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Are Boxers Good With Other Dogs?

Are Boxers Good With Other Dogs?

Boxers are a favorite for many families of all shapes and sizes. They are sweet, affectionate, and playful. However, as you look to grow your fur family, you might wonder; are boxers good with other dogs?

Boxers are playful and interactive by nature and tend to respond to other dogs warmly and excitedly. These dogs may seem intimidating, but they truly are not. They love their playtime very much, so having another dog that they can play with makes them very happy. 

As with any dog, boxers need to be socialized in order to avoid overwhelming them with other dogs, especially those with different personalities or temperaments. They might have an initial apprehension toward other dogs, but this can be circumvented if you socialize them with other animals when they are still young. 

Are Boxers Good With Other Dogs?

Boxers like other dogs, and other dogs like boxers. This, of course, will depend on a few factors. A dog that complements a boxer’s curious and zestful nature can lead to a very lovely friendship over time. The key thing to keep in mind is that, even though boxers are friendly, they will need time to adjust to another dog. 

Dogs can’t be forced into getting along; there are socialization processes that are very successful in helping to get dogs to know each other with the least amount of risk of dog fights or behavioral issues. 

One thing to be aware of is a boxer’s need for a steady stream of attention and affection. They won’t be very happy pups when they are being forgotten about because another dog is around. You should be sure that if you’re planning on having more than one pet in the home, there is enough of you or other human attention to go around. 

Are Boxers Good With Small Dogs?

Boxers are gentle, so they can get along very well with smaller dogs. A small dog with a decent amount of energy could very easily keep up with a boxer. However, it’s good to know that boxers don’t always understand their power, so a smaller, fragile dog might not be the best dog to bring around a boxer until they’ve been trained to remain calm. 

One of the nice things about boxers is that they don’t become nervous or aggressive towards small dogs that can be a little nippy and yappy. Rather, boxers tend not to be too concerned with small dogs that act this way. 

Are Boxers Good With Big Dogs?

Boxers can also get along very well with big dogs. A bigger dog that is playful and not overly aggressive would be ideal, as boxers don’t usually respond too kindly to aggressive behavior. They are likely to either retreat or become anxious around a dog that is always trying to dominate them. 

Big dogs that like to play and run around the backyard, go for walks, and cuddle when they’re tired can make for great companions to a boxer. A big dog that is calm but still likes to play is also ideal. You want the other dog to be able to roll around with a boxer and not be at risk of getting hurt. 

Are Boxers Good With Other Boxers?

Boxers generally respond quite fondly to another boxer in the family. This is especially true if they are of different sex, though two of the same sex can get along eventually. Unless they were raised together, two boxers of the same sex might be wary of each other initially when they’re trying to determine who is dominant. 

That being said, boxers can be good with other boxers because they have similar needs and similar energy levels. They can have a lot of fun playing together and enjoying each other’s company. 

Female boxers, generally speaking, are smaller and tend to be a little calmer. They also seem to respond quickly to training as they love to please their pet parents. Male boxers are generally more playful and hyper, and maybe more predisposed to potential aggression or dominance, though it’s not something to be expected. 

Breeds That Get Along Well With Boxers

Every dog is different, regardless of breed. Through shared experiences and anecdotes shared by multiple dog owners, there are some breeds that tend to get along very well with boxers and vice versa. Having your boxer trained before socializing them with other dogs with some of the most basic training commands will further their success with another dog, regardless of breed. 

Some of these breeds include: 

  • German Shepherds
  • Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers 
  • French Bulldogs 
  • Great Dane
  • Greyhounds
  • Cocker Spaniels 
  • Dalmatian
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Poodles 

Some boxer parents have found it’s harder to socialize a boxer with another dog of the same sex. It’s not impossible, but this might be one of the very few situations where a boxer might respond with aggression. Having two dogs of different sexes could also lessen the risk of each dog feeling like they need to compete with each other to get your attention. 

Are Boxers Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

Boxers do not have a tendency to be aggressive. Rather, their gentle disposition and overall aloofness could end up getting them in trouble with dogs that are aggressive or protective. Moreover, they are more likely to come to you for protection rather than lash out at another dog. 

One thing to consider is that, while you know your boxer isn’t aggressive, other dogs might not know this. Therefore, when they see a boxer running at them, they might think they are about to be attacked and will feel forced to defend themselves. 

This is a potential risk to be cognizant of. Thus, it’s recommended to take your boxer for a walk or help them burn off some energy before they are brought around another dog. When they are a little bit subdued in their energy level, they are less likely to overwhelm another dog with their excitement. 

Socializing Boxers To Other Dogs

You want to be sure that both dogs are kept on leashes. Taking a boxer to an off-leash dog park is never a good idea. Boxers will run toward dogs and other animals without a second thought. 

Dogs shouldn’t be off of their leashes around each other until you are sure that they like each other, and are sure that you are capable of separating them if necessary. 

If you’re looking to socialize your boxer with another dog that you’re bringing into the home, have them meet outside, on leashes, in neutral territory. Let them sniff each other and see what their first impressions are.

Boxers aren’t territorial, but if the other dog is, this step is crucial. Then, lead them both into the house, still on leashes, and make sure each has their own space to go to when they’ve both had enough of each other. 

Situations Where Boxers And Other Dogs Don’t Mix 

As previously said, off-leash dog parks are not ideal situations for boxers. Boxers are too excitable to be able to navigate these areas well. Boxers are also not suited to dog daycares or areas with a lot of other dogs that are free to roam around. 

Situations like this could potentially intimidate your boxer. On the other hand, your boxer might rush into potential danger, not realizing that other dogs might not like your boxer running towards them. 

It’s also not recommended that you bring a boxer into a situation with multiple dogs at once, especially when they haven’t had a lot of exposure to other dogs previously. Your boxer could feel overwhelmed walking into a situation with other dogs that have bonded with each other already. 

Are Boxers Pack Dogs?

Boxers were never raised as pack dogs. They were working alongside humans before they became domesticated. As much as boxers don’t like to be alone, bringing another dog home isn’t a substitute for your attention. 

Boxers crave and need attention from their pet parents, and need to be able to interact with you and have physical contact with you for comfort. Another dog, regardless of breed or disposition, will not be able to give that to a boxer. 

Boxers are also not going to want to compete for your attention, so if you don’t have enough love to disperse to multiple dogs, your boxer might end up acting out of frustration. 

Final Thoughts 

You might look at the brute physique of a boxer and wonder; are boxers good with other dogs? You’ll be pleased to know that boxers love the company of another dog. Boxers tend to enjoy the interaction of any kind, making them ideal dogs for families of varied sizes and multiple pet households. Believe it or not, boxers can even get along with cats. 

As with any dog, bringing boxers together with other dogs should be done with patience and without rushing to avoid either dog becoming overwhelmed. All that said, boxers can be some of the easiest dogs to introduce to other dogs in the household.