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Are Cane Corsos Easy To Train?

The size of a Cane Corso might concern some people passing one on the street, as if they wanted to, they could cause a lot of harm. Thankfully, they don’t want to, but they can be rambunctious dogs if they aren’t trained. So are Cane Corsos easy to train?

Cane Corsos require a lot of training and need to be socialized appropriately to people and animals. They are not the easiest dogs to train, but not the hardest either; they happen to be quite smart when it comes to learning commands and tricks. Cane Corsos that trust and respect their pet parents will pick up training more quickly. 

Cane Corsos are often not recommended for beginner dog owners, as training has to be specific, constant, and carefully done. There are plenty of guidelines to follow, but you might struggle if you’ve never had experience training a dog.

Are Cane Corsos Easy To Train?

A Cane Corso is a strong-willed dog, with a lot of confidence and brute strength. This can present a challenge when it comes to training them. With some patience, dedication, and a solid time commitment, training will become easier as you work on it.

A Cane Corso, despite being self-assured, is also one of the most loyal dogs you could ever have. When they become more comfortable with you, they are likely to want to listen to commands and follow your training protocols, as they want to make sure you’re pleased with them and their performance.

You will be exposing your Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso to a lot of potentially new things when you bring them home, so it should be expected that they may get overwhelmed. You should work at their pace while also exposing them to as much as possible for a short amount of time each day.

Training will include commands like come, sit, stay, lay down, and will include getting them used to other people, potty training, grooming, and being on a leash. It’s a lot for them to learn, but making an effort to work on different things each day will make training much more digestible for both of you.

Are Cane Corsos Easy To Socialize?

You have to put a lot of effort into socializing your Cane Corso to be comfortable around strangers and other animals. Cane Corsos were historically guard dogs, so it’s ingrained in them to be highly alert at all times and to be suspicious of people or animals approaching them. They need to learn that other people aren’t threats.

When it comes to socialization, getting them out into new environments, letting them see other people and dogs, and remaining consistent with how you teach them to interact with others is key. The more they are around others, the more they will get used to it. Removing them from situations that make them nervous or defensive is also crucial.

Preparing To Train A Cane Corso

Having a game plan in place for how you’re going to train your Cane Corso is recommended as soon as you know you’re bringing one home. Be sure your home is set up for a dog with dishes, a bed, toys, and grooming essentials. Cane Corsos need a big yard and a sturdy leash for outside time.

You should also expect to spend a lot of time acclimating your new dog to your home. It’s not recommended you leave them alone for the first few days, so be sure your schedule allows for one on one time with your Cane Corso once they’re home.

It’s also easier to train your Cane Corso once they’ve had a little bit of exercise. Cane Corsos can be high energy dogs, especially when they’re puppies, so having them go for a walk or spend time in the yard will calm them down so you can have them focus on your training.

Keeping a Cane Corso entertained is crucial to ensure they behave well, as if they get bored, they might start to act out in an effort to get rid of some of their pent up energy. Having toys they can interact with is especially helpful when you need time to unwind so they can play around a bit before getting on the couch to cuddle with you.

How To Train Cane Corsos As Puppies

The best time to train a Cane Corso is when they are young. If you don’t adopt them as a puppy, there’s a chance you’ll have to work against previous training that they were taught. This might mean you have to work with your dog a little bit longer to train them in the best way you see fit.

Once you bring your Cane Corso pup home, give them time to bond with you. They will form an attachment with you when they see you feeding them, providing them with fun and exercise, and giving them a soft spot to sleep. This will help them trust you, which will make them more eager to please you through following training.

In your yard, it’s worth bringing them to a specific spot you want them to go to when they have to go potty. Positive encouragement and rewards for using their spot will help them learn that that’s their spot for potty time. Consistency in terms of commands and daily training until commands are second nature is crucial.

You will also have to work on being confident around your Cane Corso. They need to understand that you are the boss so they respect you and are more willing to comply with training. Otherwise, your Cane Corso may become stubborn and disobedient. You can be confident without punishments, harsh words, and being mean.

How To Socialize A Cane Corso

Before you bring your Cane Corso home, it’s worth speaking with the people who have been raising your dog up to that point to see what they’ve done in terms of socialization. They can give you insight into how they react to other people and other animals.

When you take your Cane Corso for a walk, they may be overwhelmed by all the new smells, sights, and people. You should be reassuring them that anyone they encounter is not a threat, and be sure that strangers who want to approach them know how to do so safely when your Cane Corso is ready for that.

They can be wary of strangers, so you’ll need to train them out of this. Exposure to people and rewards for good behavior will help them learn they don’t need to be afraid of others. Everyone in the home should also be involved in training so that your Cane Corso becomes socialized to your family as well.

Crate Training A Cane Corso

Ultimately, the decision to crate train your Cane Corso is entirely your preference. Many people experienced with training Cane Corsos would recommend you crate train them when it comes to bed time. Cane Corsos grow way too big to be sleeping in your bed every night, even though you may want them to.

Having a crate, even if it’s left open, gives your Cane Corso a safe space that is only theirs. They can lay in the crate when they are tired or overwhelmed by things going on around them.

Training Cane Corsos Around Children And Other Pets

Cane Corsos aren’t usually recommended in homes with small children or other small dogs. That said, if you raise them all together when your Cane Corso is a puppy, you’ll have more successful integration. Children should be taught how to act around these big dogs to avoid any unsavory behaviors. Everyone should be supervised together until they are completely socialized.

When it comes to Cane Corsos and children, these dogs actually enjoy children in the home. Cane Corsos have an inherent need to keep children safe and protected. They bond very strongly to children, more so than many other dogs. As long as children know how to handle these big dogs, children will find a new best friend in your Cane Corso.

One thing to be cognizant of is that, because of a Cane Corso’s protective nature, they may see kids fighting and acting up as one of them being in danger. Be sure your kids know not to act like this in front of the dog.

Training Older Cane Corsos

You’ll want to follow the same training strategies regardless of your Cane Corso’s age. Just be aware that it might take a little bit longer to train an adult Cane Corso. They might be set in their ways, and you may not know what their background is in terms of how they were trained.

Final Thoughts

All dogs need dedicated training and socialization in order to thrive inside and outside of the home. Are Cane Corsos easy to train? It’s not easy, but you will be rewarded with a loyal, obedient, well-behaved dog and dedicated companion. Cane Corsos have a lot of love to give as long as they are given the chance to acclimate into their new home.