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Are French Bulldogs Cuddly?

Are French Bulldogs Cuddly?

French Bulldogs are a popular choice for dog owners who want a furry companion. If you want to adopt an affectionate dog, you may be wondering “are French Bulldogs cuddly?

If you want a cuddly dog, then you can’t go wrong with adopting a French Bulldog. These dogs love spending time cuddling with their owners. After all, these dogs love the warm feeling of being close to another person.

Are you curious to know how cuddly a French Bulldog is? You’re on the right page. Today, we’re going to discuss if a French Bulldog is cuddly and the reasons why. Keep reading for everything you need to know about cuddling with a Frenchie.

Are French Bulldogs Cuddly?

French Bulldogs are very cuddly dogs. This breed of dog loves to spend time by its owner’s side and is always willing to snuggle up on their lap. Most Frenchies have short fur, so they are attracted to the warm feeling that they get when cuddled up to a person. 

Human contact is something that all French Bulldogs are known to enjoy. Even when you’re not cuddling with your Frenchie, you may notice it is eager to sit on your lap, lean against your legs, or just likes to be where you are. Many Frenchie owners have also noticed that their dogs are cuddling opportunists, meaning they seek out opportunities to settle in and cuddle with them. 

If you want a buddy to cuddle with when you watch your favorite TV series, a French Bulldog will be happy to fill that spot. You may even notice that the Frenchie makes a habit of it. For example, if you sit down on the sofa to relax around a certain time every evening, the French Bulldog may start to consider this its cuddle time. 

Why Do French Bulldogs Cuddle?

To understand why a French Bulldog is so cuddly, you should become familiar with the breed’s history. French Bulldogs were originally bred in the 1800s as companion dogs. Many people brought them onto farms to chase away rodents. They also became a popular companion for lacemakers, as they would sit on their laps to keep the workers warm.

Since Frenchies were originally bred to be companion dogs and lapdogs, they still carry the traits today. While a modern-day French Bulldog may not be needed to keep your lap from getting too cold, it will still want to curl up on your lap.

The French Bulldog views you as the leader of its pack, and this companion dog wants to be close to its leader. This is why Frenchies are more than content to be around their owners all the time. They are the type of dog you can take nearly anywhere with you, as they are even happy to be toted around inside a purse. 

Are French Bulldogs Always Willing to Cuddle?

If you adopt a French Bulldog, it will likely respond positively to cuddling at any point. However, as a  dog owner, you need to learn to read your dog’s behavior. While most of the time your dog will be favorable to cuddling, there are a few occasions when you need to give a Frenchie some space.

When a dog is eating, it doesn’t like to be touched. After all, you wouldn’t want someone to come along and scoop you up while you were enjoying a sandwich. Your Frenchie doesn’t either. Always give your furry friend some space when it is eating food or drinking water.

During heatwaves, you may notice some attitude coming from your French Bulldog. Even though these dogs have short fur, they don’t handle heat very well. You may notice your dog is a little agitated if you attempt to cuddle with it when it’s too hot out.

In some cases, your French Bulldog may not respond favorably to cuddling if you catch them off guard. If your dog was playing and you come along and pick it up, it could be startled. Since the French Bulldog wasn’t expecting it, your attempt to cuddle may be rejected.

How To Cuddle a French Bulldog

While your French Bulldog loves cuddling, there are certain things you could be doing that it isn’t so fond of. To begin with, most Frenchies don’t respond well to hugs. This is because when you wrap your arms around the dog and pull it in for a hug, it feels constricted. When a Frenchie feels trapped, it may struggle and try to get loose from you.

The best way to cuddle with a French Bulldog is to allow them to come to you. Sit calmly with your lap open so the dog feels welcome. Each Frenchie will have its own way of cuddling with its owners. Some will lay next to them, touching their owner’s side or legs. Others will curl up directly on their owner’s lap or try to get close to their face.

French Bulldogs are also sleepy dogs, so once your Frenchie gets cozy next to you, it will have no problem dozing off. The warmth from your body will help it feel comfortable and safe while sleeping. 

Do French Bulldogs Like Being Picked Up?

As long as you don’t catch your Frenchie off guard, it should give you no issues when it comes to getting picked up. French Bulldogs don’t weigh a lot, so you shouldn’t have an issue lifting them up. However, it’s important that you get the technique of picking a Frenchie upright because their weight distribution isn’t like other dog breeds.

Compared to the rest of its body, the French Bulldog has a heavy head. This is something you need to take into consideration before picking it up. Always lift the dog in a mannerism that supports its head. 

When you pick up the French Bulldog, the last thing you want to do is scare it. For this reason, it’s very important that you create a cue or signal that will be used before picking the dog up. Once the dog learns this signal, it will understand what’s about to happen and it won’t be startled when you reach out for it.

One of the best ways to lift a French Bulldog is in a similar style to holding a football. Ideally, you should have one arm that goes over the dog’s back and then between the armpits of its front legs. This put you and the dog in the right position to support its chest. Use your other forearm to support the dog’s back legs and belly area.

Are French Bulldogs Friendly?

French Bulldogs are very friendly breeds who love being around people. These dogs have a very easy-going temperament and are always willing to please their owners. They love to play with their family members but are more than happy to spend the majority of their time cuddled up next to their favorite people. 

While Frenchies are gentle and happy to be surrounded by people they know, they don’t always display that same attitude with strangers. Many French Bulldogs are known to act guard when strangers are around. This is why it’s very important that dog owners socialize their Frenchie at a young age. This way, it will be used to seeing new people and won’t act differently around strangers.

Training is also important to ensure your French Bulldog is friendly and well-behaved around other people. Since these dogs are very intelligent, they enjoy training that involves mental stimulation. If a Frenchie doesn’t receive mental stimulation not only will it be less friendly, but it will also become boring. When a French Bulldog is bored, it becomes destructive and may chew on things around the house. 

As long as you meet your dog’s needs and are consistent with training, you will have a happy Frenchie. A happy French Bulldog is usually a more friendly dog. These dogs are known to get along really well with families, as they are gentle enough to be good companions for small children and elderly people. 

Final Thoughts

Are French Bulldogs cuddly? Yes, French Bulldogs are known to be very cuddly with the people they live with, being one of the many reasons why these dogs are excellent housepets. 

One of the cuddliest dog breeds that you’ll meet is the French Bulldog. Part of the reason they are so cuddly is that they were originally bred as companions and lapdogs. While a modern Frenchie isn’t required to do work for its owner, it still has the urge to chase away small critters and cuddle up on its owner’s lap. Your pup will always be happy to cuddle. 

During the winter months, you may find your Frenchie wants to cuddle more. It has short fur and your body provides warmth that keeps the dog comfortable. However, since these dogs don’t like the heat very much, you may notice the dog is less eager about cuddling in the summer. While French Bulldogs are cuddly, they do have limits that dog owners should respect.