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Are Boxers Cuddly?

Are Boxers Cuddly?

Boxers might look intimidating to those who aren’t familiar with the breed. Looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to larger dogs. Are boxers tough, or are boxers cuddly?

Boxers are some of the most cuddly, most gentle dogs you could encounter. Their name might insinuate that these dogs are fighters, but they are the absolute opposite. Training and socialization are still important to keep your boxer’s behavior in check, but it’s in their nature to be sweet and cuddly dogs. 

Most people who have had boxers in their family would agree that they bring a lot of happiness and laughter to the home. Sometimes they act very silly, especially when they know it makes you smile. 

Are Boxers Cuddly?

Boxers are naturally big fans of snuggling their family members. These dogs need a lot of attention and they aren’t going to be afraid to show you as much. After you come home from work or wake up in the morning, your boxer is going to want to climb into your lap for some cuddling and pets. 

Boxers might snuggle right into you by putting as much of their bodies onto your lap as they can. Since boxers can grow to be quite large, they might not be able to fit into your lap. That won’t stop them from trying. They might also lean into your body to get some of your warmth. 

When boxers are young, they might still have cuddly tendencies but not usually to the extent of adult boxers. When they’re young, they have much more energy that needs to be burned off before they’ll readily climb into your lap. 

Are Boxers Lap Dogs?

Boxers don’t realize just how big they are, so they have no problem jumping into your lap for a cuddle. This can be difficult to manage, especially for younger children. Boxers would never just jump on a smaller person to be vicious or careless; they genuinely just don’t realize that they could potentially hurt someone by jumping into their lap. 

If you have small children at home, you’ll want to put in some effort to teach your boxer how to be gentler in their approach to cuddling. These dogs seem to gravitate towards younger children, likely because of their playful nature. Your boxer might want to try and fit on their lap too, and your child might not be able to physically move them into a more comfortable position. 

Why Boxers Love Cuddling

Many people will look at a boxer with their brute strength and size and wonder how they could possibly be so cuddly. When boxers were originally bred, they were conditioned to perform a variety of duties such as hunting and working. Perhaps this is partially why boxers learned to bond so deeply with humans. 

Despite being bred for purposes such as working, boxers have grown quite fond of being domesticated instead. They do have a lot of energy that they need to burn off throughout the day, and they tend to only slow down once they get older. 

Boxers And Physical Touch 

Physical touch seems to be a very important need of boxers, which is one of the reasons they seem to love cuddling so much. A lot of the ways boxers interact with their humans is through various types of touch. Respecting their need for physical affection can nurture the bond between you and your dog. 

Boxers like to hold on to people, and will usually put their paw on your lap or on your shoulder to get your attention. They might also lay their head in your lap in a very endearing way to show you they trust you, they love you, and they want to be with you. 

When your boxer comes to cuddle with you and you feel the weight of their body relax into you, that’s a sure sign that they are comfortable in your presence and see you as a source of safety. They will often sigh and instantly relax when you start petting them and embrace the cuddle. 

Boxers are even known to love hugs, and try to reciprocate that action with their humans. They will stand on their hind legs and wrap their arms around your shoulders. They will wag their tails and bums excitedly, especially if you hug them back. Just be sure you don’t encourage this behavior around small children so they don’t accidentally knock them over. 

Are Boxers Affectionate In Other Ways?

Boxers will show you that they love you in a lot of ways outside of cuddling with you. Holding eye contact with you and giving you slow blinks is one way they show affection towards you. They only hold eye contact with people that they trust completely. 

The same is true with how they show their belly; they love their belly rubs, but only if they trust you to be gentle with them. 

Like many dogs, they also love giving kisses. Their kisses can be constant and quite messy with slobber, and they aren’t afraid of going for your face either. They will also nuzzle you when they want you to pet them or pay attention to them, or need you to adjust yourself so they can jump up on the couch with you. 

Boxers also enjoy following their family members around the house to see what they are up to. They will want to be around you most of the time when you’re home. If you make them feel included and talk to them throughout the day, their feelings towards you will only increase. 

How Boxers Show Affection 

Boxers are very excitable dogs that love being egged on and celebrated as good dogs. This is especially true when they are younger. They will calm down to a certain extent as they get older. That all said, when your boxer gets excited to see you, you’re going to know it, and that’s a telltale sign of affection that they like to express. 

Boxers are going to want to play with you a lot when they’ve bonded with you. Taking the time to run around with your dog, throwing toys for them, and taking them on walks will increase their affection towards you. Once they’ve tired out, they’ll likely be in the mood for a cuddle. 

Do Boxers Become Clingy?

Boxers tend not to be clingy, but they do enjoy your company. People who aren’t used to an overly affectionate dog might seem like they’re clingy. Boxers just prefer to be around people instead of on their own or with another dog. Even if they aren’t next to you, they would rather you be in the room. 

If you notice a change in how much they depend on your company, it could be a sign of something being wrong. For instance, if your boxer isn’t feeling well, they might want to stick around you for some comfort. 

If you don’t notice any other worrying symptoms such as a lack of appetite or lethargy, it might not be a cause for concern. It’s very possible that if they are just being extra clingy without any other symptoms, they might have just been spooked by something and are looking for your reassurance that everything is okay. 

Can Boxers Be Too Cuddly?

Boxers can form pretty tight attachments to their families. This can be a wonderful thing, but it can also become an issue if they are too dependent on you. This is especially true if you have to leave home often and there isn’t always someone who can spend time with them. 

When you do get home, and they have this overdependence on you, all they are going to want to do is cuddle you because they miss you so much. While this is very sweet, letting things get to the point where your boxer can’t stand to be apart from you can lead to behavioral issues. 

Your boxer might become destructive or overly anxious when you’re not around. They can become much more difficult to manage or break out of that dependency. You don’t want to neglect them, but you also don’t want to make them so dependent on your presence that they cannot function without you. 

They can learn to be independent while also loving your company when you are home, so long as you let them have their own space throughout the day. When they come to cuddle, you don’t have to deny them any cuddles. 

Final Thoughts 

Boxers are lovers and not fighters. Are boxers cuddly? More than many other dogs, which is one of the many reasons people who have owned boxers love the breed so much. Boxers love nothing more than to be a part of your life in any way they possibly can be. 

When you hear a dog being described as a gentle giant, there is perhaps no dog that fits that description more than a boxer. Raising a boxer and seeing the love in their eyes when they cuddle up next to you is a gift you’ll treasure for your whole lives together.