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Are French Bulldogs a Good Family Dog?

Are French Bulldogs a Good Family Dog?

Frenchies are adorable, loving, and very popular pets, but are French Bulldogs a good family dog?

There are many things that make Frenchies great dogs for families. They are usually very good with children and other pets, they fit in well with family life and they are relatively low maintenance. French Bulldogs are also very loving and affectionate dogs that are a joy to raise and spend time with. 

Some things always need to be taken into consideration if you are thinking about raising a dog because bringing one into the family is a responsibility. This article will go into detail about what makes Frenchies such wonderful dogs, why they make for great family pets, and what you should know as an owner so that you can make sure your pup grows up happy and healthy.

Why Are French Bulldogs a Good Family Dog?

If you are considering which breed of dog is right for you and your family, there are many things that might put a French Bulldog at the top of your list.

  • They are relatively small. This may seem obvious but smaller dogs can be a lot easier to handle for a family, particularly one that has less experience with animals. They are easier to accommodate, less likely to cause accidental damage, eat less, and are easier to control on the leash than larger animals.
  • They are good with children and other pets. Frenchies are generally relaxed but playful around children and other animals and, as long as they are raised properly, they are not dangerous dogs.
  • They are low maintenance. There are many significant commitments that come with owning a dog, but French Bulldogs are often quiet around the house, and their short fur doesn’t require a lot of grooming.
  • They are adaptable. Most French Bulldogs can easily fit around different lifestyles, though they will require lots of your attention!
  • They don’t need a huge amount of exercise. Frenchies are relatively small dogs, so they don’t need as much exercise as larger or more athletic breeds.
  • They are loving and affectionate. French Bulldogs love to be loved, and they make it very clear how much they care about you too.

There are still a lot of responsibilities that come with raising a French Bulldog but this is also true for bringing any pet into your life. For the average family, a French Bulldog is likely to fit right in and raising one can be a joy.

Can French Bulldogs Be Aggressive?

One of the most important considerations for any family, when they’re deciding on a pet, is whether or not they can pose a risk to you or your children. No matter the breed, it is important to note that very few dogs are aggressive unless they have been poorly trained or improperly treated.

French Bulldogs are not considered to be an aggressive breed in any way, they are naturally very good-natured, sweet, and friendly. Most of the time, you can expect your Frenchie to be an adorable bundle of love, but that’s not to say that they cannot ever be aggressive or bad-tempered.

Although they are not inclined to act in an aggressive manner, there are some things that can lead to this sort of behavior in Frenchies.

  • Being Poorly Socialised. All dogs need to learn how to be around other animals and people from a young age. Even when they are quite little, you can carry a puppy and start exposing them to new things so that they don’t feel threatened by them later in life.
  • Becoming Defensive. If your Frenchie forms a very strong bond with you, they can become territorial and act more aggressively to ward off threats. They may also growl to guard other things that they want to protect, like their food bowl.
  • Anxiety. This is particularly a problem for French Bulldogs that are highly dependent on their owners for security or have had traumatic experiences in their past.

Do French Bulldogs Bark a Lot?

Typically, French Bulldogs rarely bark, which is a positive trait for most families. Unlike other small breeds, Frenchies are not yappy, and when they do make noise, it is generally unobtrusive and often comically endearing.

This doesn’t mean that French Bulldogs will be silent all of the time. They may bark for many reasons, including:

  • Protection
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Attention Seeking
  • Surprise
  • Excitement

French Bulldogs usually bark if they feel that they really need your attention, but it can become a bad habit. It is important that you don’t accidentally encourage your dog to bark by responding too readily to any noise that they make. You should reward your dog for getting your attention in the right way and at the right time.

Do Frenchies Like to Cuddle?

Of all the different breeds of dog, French Bulldogs are among the most cuddly. If you want to be able to show physical affection to your dog without annoying them or stressing them out, Frenchies are a good breed to choose.

These little bundles of love are very affectionate, and they enjoy nothing more than a warm cuddle with their owners. They have long been bred as companion dogs, so closeness and physical affection are part of their DNA. For most Frenchies, cuddling provides a sense of security and reduces their stress levels.

Every dog is unique, however, and some may enjoy physical touch less than others. If you are adopting or rescuing a Frenchie, in particular, you should spend some time getting to know what they are comfortable with and how they like to be treated.

Do French Bulldogs Like to be Picked Up?

Because they enjoy being touched and held, it’s no surprise that most French Bulldogs don’t mind being picked up or carried. Lifting any dog should be done with care and attention to how they are feeling because it can hurt them or make them feel vulnerable and unsafe.

When lifting a Frenchie, you should always let them know that you are going to pick them up with a verbal cue or an obvious visual indication as they can panic if it is a sudden surprise. One arm should be behind their front legs, supporting their upper body, while the other arm cradles underneath their back legs and backside.

Never lift an adult dog by the scruff of their neck, and don’t pick them up by their legs, tails, or collars. Lifting a dog unsafely can not only cause them harm and distress but potentially lead to them lashing out in pain or panic.

Do French Bulldogs Need a Lot of Attention?

As Frenchies form such strong bonds with their owners, it’s probably not surprising that they are quite attention-seeking dogs. Bringing one of these animals into the family means that you are making a commitment to be there for them and give them the love and care that they need.

While your dog is still young, they should be given the opportunity to develop some independence, otherwise, this need for attention can become problematic or lead to separation anxiety. Having a space of their own, like a cage or a bed in a separate room, can help your dog to understand that they are safe by themselves.

It can be tricky not to spend all of your time loving and cuddling your Frenchie, but treating them like a baby can cause them to become bossy and demanding of your time. If they are dependent on you to feel safe a secure, they can become anxious and stressed whenever you are not around.

Are French Bulldogs Easy To Care For?

Despite how loving, adorable, and easy-going these little dogs are, looking after one is still a big commitment. French Bulldogs need to be regularly exercised and mentally stimulated, fed well, groomed, and given a lot of attention.

As with any animal, Frenchies require an investment of your time, money, and effort. You will quickly notice, however, that your dog will give you a lot more than you have to give them.

An important consideration for any French Bulldog owner is the potential health issues that your dog can face. You should consult with your vet to make sure that you are very aware of what your dog needs from you to make sure that they are as healthy as possible, and what signs to look out for so that you can help them if they need it.

The Verdict: Are French Bulldogs a Good Family Dog?

So, are French Bulldogs a good family dog? Undoubtedly. They are sweet, caring, and fun to be around, and they are not particularly difficult to take care of. A Frenchie just wants to be loved, and they are likely to fit in comfortably with any family.

French Bulldogs are generally good with children and can easily get on with other animals. They aren’t prone to aggression or excessive barking, and they love affection and attention. If you are looking for a cuddly dog with a lot of personality and a good heart, a Frenchie is a good place to find one.

Bringing an animal into your family is always a responsibility, and there’s no such thing as a pet that takes no effort to raise, but you should be excited and eager to invest your energy with such a wonderful animal.