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Are Cane Corsos Good Guard Dogs?

Dogs should never be judged based on their appearance. Those who don’t know how wonderful Cane Corsos are may take one look at them and be intimidated. While these dogs look tough, are Cane Corsos good guard dogs?

Cane Corsos can make exceptional guard dogs. This was one of their many duties when they were working dogs, and they haven’t lost those keen senses and abilities that allowed them to stand guard so well. Regardless of whether or not you train your Cane Corso to guard you and your home, they’ll likely do so in their own way. 

Training any dog to stand guard isn’t recommended unless you’re experienced, but that doesn’t mean you should train the guard dog instincts out of your Cane Corso. It’s important to learn how guarding manifests in these dogs so you know how to navigate their tendencies safely. 

Are Cane Corsos Good Guard Dogs?

Cane Corsos make very good, astute guard dogs. Their confident stature alone could deter many from coming near you or your home for any nefarious activities. Their propensity to stand guard is even in their name; Corso is loosely derived from the Latin word cohors, which means guardian. 

Cane Corsos, like many other dogs, build very close relationships with their human families, and want nothing more than for you to be happy and secure in their presence. They’ll want to stay by your side no matter where you are as they crave being around people as much as possible. Once you and your Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso have bonded, the bond will last forever.

Even though Cane Corsos make good guard dogs, they aren’t known to attack people. This would only ever happen as a last resort to keep you and your family safe. Otherwise, any Cane Corso that attacks likely hasn’t been trained or socialized properly. 

Cane Corsos have a lot of power in their muscular build, their speed, their athleticism, and their bite. While you’ll hopefully never be in a situation where you have to harness that power, know that outside of needing to protect you, Cane Corsos are actually kind, quiet, and gentle dogs that will dote on you as much as you dote on them. 

Why Cane Corsos Are Such Good Guard Dogs 

One of the many jobs that Cane Corsos historically held was to protect farms from intruders and pests. They would take their jobs very seriously, and they would excel at them. They haven’t lost that sense of purpose and fulfillment that they would get being working dogs, so you’ll want to nurture that in some capacity by giving them tasks and making them feel appreciated. 

Cane Corsos also have a lot of personality traits that lend themselves to proficient guarding. They are very observant, and it’s really hard to get anything past these dogs. They tend to have good instincts about people and aren’t quick to trust. They seldom get scared by anyone or anything. 

Cane Corsos also have a very strong sense of sound and smell which helps them interpret their surroundings well. They are able to easily sense when something is out of the ordinary. This is what helped them become such avid hunters when they were kept as hunting dogs. Cane Corsos could go up against bears, lions, and boars with relative ease and no fear. 

Are Cane Corsos Protective?

Cane Corsos are protective of themselves and their families. Even when they were mainly working dogs, they always worked alongside people. This helped them learn that humans who care for them are to be trusted, and they also know they can depend on you. In turn, they want you to be able to depend on them. 

Cane Corsos also have a unique attachment to children. They seem to instantly feel a sense of duty to the children in their family, and they have an incredible ability to be gentle around young kids. Even though they are big, they can be trusted around kids, though it’s not recommended they’re alone with babies and toddlers given their size. 

Since these dogs are so self-assured when it comes to their ability to protect, there is very little, if anything, that will stop them from keeping you safe. They don’t necessarily want to scare others or fight, but they will if they are put in that position. This behavior shouldn’t be encouraged unless you are ever in a dangerous situation, which will hopefully never happen. 

Are Cane Corsos Loyal?

Cane Corsos have a deep sense of loyalty to their human families once that relationship is built. All it takes is you taking care of them by giving them food, shelter, and exercise, as well as plenty of attention, cuddles, and playtime. Their needs aren’t much different than most dogs. 

Giving Cane Corsos a sense of purpose and little “jobs” to do will also help strengthen their sense of loyalty towards you. This might be as simple as having them accompany you when you do chores, or it could be having them work through puzzles and games for treats. 

When a Cane Corso is loyal, they will also be more inclined to stand on guard for you. This will typically be the case regardless of whether or not you train them to be guard dogs. They will see protecting you as their job, and it’s a job they’re more than happy to do. 

Are Cane Corsos Easy To Train As Guard Dogs?

Once you and your Cane Corso get acclimated to each other, they become pretty easy to train. They are known to be very intelligent, so they can learn new commands and tricks with relative ease. You will have to stay consistent with training to make sure they understand completely. Positive reinforcement and rewards are always the best strategies for training. 

It isn’t recommended that inexperienced dog owners adopt Cane Corsos, as they may not be able to handle such a large dog. When it comes to training these big dogs, you should have experience with training, especially if you want to train them to become guard dogs. 

What’s important to remember when training Cane Corsos is that they’ll already understand how to protect you, but not when. You’ll have to put a lot of effort into socializing them to help them determine what is and isn’t a potential threat. 

The only way they have a sense of what’s normal and safe and what isn’t is if they are exposed to it, and are constantly reassured by you that certain people, animals, and environments are completely safe. 

How To Train Cane Corsos As Guard Dogs 

One method used is the sleeve method, where you have a sleeve on your arm that your Cane Corso can tug at. Start playing with them, then when they’re excited, use the command you would use to tell them to attack; this should be a word you don’t say often so you avoid accidentally making them attack. 

Let them gnaw the sleeve, then have a command to get them to stop. When they stop, give them a treat, praise them, and let them have a toy to play with to get the rest of their energy out. There are bite sleeves that you can get at pet stores to help you implement this training without getting hurt. 

As mentioned, socializing your Cane Corso to behave and remain calm around other animals on walks or people passing by is important. You don’t want them to be on guard because of every person they see. Be sure to train them to sit, teach them what staying calm means, and continue to reward them when they listen. 

Why Training Cane Corsos Is So Important 

Cane Corsos, being so inclined to guard, may end up getting provoked when they shouldn’t be, which could end up leading to acts of aggression. The last thing you want is your Cane Corso going after some innocent person walking down the street because they haven’t been taught that most people can be trusted. 

This is partially why Cane Corsos aren’t recommended for inexperienced dog owners. They need an experienced, confident, and patient pet parent that will not be intimidated by their size. They need someone who has the physical strength to keep them on a leash. They also need to know when they can turn off their protective instincts and enjoy being a dog. 

Final Thoughts 

Big dogs can help their pet parents feel more secure in their home. Cane Corsos are some of the biggest dogs, so are Cane Corsos good guard dogs? Cane Corsos were bred to guard and protect people and land among other things, so they have a strong sense of protection ingrained within them. 

That said, there is training required with these big dogs to make sure they only guard against real threats. Socialization and specific training for protective behaviors will help your Cane Corso avoid getting into potentially dangerous situations that could have been prevented. Then, you can feel safe knowing you have a wonderful companion by your side.