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Are Cane Corsos Good With Kids?

One look at a Cane Corso and you’d likely assume that they have the potential to be dangerous. When you get to know Cane Corsos, however, you’d know that that couldn’t be further from the truth. If Cane Corsos are actually nicer than one would assume based on stature, are Cane Corsos good with kids?

Cane Corsos have historically been very gentle and patient when it comes to living with kids. While some dogs might become annoyed by kids fussing over them, Cane Corsos actually seem to like it. That said, you will have to train them to remain docile, but you should know that their first instinct is to make sure your kids are safe at all times. 

There are some rules you should implement with your kids to ensure they treat your Cane Corso with the love and respect they deserve. They should also be taught how to handle such a big dog, and what behaviors to avoid so that your Cane Corso doesn’t misinterpret innocent fun for potential danger. 

Are Cane Corsos Good With Kids?

You should allow your Cane Corso to be involved in your children’s lives. They develop a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that they have been able to keep children safe and out of harm’s way, even if there is no real danger to protect them from. 

While you don’t necessarily have to worry that your Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso is dangerous around small children, their size and strength could inadvertently end up hurting young children if they’re not careful. It’s often advised that you don’t have Cane Corsos around babies or small kids, especially unsupervised. 

Keep in mind that your Cane Corso would never put your child in harm’s way. They don’t tend to be super rambunctious, especially once they reach a year old, so by the time they are big enough to knock your kids over, they will make every effort not to do so. 

Why Cane Corsos Are So Good With Kids 

The Cane Corso is known to be a supremely loyal and dependable dog when it comes to their family, regardless of whether or not their family consists of just adults or a mixture of adults and children. Despite their work ethic and protective instincts, Cane Corsos are also even-keeled and can keep their temperament in check. 

Cane Corsos are also very intuitive by nature, and will be able to sense when your child needs their attention, affection, or some cuddles. They have an innate ability to read their human family and will jump at the chance to put a smile on their face or make them feel secure. 

These big sucks thrive on being around their people. They absolutely bask in getting attention from their family, and that includes kids. Cane Corsos love interacting with children and enjoy how playful and happy your children are. They also have an envious amount of patience when it comes to children which cannot be overstated. 

Are Cane Corsos Protective Of Kids?

The Cane Corso is a guardian, and they take that role extremely seriously. No matter what situation they are in, your Cane Corso will likely be close to the kids, keeping an eye on them at all times. They will stay cognizant of your surroundings so they can respond should they need to jump to the aid of your kids. 

Since Cane Corsos are so smart, they seem to understand that children can be a little bit more fragile than other people. Thus, your Cane Corso will try their best to remain cautious around children so they don’t inadvertently bump into them or cause them pain. When they are young, Cane Corsos may be a little bit more clumsy, but it’s never intentional. 

A Cane Corso is a guard dog by nature. They have always been able to understand that they are responsible for protecting their environment and those who live in it. Their domestication hasn’t removed that from their minds, so they still believe they are meant to keep your kids protected. 

Teaching Kids About Cane Corsos

There are certain parameters you should discuss with your kids to make sure the home stays harmonious with a Cane Corso. Kids should be somewhat involved in training and socializing so that they know how to control your dog’s behavior as well. They should know the commands that have been taught to your Cane Corso and should use the same words and actions. 

The Cane Corso tends to be able to handle kids and their silly ways much better than most dogs. They have fun playing with kids. That said, your kids should know the right way to handle a dog. Any dog can lose their patience if they are mishandled or constantly bothered when they’re trying to relax, and it’s not the dog’s fault if they lose their cool. 

You need to teach your kids that they shouldn’t pull on the dog, try to jump on or ride the dog, or bother them when they are eating, sleeping, or playing with a toy on their own. Your kids need to approach the dog with caution, and if they want to be left alone, your kid needs to respect that. 

You should also teach your kids that Cane Corsos are very big, which can cause some potential safety concerns, but your Cane Corso would never intentionally hurt them. They should be taught about how Cane Corsos will keep them safe because they believe it’s their duty. They should also know how to correct their behavior with firm kindness and not punishment. 

Potential Issues With Kids And Cane Corso

One thing to focus on when training your Cane Corso is how they respond to kids roughhousing with each other, chasing each other around, or how they interact with their friends who come over. When your Cane Corso is young, if they see your kids roughhousing, you should train them not to respond. 

You should also be aware of how your Cane Corso reacts to the noises and sounds that kids make. Some of them might put your Cane Corso on high alert initially. You need to teach them that those sounds are normal and are nothing to be concerned about, and they will eventually get used to the noise that occurs around them. 

Cane Corsos may view this type of play as putting your kids in danger and they’ll want to step in. If they see kids running, their instincts to catch prey might kick in, so they may try to chase your kid which can be scary. If your kids scream or squeal or make a lot of noise, that may not help.

What you should remember is when you socialize your Cane Corso, training them not to respond to your kid’s rowdy behavior, you shouldn’t be concerned. You should supervise your Cane Corso around your children until you are completely confident that they no longer react to your kids’ behavior. 

Socialization Tips For Cane Corsos And Kids 

The absolute earliest you can start socializing your Cane Corso to stay calm around your kids, the better. You may have to continuously train them, as socialization is not a one-and-done type of training. Teaching them command words that encourage them to be still, sit or lay down, and leave it alone are all important so you can teach them not to respond to your kids’ behavior. 

When they listen to those commands, you want to reward them with a treat and an encouraging pat. Cane Corsos like to make their human family happy, so they are more likely to listen and absorb training once you two have bonded. Once you’ve established this obedience training, teach your kids to follow suit. 

Verbal cues are important to ingrain into their minds, as most people cannot physically restrain a Cane Corso. You should consider how you can physically handle a big dog like a Cane Corso before making the decision to adopt one. Cane Corsos are often not recommended for those who have never owned or trained dogs for this reason. 

By keeping a watchful eye on how your kids and your Cane Corso interact with each other, you’ll be able to discern whether or not they need additional training to keep the peace. You should be prepared to pivot your training to what is happening at the moment. 

Final Thoughts 

Bringing a big dog like a Cane Corso home when you have kids may concern you. Are Cane Corsos good with kids? With some socialization and mutual respect between your children and your Cane Corso, your Cane Corso will be the most reliable, considerate dog towards your kids. 

Cane Corsos tend to be patient with children and how they behave, but both your kids and your furry friend will need to know the right way and wrong way to treat each other. It’s truly a beautiful thing to see just how much your Cane Corso will adore your kids, doing everything to keep them safe and happy.