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Are Boxers Outside Dogs?

Are Boxers Outside Dogs?

Boxers are lively dogs that benefit from plenty of exercises. They tend to enjoy their walks, especially because they can enjoy fresh air alongside their favorite person. While boxers enjoy outside, especially during nice weather, are boxers outside dogs?

Boxers should not be expected to live outdoors, as they are not bred to handle extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, since boxers have become domesticated, they are much more reliant on people for basic survival. A boxer who is left to stay outside for a long time is not a happy boxer. 

Instead, you should supervise your boxer at all times when they are outdoors, whether they’re walking around or inside your backyard. You must also be cautious of inclement weather as well as possible allergens and other potential upsets to their health and happiness. 

Are Boxers Outside Dogs?

Boxers are definitely not outside dogs. Regardless of how much-specialized training you tried to get your boxer, they are not going to be happy being outside for long periods of time. Furthermore, if their pet parents or their human family isn’t around, they are less likely to enjoy being outside. These people-oriented dogs just love getting human attention way too much. 

That being said, they do love being outside and having the opportunity to run around and play in a safe environment. Furthermore, they do enjoy going on walks and jogs with their human family. Boxers are also prone to getting the zoomies, so letting them run around outside in spurts will help them expel that excited energy. 

Why Boxers Aren’t Outside Dogs 

Boxers, while large and strong, aren’t physically built to withstand being outside for a long period of time. For starters, their short snouts can make it difficult for them to breathe in extreme heat, humidity, or windy weather, and they are also prone to being sensitive to pollen and other outdoor allergens. They can also get cold easily due to their short fur. 

When the weather is hot, your boxer is only going to be able to withstand the outdoors for a half hour maximum. They cannot bring their body temperature up and down, even if they take breaks in the shade. The same is true when the weather is cold. They cannot get warm unless they’re inside, so they can freeze pretty quickly. 

Boxers also aren’t dogs that like to be alone. Even if another dog kept them company outdoors, that wouldn’t satisfy their need to have companionship. Boxers need to have human contact as much as they are able to, and unless you stay outside with them at all times, they aren’t going to get nearly enough of your love. 

Even before boxers became domesticated, they were never alone. They would either be in families of boxers or around human companions that they would work for. There is nothing within a boxer that would allow it to adapt to a life outside without people, even if they were just left outside during the day or just at night. 

How Boxers Would Behave Being Left Outside 

Boxers aren’t known to be aggressive or purposefully destructive, but that could change if left to their own devices outside. Since they need that affection from their human families, they’ll become distressed if they aren’t getting it. This could lead to the development of aggressive and destructive tendencies that can become extremely difficult to reverse. 

Boxers are also dogs that are best suited to a routine that is established by their pet parents. They are reliant dogs, and will crave having you taking care of them when it comes to walks, feeding, resting, and so on. They look to their humans for a sense of safety, and aren’t suited for independent survival. 

Your boxer could also end up becoming sick by a number of means. They could end up eating something they shouldn’t, or an extreme change in weather could make them ill. They can also get bitten by mosquitos or ticks, or stung by bees. The sun could also lead to your boxer getting sunburn or even developing heat stroke. 

Can Boxers Escape When Left Outside?

Boxers are pretty high jumpers and are even fairly astute climbers. Thus, despite having your backyard completely fenced, your boxer can most likely scale it to get to the other side. If you’re not there to stop them, they’ll be gone in a blink. 

That said, leaving them outside for a long time without supervision will leave them desperate to find where their human is. At the first sight or inclination of another person nearby, they may end up escaping in an effort to connect with that person. 

Boxers are also known to follow their nose given that their sense of smell is quite adept. This propensity isn’t necessarily going to end where your fence does, especially if they figure out that they can jump over it. The same is true if they manage to sneak outside when you’re not paying attention. 

Can Boxers Sleep Outdoors At Night?

Your boxer would not enjoy being left outside at night to sleep. Chances are, they won’t get any sleep. For starters, these dogs would prefer to have a soft, warm bed to sleep in. Moreover, boxers tend to want to cuddle with their owners when winding down at night, regardless of whether or not you choose to let them sleep in your bed. 

Can Boxers Be Outside Dogs With Shelter?

Even if you were to build your boxer the most luxurious, customized dog house, they still wouldn’t be very happy spending most of their time outside. A dog house could be a good source of shelter when you’re spending time in your backyard, but they would only feel safe in there knowing you’re just outside if they need you. 

Can Boxers Be Outside Dogs With Access To Food And Water?

Anytime you have your dog with you in the backyard, you should always have fresh water available for them. Since boxers are so sensitive to heat, they can end up becoming dehydrated quickly without some water. However, having food and water outside isn’t sufficient cause for leaving your boxer outside unattended. 

Furthermore, having dog food out in the open could end up attracting a bunch of critters, some of whom can either attack your boxer or be attacked by a boxer. Wild animals can also carry an onslaught of diseases and bugs, all of which can end up infecting your boxer. 

Can Boxers Live Outside With Other Dogs?

While your boxer might feel somewhat better having a companion animal outside, it won’t be enough to avoid the plethora of problems leaving them outside can cause. They might like playing around with another dog, but sooner rather than later, they are going to want to play with you or take a nap with you on the couch. 

With boxers spending much of their working time before domestication with people, they have developed more of a connection with people than other pets. Thus, an animal cannot replace human interaction in their eyes. 

You also have to be cognizant of whether or not these two dogs get along well before leaving them outside together. If they don’t, they could end up fighting each other without you there to break it up. They might also become more aggressive as they’re left outside for longer, and can end up resource guarding, leaving the other dog without basic needs. 

Can Boxers Be Trained To Become Outside Dogs?

There is no amount of training that could prepare your boxer for a life outside. This is true even if you only want to have your boxer stay outside for a few hours when you’re at work. They would rather be inside with a warm bed and a chew toy, even if you’re not home. 

Plus, there’s no telling what kind of mischief a bored boxer can get into when they’re stuck outside. If you’re concerned about them getting into trouble inside, they likely won’t. They’ll feel more safe and secure inside than outside, and won’t feel the need to act out. 

They likely won’t be bored, which can lead them to destructive behavior, when they have their favorite things around them. If you take them for a walk before you leave, they’ll likely just eat and sleep until you get home. 

Final Thoughts 

There are just way too many negatives and no positives to leaving your boxer outside. Are boxers outside dogs? Not even a little bit. They won’t enjoy it, they won’t adapt to it, and they may even end up escaping. Your boxer should never be outside unless you are with them or supervising them, even if they are just going to the bathroom. 

You should know before bringing a boxer home that this dog is going to rely on you for just about everything. They are dogs that develop strong bonds with their humans quickly. A boxer is a dog that is perfect for a human family that is looking for a dog that wants to walk through life alongside them as much as possible.