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Are Beagles Loud?

Are Beagles Loud?

Have you been thinking about getting a beagle? Many people love these friendly, clever, beautiful dogs, and because of their small size, they are frequently thought of as good apartment dogs. However, you might be wondering about the noise levels, because as well as being known for friendliness, beagles are known for being capable of making a lot of noise. This makes them unsuitable for apartments and many other situations, so think carefully before getting one, and consider what downsides a noisy dog might have. Problematic neighbors, babies being woken up, and disturbed nights are a few common issues that people run into.

So, are beagles loud? Yes, they are very loud dogs. They can bark and bay tirelessly if they want to tell you something or they are bored, hungry, restless, anxious, playful, or any number of other things. You can’t keep a beagle quiet, though noise can be managed via training.

We’re going to look at how noisy beagles are and whether this makes them unsuitable for living in an apartment, as well as whether beagles can be quiet and some strategies to encourage quietness in your beagle. Finally, we are going to look at some of the things that cause beagles to bark, such as loneliness, and why they often bark during the night. All this should give you a great understanding of how noisy beagles are and how to handle this to get the best from your pet! Just because beagles are noisy doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic dogs to own.

Are Beagles Loud And Noisy?

Yes, beagles are noisy dogs. They were bred as hunting hounds, and often, they were expected to howl or bark to tell the hunters following them which way to head in order to find the quarry. Because of this hunting nature, they have a loud, carrying bark, and they can bark very persistently when determined.

They also make some pretty distinctive noises, and you will probably start to notice three different kinds of bark once you have owned a beagle for a little while. Firstly, there is the howl. This is long, pitiful, and usually a result of your beagle being left alone for too long.

Beagles are pack dogs and really do not like to be left by themselves. They will howl and howl until they get a response – usually as a result of your return. This will drive your neighbors mad and is not good for the dog either, so make sure you get your beagle a companion or think about a daycare or pet sitter if you are going to be out a lot.

You may also sometimes hear your beagle baying, although this is rarer. This is the noise that would traditionally have been used on hunts, and it tells other dogs and the hunters where the dog is and that it has found something worthy of interest.

You might hear your dog make this noise when playing or chasing something, but it is probably not an everyday noise (although every beagle is different!).

Finally, the most standard noise is a bark. Like any other popular dog breeds, beagles bark to let you know about minor events. They might bark to tell you about a neighbor dropping round, or to greet you when you come home. Some beagles are certainly quieter than others, but there’s no doubt that the majority of beagles like to bark.

Are Beagles Too Loud For Apartments? Are Beagles Good Apartment Dogs?

This really depends on both the dog and the situation. Some beagles are much quieter than others, and some neighbors are much more tolerant than others. However, it is likely that if you own a beagle, others in the apartment building will hear it from time to time.

Whether a beagle is too loud will depend on the rules in the apartment, too, and on how much exercise and attention your beagle gets.

Even a well-exercised beagle may bark loudly at times, but if they have all their needs met, they are less likely to bark a lot. You may find that they are quieter after a good run and chase in the park.

Often, it’s difficult to give a beagle enough exercise if you live in an apartment, as they really benefit from off-leash time in an enclosed area. It isn’t a good idea to let them roam free in an open space, because they will follow any scent that takes their interest, so if you don’t have a backyard, their exercise requirements can be hard to fulfill.

Can Beagles Be Quiet?

Rarely, yes. Beagles can be quiet, but they are not quiet dogs. You may be able to discourage yours from barking so much by making sure it is fed, secure, comfortable, and has had plenty of play and attention, but it will still bark from time to time.

You might manage to discourage your adult beagle from barking when all its needs are met through careful training. However, you should be aware that beagles are very stubborn dogs, and training can be a real challenge. 

You will have to work hard to get rid of unwanted barking loop, especially if it has led to your beagle getting its own way in the past. You may find it necessary to attend special classes to get some ideas about how to reduce excessive barking, especially barking for no reason.

Some beagles are much quieter than others, but pretty much every member of this non-aggressive dog breed will have some inbuilt desire to bark and bay. These dogs also grunt, sigh, whine, howl, etc., and they are generally very vocal.

Do Beagles Bark When Left Alone?

One of the surest ways to make your beagle bark is to leave it alone. As pack dogs, they hate being alone, and they will really struggle with this. Many beagles get anxious when they are by themselves because it feels wrong to them; they are used to running with a pack.

They may bark in an attempt to locate other pack members or to call to you and let you know that something is wrong. Howling could also be a means of trying to call other members to them, and this is as bad as (or worse than) incessant barking.

Separation anxiety in dogs can be a challenge to deal with, especially if your circumstances don’t allow you to get your beagle puppy a companion. If you are often out of your home for hours at a time, you should consider getting a dog that is happier when left alone, because beagles really aren’t.

However, you may already have a beagle (after all, your circumstances can change or you might not have been aware of this issue in advance), so what can you do? 

It’s important to give your beagle lots of time and attention before you leave it. A good long walk or run helps, followed by treats and reassurance. Make a safe, enclosed space for your dog to retreat to so it can feel secure and add a white noise machine or dog radio program.

Minimize the fanfare of leaving and returning, so your dog sees it as part of daily life, and if you’re still struggling, talk to an expert.

Do Beagles Bark At Night?

Beagles do sometimes bark at night, especially if they are bored or lonely. If your beagle has not had sufficient exercise and play during the day, it is more likely to bark at night and keep you awake because it is restless and fed up.

Your dog is seeking any kind of attention from you, and it is important not to respond, or this will reinforce the idea that barking equals attention (even negative attention). It makes something happen.

You should ignore barking at night, even if this is really hard, as it will train your dog out of it. However, take note of the restlessness and do more during the day to combat it so your dog is worn out by evening. Try to establish a good bedtime routine, leaving your dog some toys, a comfortable place to sleep, and the clear idea that play is over until the following day!

So, are beagles loud? Yes, they are pretty loud dogs, and they will use their bark to demand attention and companionship a lot of the time. They will also bark to alert you to intruders and bark during play. If you want a quiet dog, most beagles are probably not for you