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Are French Bulldogs Affectionate?

Are French Bulldogs Affectionate?

We know French Bulldogs to be sweet dogs that are full of energy and cute tendencies. Most of us have the urge to cuddle Frenchies, but we don’t want to force affection on a dog that doesn’t like it. With their loving reputation, you might wonder; are French Bulldogs affectionate?

French Bulldogs are absolutely affectionate dogs that thrive off of creating a loving relationship with their pet parents and family members. When a Frenchie trusts you, they will be prone to wanting to cuddle and soaking up any affection you’re willing to give them. 

Since French Bulldogs are also known for developing anxiety, while also having clingy tendencies, being able to read your Frenchie to know when they need affection and when they’re comfortable showing affection is an important part of your relationship with your pup. 

Are French Bulldogs Affectionate?

French Bulldogs are notorious for being incredibly affectionate and loving dogs. If your French Bulldog loves you, they are never going to let you forget it. These dogs are fantastic for people who are looking for companionship with an animal, as opposed to an animal to perform a duty or job, such as protection. 

French Bulldogs are also somewhat expressive in their actions, though their faces aren’t very expressive. They are going to make it very obvious that they are happy to see you. They will jump up and make noise when they’re with you and will make sure you feel loved all the time. 

Some Frenchie parents have also noticed that male Frenchies tend to show affection more often than females, as females tend to be more independent. However, this can vary depending on the particular dog. 

Why French Bulldogs Are So Affectionate

When French Bulldogs were originally bred, it was specifically to provide companionship for people. They have been raised as dogs that have historically loved to give and receive attention and affection. 

Interestingly enough, in the 1800s when French Bulldogs were bred, they were often handed to lacemakers in order to help keep them warm while these lacemakers were working. They also provided a sense of calmness and comfort to these workers. Occasionally, if any pests were to come into the workplace, the Frenchie would also chase them away. 

How French Bulldogs Show Affection 

French Bulldogs can be hard to read for some, given that they don’t have the capacity to show affection in some of those typical ways dogs are known to do so. For instance, Frenchies don’t really make facial expressions, other than being able to smile slightly. They also don’t have long tails that’ll start wagging when you walk into the room. 

However, your French Bulldog will do a little dance and wiggle their bum when they are excited to see you. Some Frenchies also appear to smile at their pet parents, which is very adorable. These pups also love to give kisses.

If your Frenchie holds eye contact with you while appearing very relaxed, this is a sign of complete trust. Scientific studies have also found that there are health benefits for both you and your Frenchie when it comes to eye contact. When eye contact is held, it releases oxytocin in both your brain and your Frenchies brain, which reduces stress and increases happiness. 

Your Frenchie will also likely stick to you like glue, following you around your home at all times. When you’re relaxing and your Frenchie is feeling playful, they might bring you their toys in the hopes you’ll play with them. Bringing you their toys is a sign of trust, as some Frenchies are known to resource guard. 

Less Obvious Ways French Bulldogs Show Love 

One of the interesting perks a Frenchie has when they’ve bonded with you is that they might mimic some of your behavior. This is especially true with yawning, which is quite fascinating to see. Frenchies also raise their “eyebrows” when they are excited to see you, though this might be less obvious because of their facial structure. 

While most pet parents will know that a Frenchie rolling over and showing their belly is a sign that they want attention, what many pet parents don’t realize is just how symbolic that action is. The belly is the most vulnerable part of a dog, and they will only ever expose this when they trust you fully and completely. 

French Bulldogs aren’t big barkers, but as many Frenchie parents know, they make a lot of noise. Some of their noises are indicators that they love being with you and feel comfortable with you. For instance, Frenchies let out sighs and relax their posture when they are around someone they love. 

Do French Bulldogs Cuddle?

French Bulldogs are cuddly dogs who enjoy climbing onto your lap and taking a nap. This is one of the most obvious signs your French Bulldog loves you and trusts you. Frenchies find comfort and security in physical touch with you, and even if they don’t get into your lap, they might want to lean against you while you’re hanging out on the couch. 

Even if your Frenchie falls asleep near you and isn’t cuddling, this is still a way they inadvertently show affection and love. Sleeping is another vulnerable position for dogs to be in, and they are cautious not to fall asleep when they aren’t in a completely safe environment. Thus, if they sleep near you, it’s because they have established a trusting relationship with you. 

French Bulldogs also prefer to sleep with you in your bed. They want to offer you security, while also receiving security from you. The choice to let them sleep with you is entirely yours, as there are pros and cons to either choice. If you don’t want them sleeping in your bed, set up a bed for them to sleep in, either in the same room or close by. 

Showing Affection To Your French Bulldog

When your Frenchie is in need of some affection from you, they are going to make it obvious. They will most likely nudge at you, make physical contact with you, or follow you around while constantly looking at you. As a responsible pet parent, you should make an effort to give them affection when it’s asked of you. 

You can also show affection to your French Bulldog by handling them gently, especially when picking them up. Once you’ve developed a bond with your Frenchie they will love being coddled by you. You also need to be able to pick up on cues that your Frenchie wants to be picked up at that particular time. Respecting their boundaries is a crucial part of giving and receiving affection. 

How To Encourage Affection From Your French Bulldog

It won’t be very difficult to encourage affection from your French Bulldog. They are naturally going to want to develop a close bond with you. However, there are ways to ensure that bonds are formed. Making an effort to bond closely with your Frenchie is of benefit to both you and them. 

It’s important to spend dedicated time with your Frenchie, especially if you have to leave home for work or other duties. You should also make sure you spend some time with them before you leave home and once you arrive home to help ease them and comfort them. 

Making sure that you don’t mishandle your Frenchie is important, so you don’t diminish the trust they’ve built for you. They are somewhat fragile dogs and, while they love to be doted on, they don’t want to be smothered. You need to pick them up and cuddle them gently, and be sure not to constrict their movement too much when hugging them or they’ll become overwhelmed. 

How French Bulldogs Bond With Humans 

As mentioned, French Bulldogs were initially bred to help offer friendship and comfort to humans, and they still have that purpose ingrained in them. They are not solitary dogs; they want to be part of a group or a pack. They view you and your family as their pack, and their pet parents are the leaders of the pack. 

While French Bulldogs are not guard dogs, and they aren’t known for being aggressive, they do feel a sense of needing to protect their families. They also look to you to protect them. These dogs are happy when they have a sort of interdependent relationship between you and them. They prefer not to be alone, so they can become sad and anxious when you’re not home. 

Final Thoughts 

Being loved and trusted by a pet is monumentally rewarding and beneficial to our health and happiness. Knowing how loving and affectionate a particular dog might be is often something that heavily influences whether or not we bring a dog into our family. 

Are French Bulldogs affectionate dogs that will meet this need for us? Absolutely. Just be sure you are reciprocating their affection with affection towards them. An affectionate relationship between you and your French bulldog will be mutually beneficial for both of you in so many ways.