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Are Cane Corsos High Energy?

Before Cane Corsos became domesticated, they were hard working dogs who would work anywhere from farms to protecting property. While some Cane Corsos still work, many live a more lax lifestyle at home. Given this change in lifestyle, it’s worth asking; are Cane Corsos high energy dogs?

Cane Corsos do have a lot of energy that needs to be channeled into some type of physical outlet. These are large dogs, so keeping them cooped up in the house all day isn’t going to make them very happy. You need to make sure you have enough time to give these big pups the exercise they need and the attention they deserve. 

When Cane Corsos have opportunities to expel energy, they will be very happy dogs that will become obedient, serene companions that are a joy to live with. 

Are Cane Corsos High Energy?

Cane Corsos do have a high amount of energy. This can cause them to get bored easily if they aren’t given any mental or physical stimulation. Bored dogs tend to become restless and unhappy, which can lead to them getting destructive around the home or disobeying you, despite usually being obedient. 

Cane Corsos are also very alert dogs. There’s nothing that you can sneak past these observant dogs. Even if they are tired, the slightest movement or sound will peak their interest, especially if it seems suspicious or foreign to them. 

These adorable dogs are very athletic and do have a pretty strong sense of endurance that has carried them through generations of being workers and hunters. They don’t necessarily need a lot of exercise to calm them down, but this athleticism makes them the perfect companions for pet parents who enjoy including their pups in their own activities. 

Do Cane Corsos Need Lots Of Outdoor Time?

Giving your Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso lots of time outside can help give them the space to burn through some of their energy. This could include a combination of walks and toys that allow them to be mentally and physically active. Cane Corsos are very intelligent, and like solving puzzles or having to work for treats hidden in toys. 

They should be taken on at least one walk a day, though you will have to be careful where you walk them. Until you have socialized them around strangers, they will be suspicious of anyone they don’t know coming near them. You should avoid letting strangers come up to them for pets until they have become accustomed to people other than their families. 

You can still find a lot of ways to entertain these dogs indoors as well. Since they are so big, you want to be sure they have clear space to walk around in, space for a bed, and space for them to play with their toys. Chew toys and rope toys you can pull with them are good to have inside to purge some energy. 

What Kind Of Exercise Do Cane Corsos Enjoy?

Cane Corsos will enjoy just about anything they can do with you by their side. Throwing a frisbee or a ball for them to fetch and bring back to you is a great way to keep them active, while also playing into their hunting instincts and nurturing a bond between you two. 

Cane Corsos will also enjoy going on walks for you, taking in the scenery of new places alongside you. Consider finding trails, dense forested areas, areas with little traffic and lots of green space, or even beaches to take them to for walks. They’ll enjoy the different environment just as much as they like spending time with you. 

Since Cane Corsos have been working dogs for so long, they like task-oriented activities or playing with toys that challenge them a little bit. This may include puzzle toys that they have to work on to free up some treats. They also generally like walking around your yard, keeping their eyes peeled for any intruders, as this makes them feel a sense of purpose. 

Some Cane Corsos also enjoy digging around in some sand or mud, splashing around in puddles or sprinklers, and some even like to swim. Of course, you should never leave them unsupervised in water, and should keep them on a leash when taking them on hikes or to the beach. 

Are Cane Corsos Easy To Manage?

Cane Corsos are misunderstood because of their size. These dogs can be aggressive and dangerous, but not because they are aggressive and dangerous dogs. If they are provoked, if they feel threatened, and if they are not adequately socialized, they may feel the need to protect themselves or their families. 

Even with their protective nature, they aren’t prone to attack people or animals. This will likely only ever happen if they are pushed and prodded until they feel the need to defend themselves. Cane Corsos are typically calmer in their approach to protection, as they are intimidating enough standing confident in front of you with a stern look on their face. 

Despite this preconceived notion of their behavior, Cane Corsos are actually quite gentle dogs that respond extremely quickly to training when it’s done correctly by someone they trust. They can become dogs that you can depend on to stick by your side and stay loyal to you for life. 

It’s usually recommended that you have a certain comfort level with large dogs before adopting a Cane Corso. If you have never trained a dog, especially a big one that can be hard to handle physically, you may struggle to manage a Cane Corso

Are Cane Corsos Needy?

Some dog parents underestimate just how much giving their dog attention and affection can help keep their energy levels under control. Cane Corsos are no exception; while they may not want to cuddle all the time, they still appreciate getting pets and praise and having you close by. These aren’t dogs to be kept at home for long hours. 

Unless you adopt more than one dog along with your Cane Corso when they are still a puppy, you’ll likely not be bringing home another dog for your Cane Corso to play with unless you are an expert in dog training. That said, your Cane Corso will likely rely on you and the rest of your family members as companions. 

Do Cane Corsos Get Calmer As They Get Older?

Cane Corsos, though energetic, aren’t actually very rambunctious dogs after the puppy stage. They might act up more or need a little more physical stimulation when they’re little, but once you have them trained and socialized, these dogs are typically quiet and gentle. This also helps them develop good habits that they’ll maintain when they get older. 

It’s still extremely important to keep your Cane Corso active as they get older, even if they slow down a bit. This can help to prevent common health issues that this particular breed can face. 

For instance, Cane Corsos are prone to hip dysplasia, which can be quite painful and lead to arthritis. When exercise is part of their routine early, they’ll keep it up when they get older. 

How To Control Your Cane Corso’s Energy Levels 

In order to keep your Cane Corso calm in new environments, where they might be exposed to new people or other animals, socialization, when they are very young, is so crucial. They pick up commands pretty quickly, but you should still reward them when they do a good job and praise them for listening. Stay patient and consistent, and they will be much calmer around others. 

Keep your Cane Corso on a leash, and speak to them in a calm voice to reassure them that everything is okay when others are nearby. Be sure others know how to properly approach your Cane Corso, if you want to allow them to. Over time, walking them will become much easier as they let their guard down, which will help them keep their energy levels under control. 

Making it a priority to engage in activity with your Cane Corso, including physical activity and playing, will help them manage their energy levels, but it will also help you two develop an even deeper bond. They’ll absolutely adore having you throw a ball around in the backyard or hiking a trail with you. 

Final Thoughts 

Some large dogs can be docile, while others can be extremely energetic. When looking at a Cane Corsos sweet, gentle face, you might wonder; are Cane Corsos high energy, or are they as calm as they look? The truth is that they do have quite a bit of energy that they will need your help managing in a healthy way. 

Cane Corsos may have a lot of energy and need to be kept entertained, but looking at this need as an opportunity to grow even closer to your gentle giant will make this a rewarding process instead of a stressful one. Once they get their energy out, don’t be surprised if you’re rewarded with some appreciative, sloppy kisses.