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Are Beagles stubborn?

Are Beagles stubborn?

When choosing the right dog to add to your family it is important that you know the dog’s characteristics. Will they need a lot of attention, will they be gentle around children, and even are they stubborn? Beagles are one of the most common family pets so it is important that you know exactly how they will fit into your family and how best to train them. So, are beagles stubborn? Can they be trained to listen? Find out all of this and more below.

To sum it up in response to the questions are beagles stubborn? The simple answer is yes. Although they were originally bred to be used on animals, beagles are not known to be great listeners. If something catches their attention, such as a certain smell, then you may have a very hard time distracting them from it.

If you are looking to introduce a beagle into your home you should know as much as possible about them in advance. This will give you the advantage of knowing what is normal behavior and what isn’t. That way you can tailor their training to best suit your dog. After all, although there are traits common to a particular breed, not all dogs are alike and each has their own distinct personality. So, understanding just how stubborn beagles can be and how to train them to listen to you is very important. To learn more keep reading.

Are Beagles stubborn?

One of the first things to know about beagles is that yes, they can be very stubborn. It may seem like they cannot hear or are simply ignoring you but in fact, beagles have a very limited concentration, and once their attention is fixed on something it can be very difficult to get them to concentrate on something else.

This is because traditionally beagles were bred to be used to help hunt animals. So, the beagle would lock onto the scent of a particular animal and would not give up or focus its attention elsewhere until the animal was found. Although this made them particularly useful for hunting the trait does not translate so well into the family home. 

Although beagles are stubborn by nature there are a few different things that you can do to ensure that your beagle listens to you. This is a much easier task if you have a puppy as the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is particularly true in this case.

It is important that you take your beagle to obedience training lessons and use these skills constantly around the home. That way your beagle will grow up knowing that they need to listen to you. If you allow your beagle so simply do as they please do not get frustrated if you struggle to get their attention.

Why is my Beagle so disobedient? 

By nature beagles are persistent and have a lot of endurance. Again, although this skill makes them great hunters it does not make them great listeners. If you have a puppy then they can be trained to learn to be obedient, but if you have an older dog who has grown up, either under your care or that of someone else, without being taught how to be obedient then you will certainly struggle.

Beagles are also very energetic dogs that love to play and run. So, if they are having a fun time playing and you tell them to stop, if they have not been trained to do so, then they will happily carry on and ignore you, making them seem disobedient.

If you do not exercise your beagle sufficiently then you will find that they get bored very easily. As a result of this they will try to entertain themselves and let off some steam. This can take the form of running around, biting and generally causing a mess.

So, if your beagle is particularly disobedient one root cause could be that they are not getting enough attention and exercise. After all, they were bred to run for miles and if you are not meeting their exercise requirements then they will simply take matters into their own hands.

Another reason why your beagle may be disobedient is that they feel a lack of love. Beagles are pack animals which means that they love to be around others all of the time. If your beagle is left alone for a significant portion of the day then they may begin to suffer from separation anxiety. This will cause them to act out as a response. 

Are Beagles really hard to train?

Beagles are known for being hard to train due to their stubborn nature. However, this does not mean that they are impossible to train. Are beagles stubborn? Yes. But can they be trained? Yes. 

When training a beagle you may need to take a little bit of extra time and have a little bit more patience than you would with other breeds of dog. However, once your beagle is fully trained you will certainly see the benefits of it. You will have a loving dog that listens to commands and can be trusted around your family and strangers. 

Beagles will naturally follow their innate instincts and follow their nose as soon as they pick up any interesting smells. This is a fantastic trait if you have adopted a beagle as a hunting dog, however, for the vast majority of people who simply want a beagle as a family pet it is not a great trait to have. 

By taking your time and training your beagle correctly you will teach them to listen to you before their nose. If you want a dog that instinctively wants to please you then a lab may be a better option for you. A beagle will do as they please independently of you unless they are taught otherwise. 

One of the best ways to ensure that your beagle is obedient is to set a playtime and exercise schedule. This will help them become accustomed to the routine and they will not act out as they know that exercise and stimulation is coming. Stimulating toys and treats as a reward for good behavior are also great ways to encourage your dog to learn to be obedient. 

How do you discipline a Beagle?

When it comes to disciplining a beagle you should ensure that you are always consistent. If one time you discipline your beagle for a certain behavior, but another time you encourage it, then you will be sending mixed signals to them and they will not know how to act. This can lead to even worse behavior in the long run. 

When disciplining your beagle you should do the following:

  • Tell them off at the time of the incident. If you leave it too long they will not know what they are in trouble for and they may associate the discipline with a different action. 
  • Use a stern tone of voice and strong body language. There is no point in telling your beagle off using a sweet tone of voice as they will not be able to recognize that they have done something wrong.
  • Make sure you consistently discipline them for unwanted actions. Never let a single time slide.
  • If they do something good then reward them. This will help you to train them toward good behavior and avoid bad behavior. It will also make you seem more friendly in the eyes of your dog.
  • You may need to use a squirt bottle as beagles are not easily distracted or stopped from certain actions, particularly if they involve a smell. Something as shocking as water may need to be used in certain cases.

Beagles are rather a stubborn breed of dog as they were bred this way historically to make them the perfect hunting dog. They will happily follow their own train of thought and stop only when they are satisfied. 

For that reason, if you are looking to adopt a beagle it is important that you get them the proper training. Obedience training is particularly important as it will teach the beagle to listen to your commands over their natural instincts. This way you can have a happy and fun dog who will listen to you. This can also help to keep them out of harm’s way.

It is important to keep up the training in the home by making it very clear when the beagle has done an undesirable action and by rewarding them when they are behaving well.