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Are Cane Corsos Hypoallergenic?

Adopting a dog is an admirable pursuit, but the decision is not one to take lightly. There are a lot of considerations that must be made before adopting a Cane Corso, as these dogs have a lot of needs and a lot of traits to be cognizant of. One thing you might ask is are Cane Corsos hypoallergenic?

A Cane Corso is not considered a hypoallergenic dog. There are some physical traits that a Cane Corso has that would make it difficult for someone who has a severe dog allergy to be around them. While there are ways to mitigate allergens being spread around, there isn’t much you can do to make a dog hypoallergenic. 

Grooming and reducing overall allergens in the home can make it much easier to have a Cane Corso at home if you have some sensitivities to dogs, but if you have serious allergies, you shouldn’t adopt a Cane Corso

Are Cane Corsos Hypoallergenic?

A Cane Corso would not be considered a hypoallergenic dog by any stretch of the imagination. While a Cane Corso’s fur is short, they have pretty thick fur that will shed. They are also able to produce quite a bit of dander that is bound to get in the air when they shed. Furthermore, they drool a lot, and their saliva contains allergens that may be bothersome. 

If you have a very mild allergy to dogs, you may be able to have a Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso at home. You might need someone to assist with grooming and helping to reduce the spread of their allergens in your home. Be sure you weigh the severity of your allergies, as Cane Corsos are going to want you around them as much as possible. 

These aren’t dogs you can leave on their own or in another room so you can get relief from a stuffy nose or itchy eyes. You would be doing a Cane Corso a disservice to bring them home only to neglect their needs because they are bothering your allergies too much. 

Allergens can be produced by a dog through many factors; not just their fur. While the shedding of their fur and dander can bother one with allergies, so can their saliva and urine. Constantly exposing yourself to something you’re allergic to, especially if you have moderate to severe allergies, is not good for your immune system. 

Are Any Dogs Hypoallergenic?

Most dogs actually aren’t hypoallergenic. There’s a common misconception about what it means to be a hypoallergenic dog. Many assume that dogs with long fur are not hypoallergenic, and dogs with short fur are. The length of a dog’s fur only plays a small role in how much they will aggravate allergies. 

A dog’s propensity for shedding can impact how much a person’s allergies can be triggered. However, their saliva contains more pronounced allergens that can spread dander and allergens when they groom themselves, when they kiss you, or when fur that has been groomed sheds and makes its way around your home. 

Therefore, dogs aren’t really hypoallergenic, but some dogs produce far less allergens than others. These dogs will be easier for people who have allergies to be around. Cane Corsos produce quite a few allergens, so that could play a role in whether or not you adopt one. 

Sadly, a lot of dogs have been marketed as hypoallergenic, allergy friendly, or even 100% hypoallergenic, and none of these labels are correct. This can lead to those with severe allergies adopting these dogs, only to have to find an alternative home because they cannot handle it. It’s best that you test how well you react around certain dogs before you decide which kind to adopt. 

Do Cane Corsos Shed A Lot?

A Cane Corso sheds a lot. Their fur is short, but there’s a ton of it. Their fur is going to get on just about every surface, so you’ll have to be prepared for that. These dogs are also prone to having skin conditions, which is why proper grooming is so essential for them. This can also help reduce how much they get fur all over your home. 

Cane Corsos tend to shed the most when the weather gets warm, especially in the summer. They tend to grow more fur during the winter to give themselves more insulation, so they need to get rid of it to handle the heat. They technically have two layers of fur that they grow, which makes it easier for allergens to get produced within their fur. 

That said, Cane Corsos shed pretty much all the time; some seasons it will be more often than others. You cannot be someone who doesn’t like the sight of dog fur and have a Cane Corso at home. 

A Cane Corso’s diet can also play a role in how often they shed, as well as improve or diminish the quality of their skin. For Cane Corsos, omega-3 fatty acids are an integral part of their diet to keep both their skin and fur soft and healthy.

Are Cane Corsos Safe For People With Mild Allergies?

If you have mild allergies, you may be able to get away with having a Cane Corso in your home. If you’re able to spend some time with one, or a similar dog like any other Mastiff, you could gain a better understanding of how much they might bother your allergies. 

The unfortunate thing is it’s very situational whether or not mild allergies will be triggered by being around these dogs. As mentioned, getting help with their grooming can help you avoid that close exposure to all of their allergen properties in their skin, fur, and saliva. You may not get bothered when they shed or when they lay in your lap. 

You should also consider whether or not you have other allergies that owning a dog could potentially make worse. For instance, your Cane Corso will need a lot of time outdoors to get exercise and play. They could end up tracking in dirt, dust, and pollen because of their outdoor time. This could make your allergies worse if you have seasonal allergies or allergies to those things. 

How To Mitigate Dog Allergens From Spreading 

Regular grooming is going to be an essential component of your Cane Corso’s health, while also helping to control some of their shedding and dander. If grooming aggravates your allergies, it’s worth taking them to a groomer. You shouldn’t skip this step of Cane Corso care, as it also helps their comfort tremendously. 

You’ll likely have to wipe down furniture, lint roll your clothing, and brush fur off of furniture and other soft areas that your Cane Corso frequents. There’s quite a bit of maintenance to avoid spreading their allergens around, so you should be aware of that before you decide to adopt one. Washing your hands after petting them can also help you control your reaction. 

You might also have to train your Cane Corso to be more careful around certain people in the home with allergies. Perhaps having them on the couch right beside them doesn’t work, but having a spot dedicated to them that is still close enough that they can interact with their humans is ideal. 

How To Groom Cane Corsos To Reduce Allergens 

Cane Corsos will need a bath about every month to month and a half. Giving them baths early will help them get used to the water. Be sure you use dog-safe products, dry them off well, and don’t miss cleaning their ears with a cotton ball and their face with a damp cloth. 

There are also wipes you can buy to wipe them down occasionally to control their dander. These wipes are gentle, and can be used in between baths, as well as when the seasons change and they are shedding more. Brushing their teeth and giving them dental chews can also help to keep their saliva clean. 

You should also brush them daily, or have someone brush them daily. You might also have to dust or sweep more often to control the spread of loose fur and dander. Washing their bed frequently will keep it clean, and will keep it from drying out their skin. HEPA filters can also help eliminate allergens from the air. 

Final Thoughts 

How hypoallergenic a dog might be is not always simple. Are Cane Corsos hypoallergenic? They can’t be considered very allergy friendly since they shed so much, drool often, and they will also take up so much room in your home with how large they are. These dogs also don’t like being left alone, so you need to be able to stay close to them. 

There are always ways to reduce how much any dog aggravates your allergies, but these solutions aren’t permanent fixes. It can be sad when you fall in love with a particular breed of dog and want to adopt them into your home but can’t because of allergies, but it may be what’s best for both of you so you both find a home you can enjoy completely.