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Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

While your kids may love dogs, not all dogs will feel the same way about them. If you’re interested in adopting a family dog, you may have the question “are French Bulldogs good with kids?” on your mind.

French Bulldogs are usually good with kids because these dogs are patient and love people. That being said, the Frenchie needs to be trained and socialized so it isn’t frightened by the presence of children. It’s also important that the child knows how to behave with the Frenchie for the two to have a good bond.

Bringing home a French Bulldog can be very rewarding. On this page, we’re going to discuss what dog owners can expect when their French Bulldog is around kids. We’ll also cover why they are great family pets for households with kids. Keep reading to learn more.

Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

There are a lot of great traits of a French Bulldog, and the dog’s ability to get along great with people is one of them. However, a dog that may love to be around adults may not feel the same way about children. This is something you don’t have to worry about with Frenchies. French Bulldogs are very good with kids.

French Bulldogs are very playful and easy-going. They enjoy playing with kids, as long as the kids don’t get too rough. Since Frenchies and kids both have lively personalities, they can have a lot of fun together. 

One of the good things about French Bulldogs is that they are rarely aggressive. Parents don’t have to worry about the Frenchie growling, snapping, or biting their child. 

Can French Bulldogs Live With Kids?

French Bulldogs can live in a household with children. If you bring a French Bulldog puppy into a house with kids, it will become used to them from an early age. This can be very helpful for the socialization process of the dog as well. It’s very important that your Frenchie is socialized to make sure it’s good with kids and people of all ages.

Since French Bulldogs can be socialized as early as 3 weeks in age, the breeder you adopt from should have already started the process. This doesn’t mean you’re off the hook though. You will need to continue the socialization process for your young Frenchie. Consistency is key when trying to get a dog to learn something.

With socialization, you’re trying to teach the dog that it’s okay to see new people and other dogs. This way the dog won’t become frightened when other people are around. It’s also important to introduce the dog to people of different ages and genders during socialization. Some dogs fear men or kids if they weren’t introduced during socialization.

Will My French Bulldog Like Kids?

Do you want to ensure that your French Bulldog will like kids? There are 3 rules that you need to follow:

  • Make sure the French Bulldog has been socialized.
  • Be consistent when training the Frenchie.
  • Only allow kids that know how to act with small dogs to play with the Frenchie.

A French Bulldog may show signs of aggression towards children if it wasn’t introduced to them during socialization because it’s afraid. If you want to ensure that your Frenchie will like children, you need to show them that there isn’t anything to be afraid of. During socialization, introduce the dog to children that will remain calm and won’t get too handsy.

Training is very important, especially if your Frenchie is around children for the first time. While the dog may be socialized, it will need to know command words. This way, you can prevent any bad behavior from the dog early on. For example, it should know the command “down” in case it jumps up on a small kid.

Preparing Kids To Be Good With French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs can be great with kids, but you need to make sure the kid knows how to behave. If the child is too rowdy or rough with the Frenchie, it may scare the dog. Before you introduce your child to a Frenchie make sure you and your kid are prepared for the situation.

To begin with, always monitor the situation so you can tell if the French Bulldog is alright. If the dog shows any signs of nervousness, it may not be ready for the interaction. You should also make sure the kids know what behavior could make the dog aggressive. The dog won’t like it if the kid touches its food or favorite items.

While French Bulldogs love to play, it must be gentle play. Make sure your kids are aware of what is and aren’t appropriate when playing with a small dog. If they are too rough, they could hurt the little French Bulldog. The Frenchie needs to feel confident that the child won’t hurt it during their interaction.

French Bulldogs and Kids are a Good Match

If you’re questioning whether or not a French Bulldog is a right mix for your household, you’ll likely be happy to know that Frenchies and kids are a great match. This is because the French Bulldog has a very stable temperament, which makes the dog more adaptable to the idea of getting along with children, adults, other dogs, and even cats.

A dog owner can benefit from allowing their Frenchie to socialize with kids of all ages, not just the ones that are living in your home. These friendly dogs thrive on being the center of attention. As long as they are receiving praise and affection, they don’t care what age range the person is. 

That being said, kids are much different than adults. They can be loud, energetic, and just plain weird at times. With kids, you never know what you’re going to get, which is why there are small dog breeds that don’t do well with kids. Luckily, Frenchies don’t mind. They have the ideal temperament to get along fantastically with kids.

Should I Let My Frenchie and Kid Play Together?

Believe it or not, your French Bulldog and your kid can have a lot of fun together. While you won’t have to worry about how your Frenchie will behave, you may have to have a talk with your kids to make sure they don’t get out of hand when playing with the dog. Since Frenchies are small, the kids can’t be too rough or hyper. 

French Bulldogs are very loyal dogs, so if your kid spends enough time with the dog, they will form a very good bond. When this happens, you’ll likely always find your Frenchie in the same room as your kid, as it will begin to follow them around. Frenchies love spending time with their favorite people, even if it’s just being in the same room as them.

Do French Bulldogs Like Other Kids?

This goes back to socialization. If your dog was introduced to people of all different ages when it was a puppy, there won’t be as many issues when it’s fully grown. Dogs that weren’t socialized properly can become frightened more easily, which can create problems for the dog owner.

When your French Bulldog has been properly socialized, it will be good with other people’s kids. This is good news for dog owners that don’t want to leave their Frenchie home alone when they visit other people. It also means that you can feel safe leaving your Frenchie with someone who has kids if you are leaving town for a trip or business. 

If the Frenchie has been socialized properly, it won’t be intimidating by the idea of meeting new people or children. This kid-friendly dog doesn’t have a history of biting, which is good news for households that have a lot of different kids visiting. While your Frenchie may let out a bark or two at a new face, it won’t begin to act aggressively towards them.

Families with Frenchies don’t have to worry about their dog’s behavior if their kid has a birthday party or slumber party with several other kids. As long as the kids don’t become aggressive or try to scare the dog, it will be happy in their company.

Final Thoughts

Are French bulldogs good with kids? French Bulldogs can be very good with kids. These easy-going dogs are very social, so they enjoy people of all ages from 1 to 100. Since French Bulldogs love to play, they enjoy being around a lively child as long as the kid isn’t too rough. These small dogs can only tolerate gentle play.

While Frenchies are good with kids, they will only be under the right behavior if the dog has been socialized. It’s important that a French Bulldog is introduced to kids of different ages while it’s a puppy. Socialization is very important to make sure it knows how to behave and isn’t frightened by other people.

It’s also very important to have a talk with your kids to make sure they know how to behave around French Bulldogs.