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Are Boxers Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Boxers Good Apartment Dogs?

With boxers being such a big dog, you might be concerned about bringing one home if you live in an apartment. While you know that these gentle giants are, in fact, very gentle, are boxers good apartment dogs?

Boxers can absolutely be very happy apartment dogs. In order for them to adapt to a smaller space, they need to be given ample opportunity to exercise outside and expel some of their energy in a bigger spot. Thus, if you’re able to take them on a couple of walks and offer them fun toys to play with, they will be smitten regardless of your apartment size. 

Boxers are pretty happy pups so long as they get some outside time and get some cuddles from their favorite humans. Where they live isn’t as much of a factor. 

Are Boxers Good Apartment Dogs?

Boxers can be good apartment dogs, as they are fairly adaptable animals. So long as they have family members that dote on them with affection and take them out for walks, they can make do with an apartment just as well as a house. Despite what some might assume that boxers are toughies due to their appearance, they are gentle and kind dogs who are well behaved. 

These gentle giants can be a little bit goofy, especially when they know it makes you smile and laugh. They love little more than bringing joy to their human family members. Their silliness can cause some clumsy behavior sometimes, but that can easily be managed even in an apartment. 

Boxers also tend to pick up training and commands pretty well, so long as it’s done through rewards and positive reinforcement, so you can tailor your training to apartment living. Boxers are also pretty clean dogs, but you will have to brush them occasionally to ensure they don’t shed. 

Are Young Boxers Good Apartment Dogs?

Given that a boxer’s energy levels are typically highest when they’re young, you might be concerned that bringing a puppy to an apartment could be a bad idea. However, the requirements will generally be the same in terms of helping them adapt to apartment life. The only major difference is that they may need more exercise than an adult boxer

Young boxers can also take to training a little quicker, as they’ve had less time to learn habits and become accustomed to them. It’s also good to know that boxers mature a little slower than other dogs, and can stay in their “puppy” stage until three or four years old, when many other breeds are considered adults. 

Can Boxers Be Happy In An Apartment?

Boxers are pretty jubilant dogs naturally, so they can be happy in an apartment. You might be concerned that your boxer wouldn’t have enough space in an apartment. However, the closer your boxer can be to you, the happier they’ll be. Once they get used to your routine, they’ll feel much more comfortable. 

That being said, it would be wise to avoid having a cluttered home or a lot of breakables out in the open. This doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your apartment to your liking; just be sure that you also make your home liveable for your boxer, since it’s going to become their home too. 

Your boxer will most likely enjoy having so many people around the building that want to fuss over them, given that these dogs tend to be some of the friendliest dogs towards people they don’t know. Furthermore, your boxer will likely delight in being able to go outside all the time, so long as the weather isn’t too bad. 

Will Boxers Be A Nuisance In An Apartment Building?

Thankfully, boxers tend not to be overly loud as they don’t frequently bark. They do definitely make noises, but they shouldn’t be at a level that becomes a nuisance for your neighbors. It’s a good idea to train them to remain quiet when you open the door to someone, as well as when you’re entering and exiting the apartment, with or without them. 

If your boxer does get bored because they need a walk, some attention, or some play time, they might zoom around the apartment until they get what they want. This could end up creating a lot of noise if you have neighbors downstairs.  

In terms of how they might interact with others that live in the building, they will most likely be a joy rather than an annoyance. They are very social and kind dogs that take to new people fairly easily. These dogs are not known to be aggressive, and will likely not act out unless someone is unkind to them or doesn’t approach them with gentleness. 

Can Boxers Be Left Alone In An Apartment?

When you have properly trained your boxer to handle being by themselves, they will do just fine in an apartment. That said, they shouldn’t be left on their own for extended periods of time very often, outside of when you have to work. Otherwise, you should have someone come by and take them for an occasional walk. 

This is because boxers, like many dogs, are prone to separation anxiety. This condition is not good for their health. Boxers create strong bonds with humans and, in a perfect world, they would be around you all the time. Of course, that’s not possible, but you should be aware of how much time you can spend with a boxer before adopting one. 

Separation anxiety can lead to sadness, which is not healthy for dogs. It could also alter their appetite and their typically calm temperament. Your boxer could end up getting distressed and restless waiting for you to come home when they’re not used to being alone for a long time. This could lead to unsavory behaviors such as destructive tendencies and excessive barking. 

Making Your Apartment Boxer Friendly 

You should ensure that your apartment is somewhat “puppy proof” in the sense that there aren’t a bunch of things blocking any path for your boxer to walk through. When boxers get excited, they can become a little bit clumsy, and you don’t want them breaking any of your valuables. 

It’s also worth having some area rugs for warmth and to avoid slipping and strain on your boxer’s joints. Hard flooring can be tough for your boxer to traverse. 

Of course, you also want to have some toys for your boxer to chew on and mingle with. One good option to have are puzzle toys, as these can help entertain your boxer while also helping them use their brains. Having these types of toys are good for bad weather days when you can’t take them outside as much, but need to tire them out. 

You should also be aware that boxers are sensitive to extreme weather, as well as dust, so keeping your apartment swept and vacuumed often is needed. Additionally, an apartment without air conditioning or heat in the winter is not ideal for a boxer. 

Training Your Boxer For Apartment Living 

Giving your boxer enough opportunities to exercise is going to be crucial for apartment living to go smoothly. Boxers have a lot of energy, so they need somewhere to release it. Otherwise, they’ll be running around the apartment all day trying to tire themselves out which could end up creating a lot of noise and destruction. 

Each dog is different in terms of their exercise needs and preferences, but generally speaking, your boxer is going to need at least an hour or two a day of outside time. You should play outside with your dog on a leash, go for a nice stroll, and play with some toys inside. This will help poop them out, especially before you have to leave. 

You also want to slowly expose your boxer to being home alone to avoid separation anxiety, which could cause them to frantically pace the apartment awaiting your return. You can do this by leaving the apartment for a few minutes at a time, slowly increasing the amount of time you’re gone as they become more comfortable. Just be sure they get a treat for being good. 

Since they won’t have a yard at their disposal to go to the bathroom, you’ll have to take them outside more frequently. It’s worth having a couple of puppy pads in an area they can access, just in case, especially when they’re home by themselves. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, boxers are very well-behaved dogs that take to training well and are adaptable to environments that are adapted to their needs. So even though they are big, are boxers good apartment dogs? Absolutely, given that the apartment is safe and you make an effort to give them outside time. 

Boxers can become a little noisy and unruly if they are just left on their own in the apartment all day, or if they aren’t taken for some walks to become worn out. Generally speaking, so long as you take care of their needs, boxers will love nothing more than living in an apartment because you’re there.