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Are Beagles Loyal?

Are Beagles Loyal?

Did you know that the Beagle is one of the most popular loyal dog breeds? In fact, it is the fifth most commonly kept pet dog in the United States. Belonging to the hound family, this medium-sized dog has long, droopy ears and super cute looks. This active breed is known for its cheerful and mischievous nature and intelligent natural instinct. Beagles were originally trained as hunting dogs and they have one of the most powerful senses of smell among dog breeds. They also have a very interesting temperament, attachment, and loyalty towards owners. In fact, many people say they are ideal family pets.

So, are beagles loyal by nature? Yes, these dogs develop a very strong affinity with their owner over time. They show a high level of loyalty and love towards their owner. This loyal nature also stems from the fact that these dogs were hunting companions for Englishmen in historic times.   

This cute family dog is always up for some fun. But here’s the truth: whether you’re going for a walk in the park or heading to the beach, your Beagle will come running after you. They are super enthusiastic and strong-willed dogs. They absolutely love their owner’s company. But what does this mean for you? Will your pet Beagle follow you literally everywhere? Will you ever get alone time? How attached do these dogs get? And how genuine is their loyalty? We know you have these questions, so let’s find out all about it. 

Are Beagles loyal to their owners?

The Beagle’s history allows us to understand the degree of their loyalty to their owner. Their ancestors used to hunt animals while accompanying their owners.

 Even now, many people like to keep them as a loyal companion when hunting. This means loyalty and companionship are in their genes. They are exceptionally well at cooperating with humans and working with them. This history of Beagles is one of the main reasons why they form strong bonds with their owners.

Over the years, Beagles have become even more loyal. They are keen on taking on responsibilities and are protective of their owner and family. They generally love being around their family, playing with their owner, and being a best friend to them. 

Do Beagles get attached to one person?

One interesting phenomenon is how Beagles also exhibit clingy behavior. In fact, they are known to follow around their owner all the time. What could be the reason for this behavior in this particular dog breed? Well, there are a few possible explanations.

Beagles were originally bred and taught to work in packs (they are pack animals). This made them accustomed to traveling in groups. The same can be seen when it comes to their owner and family. The Beagles like to stay in close proximity to those who they consider as family. This helps them feel calm and happy. 

Another reason for this could be that this excellent hunting breed usually had one master who they obeyed. The dogs were given tasks to follow and identify and work solely with their owner. Hence, even today, these dogs have a strong affiliation with their owner and tend to follow them. 

The Beagle is loving towards all family members, but their loyalty towards their ‘one’ owner is something else. Just like children, companion dogs can also have a favorite person. And compared to other loyal dog breeds, Beagles have a tendency to get extremely attached to their primary caretaker. 

They usually pick their favorite family member depending on how much time they spend together. The more you play, engage, and nurture your pet Beagle, the more attached it grows to you. And yes, some Beagles start sticking to their owners like glue. It is simply their way of showing love. 

How Do Beagles Show Their Loyalty?

These affectionate dogs sure know how to express their loyalty and devotion. They show great curiosity towards owners by taking interest in every little chore or task they do. You might notice your adult Beagle trying to be a part of everything you experience. They simply stay close to their owner at all times, as a demonstration of their loyalty.

This dog breed is also super playful. They are cheerful, friendly, and they love to cuddle. They would jump on you, nuzzle with you, kiss you, come close to you and show you affection in goofy ways. When their owner enters the room, they wiggle, wag their tail, and jump with joy to be in their presence. 

They also show loyalty to their owner by listening to instructions and obeying commands. However, one behavior they are known for is ‘selective deafness. This means they can switch off their other senses when they are scent tracking.

Some people believe that this makes them disobedient sometimes. It can be difficult to tell whether they are ignoring their owner or are simply occupied by a scent. So, it is usually a good idea to practice some proper training for pet Beagles.

This utmost level of attachment to their owner means that Beagles can suffer from separation anxiety. When left alone, they can become very anxious and scared. They will start howling, chewing on things, or get into accidents. It is best to take him along when you go out. Or you can spend time with him before leaving.

Beagle Traits – The Good And The Bad

If you’re considering getting a pet Beagle you might want to know all about its temperament, as well as the main pros and cons of keeping one. Let’s take a look at some of the good and bad traits this dog breed has:

Pros of owning a Beagle

1. Sociable and friendly

They are excellent family dogs because of their sociable and friendly nature. They are amazing with children of all ages and love playing with them and even protecting them. It is extremely rare for this dog breed to get aggressive. 

2. Brave and Protective

This dog is actually quite brave for its size. It may not be the ‘best’ guard dog but its protective tendencies mean it will always be on the guard. They have a loud bark which they use whenever they suspect intruders in your home. Their exceptional nose also helps them track any changes in their environment.

3. Easy to care for

A full-grown Beagle is generally a healthy dog breed. As they don’t have long coats, you don’t have to take extra care or make grooming efforts (low-maintenance coats). So, overall it is a low-maintenance dog. Excellent choice for the first-time dog owner. Also, they are not genetically disposed to many diseases. However, as they have big, floppy ears, they do need regular cleaning. Like any other dog, you need to take care of their hygiene.

4. Small size

Beagles are usually not that big or heavy. Mostly, their height ranges from 13 to 15 inches, and on average, they weigh around 9 -10 kg. This small size is beneficial in many ways. This makes them suitable around smaller children. It also makes it easier to take your pet dog almost everywhere with you. 

Cons of owning a Beagle

1. Attention-seeking

Beagles require more attention from their owners as compared to other loyal dog breeds. They don’t do very well alone and need to have constant companionship, especially from the Beagle owner. This can be problematic in a household where human family members are away for school or work. 

2. Loud

Beagles are notorious for excessive barking more than other loyal dog breeds. They can sometimes be quite loud. 

2. Need obedience training

Beagles can often be very stubborn. As they are scent hounds, they naturally follow their nose and its tracking abilities. It can be very difficult to make them listen when they mute their other senses. So, you need to keep them on a leash during walks and keep them in fenced areas when unleashed.  This also means that Beagles often need to be trained from a young age. 

3. Love to dig

Beagles love to dig whatever they can. This is because they were first used for hunting fox. You would have to be vigilant because the Beagle’s urge to dig could cause a mess in your backyard. 

4. Tendency to overeat

Beagles also have another tendency that you need to be careful about. They love to eat and can easily eat too much. As they have little control of their food intake, the owner has to take responsibility. A balanced and moderate diet is important to prevent your Beagle from becoming overweight. Overeating can also lead to other health issues in dogs.