-case scenario. Since Frenchies enjoy having companionship, they share that mutual understanding with each other and can develop some very special bonds with each other. 

There is also some anecdotal evidence that supports having multiple French Bulldogs in a home. This evidence suggests that a Frenchie’s overall happiness can increase when they have another Frenchie to share their time with, and this could result in prolonged life. 

When it comes to having two Frenchies of the same sex within a home, there could be some initial tension between the two when it comes to determining which pup is the dominant one. This can be dealt with through proper socialization and equal attention being given to both dogs. 

When French Bulldogs Might Not Like Other Dogs

There are a couple of situations that might arise when your French Bulldog meets another dog. Since French Bulldogs love their human’s attention, affection, and dedicated one-on-one bonding time, they might initially worry that they are going to lose that when they see you interacting with another dog. 

They don’t necessarily lash out, but they might whine or growl at the other dog. Thus, you need to know that you are going to be able to meet the unique needs of both dogs before deciding whether or not you want to bring another dog home. 

French Bulldogs can get jealous of other dogs if you stop paying attention to them in order to give the other dog more attention. This can be a challenge to navigate, as you don’t want either dog to feel like they are the favorite. However, because Frenchies want to be your favorite, you want to be able to split your time and attention between more than one dog. 

Older French Bulldogs that were never exposed to other dogs in their life, especially when they were young and getting acclimated to the world, might be a little cautious around other dogs. It may take some more effort in order to teach these Frenchies that other dogs are okay, but it’s not impossible to socialize these dogs when they are older. 

Breeds That Love Frenchies

Each dog is different, of course, but there are some breeds that are known to get along swimmingly with French Bulldogs and vice versa. Frenchies tend to gravitate towards most dogs and other pets, but might be scared or timid around certain breeds until they become socialized towards them. 

Dogs breeds known to get along well with French Bulldogs include beagles, Boston Terriers, cockapoos, some spaniels, and retrievers. Dog breeds that can sometimes intimidate Frenchies include some bull and white Terriers and border collies. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have two of any breed get along, but it may influence your choice in who to adopt into your home. One thing to see is how your Frenchie responds to other dogs, whether that be at a park or through fellow dog owners visiting you. 

How To Socialize Your French Bulldog

You should slowly expose your Frenchie to the other dog, getting an understanding for how they interact with each other. Each dog should have their own safe space, such as a crate or bed, as well as their own bowls for food and water. 

Each pup should also have their own special time for attention and play until they are acclimated to each other. You want to avoid any potential feelings of resentment or jealousy between pups. Even though your Frenchie isn’t likely to lash out, they are clingy, attention-seeking pups, and they can get sad without adequate attention.  

Keep both dogs on leashes at first, having someone hold each leash and let them sniff around each other. If either of them gets upset or tired, separate them. Let them spend more and more time together, go on walks with both of them, and give them treats when they are good to each other. 

Even after the two dogs are properly socialized with each other, they might have some tussles every now and then. That’s normal, and sometimes, it’ll be hard to determine whether or not they’re fighting or playing. Don’t be overly concerned; keep your eye on them and separate them if need be. 

Final Thoughts 

So are French Bulldogs good with other dogs? Since Frenchies aren’t aggressive dogs by nature, other dogs will gravitate towards them more easily than some other breeds. Furthermore, since French Bulldogs are such nice, calm dogs, they like having other dogs around for fun. 

Of course, every dog is different, so caution is always best when introducing your Frenchie to other dogs, regardless of the breed, stature, or temperament. Safe socialization will ensure that all dogs involved are happy, safe, and less prone to aggressive or territorial behavior.