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Are Boxers a Good Family Dog?

Are Boxers a Good Family Dog?

Boxers are well-loved for their playful and goofy personalities. Before adopting one of these dogs, many people wonder “are Boxers a good family dog?” 

Boxers are known to be really good family dogs as they are adaptable to different types of households. These friendly dogs are very loyal to the people they love and form very good bonds with them. This breed is also great with children because Boxers have the right balance of playfulness and gentleness.

Before you bring a dog into your household, it’s important to know about the breed’s temperament. Today, we’re going to discuss why Boxers are an excellent choice for a family pet. There’s a lot to love about this dog breed. Keep reading to learn more about them. 

Are Boxers Good Family Dogs?

Boxers are a great family dog because this breed is always happiest when around people. These dogs have many qualities that make them an excellent choice for being around families. They are loveable companions, extremely loyal, playful, and protective. 

One of the biggest concerns families have when choosing a dog to adopt is how it reacts around children. Boxers have a reputation for being absolute sweethearts around kids. Parents don’t have to worry about the dog being too aggressive for the kid or the kid being too rowdy for the dog. Boxers and children have the right personality balance to enjoy each other’s company.

Boxers have a lot of energy, and after a long day it may seem like your kid is the only one that can keep up to the dog. This is part of the reason that Boxers become so close to kids. Both children and Boxers have fun-loving and energetic personalities by nature. 

While your Boxer will have fun romping around with the kids, the dog also has good senses. Even though the Boxer has a lot of energy, it will still remain gentle when having fun with the kids. These dogs don’t get aggressive, lunge, or snap when playing with kids (or even adults for that matter). Boxers are very patient with kids, even when they are being handsy.

Boxers Will Become a Part of the Family

Every dog was originally bred with a purpose to serve. What makes Boxers a unique breed is that they were bred for many different purposes. A boxer could be trained to hunt, race, guard, or be a companion, among many more jobs. Since Boxers are excellent companions, they thrive when they are around people.

When you adopt a Boxer, you are not just getting a pet. You will be getting another family member. Boxers are very loyal dogs, which is why they are a top choice for family pets. These dogs will easily warm up to every member of your household as well. They enjoy the companionship of being around people, so don’t be surprised to always find your Boxer where you are.

While Boxers are energetic dogs, they also love cuddling. When you’re lounging on the sofa watching a movie or curled up in bed for a nap, the Boxer will be happy to join you. Boxers have a lot of love to give and are very affectionate dogs. Even though these dogs may look mean, they are soft and sensitive.

How To Tell if a Boxer Loves You

When a family adopts a Boxer, they often go out of their way to make sure the dog feels loved and comfortable. This has people wondering if their dog loves them back. Boxers do form very strong bonds with the family members it lives with. If your Boxer loves you and other members of your household, there are signs it will show.

The bum wiggle is the most obvious sign of love. When someone enters the room and a Boxer begins to wag its tail, that means the dog is happy to see them. If you spot your dog doing this, you’ll know that it loves you. Eye contact is another sign of love, as Boxers will look at their favorite person in a room.

When a Boxer follows someone around the house and outdoors, it means it wants to be around them. If the person is sitting down, the dog is likely to lean against them. The Boxer may even try to sit on them as well just to get closer.

Boxers love affection, so a Boxer that feels loved will try to give it back. If your Boxer loves you, expect plenty of licks and hugs.

Boxers Are Very Protective

Once you accept a Boxer into your household, you will have 24-7 security. Boxers are extremely protective of the people they love. They are especially protective over children, as you may notice your Boxer keeping a close eye on your kids when they’re playing outside. 

Boxers are territorial dogs. Since they are very alert, they will always let out a bark to let you know when there is activity on your property. For the most part, these dogs aren’t aggressive. While they will bark to let you know that visitors have arrived, they won’t bark excessively. However, these dogs are able to read emotions and can sense when something isn’t right.

If you’re calm and in a good mood, your Boxer will sense that everything is okay. However, if anyone starts acting aggressive or threatening towards you, the Boxer’s instinct is to immediately protect you from harm. While a well-trained Boxer won’t act aggressively on a regular basis, it will show signs of aggression if you’re in danger. These dogs have a protective instinct.

How Boxers Adapt to Families

Boxers are very adaptable animals, so they do very well with families and meeting new people. Keep in mind that every Boxer dog should be treated as an individual. Most Boxers display a friendly attitude when surrounded by people. However, if you have adopted a Boxer from a shelter that experienced the previous trauma, it may not be as friendly.

For the most part, Boxers get along well with people and can adjust to living with families. If you adopt a Boxer as a puppy, it’s important to start training and socializing the dog at an early age. If a Boxer hasn’t been socialized, it may be nervous and more territorial around people. This is why it’s important to start socializing the dog between 6 and 16 weeks of age.

When a Boxer has been socialized, it can be trusted to play with kids and act obedient when visitors stop by. However, it’s also important that a Boxer gets enough activity. If a Boxer gets enough exercise daily, it will be well-behaved around others. This is why it’s important that dog owners ensure their Boxers get at least 90 minutes of exercise each day. 

If a family tends to the Boxer’s needs by providing physical and mental activity, the Boxer will adapt very well to living with them. 

How to Make a Boxer Like You

If you’re looking to make friends with a Boxer dog, we have some news for you. It’s incredibly easy to get a Boxer to like you. When your family adopts a Boxer, there are a few things that you can do to ensure the dog feels like it’s part of the family. Dogs aren’t much different than humans in the sense that they want to be included.

Bring your dog along for activities so it knows you want to be around it. If it feels welcomed by the family, it’s more likely to feel like part of it. They love when you take them outdoors or along for a car ride. Boxers also respond well to a positive attitude, so if you’re happy when you greet the dog, it’ll sense that you are pleased by its presence.

Boxers also respond well to affection. When you take time to tend to the dog’s needs and care for it, it feels loved. Something as simple as brushing or a bath can actually bring you closer to the dog. This is because you are putting full focus on the Boxer and showing them a kind side of yourself. 

As long as you are nice to the Boxer dog, it’s not hard to get it to like you. These dogs are always happy to make a new human friend.

Final Thoughts

Are Boxers a good family dog? Yes, Boxers are very good family dogs. They enjoy being surrounded by people and are very friendly when meeting new people. If you have small kids, a Boxer is a great choice for a pet. Boxers are gentle but also very playful. This is why they get along with children very well. 

Boxers are very adaptable, so it’s easy to form a good bond with one of these dogs. They are very loyal dogs, who are also protective of loved ones by nature. If you bring a Boxer into your household, it will be a full-time watchdog for your family. While Boxers may look mean, they can be very sweet and affectionate with their families.