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Are Beagles Cuddly?

Are Beagles Cuddly?

As dog-lovers, we all love the idea of curling up on the couch with our favorite canine friend. Beagles are one of the most popular breeds of dogs as a choice of pet. Their super cute toy-like features make our hearts melt so who can blame you for wanting to give them a nice big cuddle? Just as it is with any furry friend, you need to be sure that they actually enjoy being cuddled. If any dog is more averse to physical affection, they’ll certainly let you know, and sometimes not in the most pleasant way. So what about Beagles? Do they like the occasional snuggle? 

Are Beagles cuddly? The answer is, yes, they absolutely love cuddling up with humans and other dogs! Beagles were bred as pack dogs, which makes them incredibly social animals. If you invite your beagle up onto the couch, you’ll definitely be there for a while as he or she laps up the attention.

Beagles are popular with families because of their size and friendly nature and plush body. They are also great with small kids. It is completely in their cuddly nature to be around humans and other dogs because they were initially bred to work together while on the hunt as scent hounds. It’s always important to establish what your pets enjoy and what they dislike, as you wouldn’t want to interact with them in a way that makes them feel anxious or distressed. In the rest of this post, we’ll explore more about what Beagles like and don’t like, and what makes them the lovable pooches we love so much! 

Are Beagles Cuddly?

Beagles were originally bred as pack dogs so they are naturally very social dogs. Being around people and other social dogs actually brings them a sense of relief and de-stresses them. They also, in fact, enjoy the physical warmth from being around others.

When you own a dog, it’s a good idea to do some research on what they enjoy and what may make them feel distressed. The good news is, beagles look just as cuddly as they actually are. They’ll happily lie with you on the couch or, if you let them, on the bed. 

In their initial breeding, Beagles became reliant on the other dogs in their pack. These other dogs became companions and they would all snuggle together at night, to keep warm on endurance hunts that lasted more than a day. 

These characteristics have more than likely stuck with the modern and affectionate breed. Beagles really enjoy physical interaction and will absolutely love being physically close to their owners at all times. Being present as an owner is therefore vital if you’re looking to own, or already own an adult beagle.

If you’re lucky enough to have more than one beagle, you’ll also often find them snuggled up together, especially if you’ve been out and about. They find great strength in physical contact (feeling your body temperature) and it helps them feel calm when they are close to each other. 

Beagles, by nature, are very cuddly hound dogs. But, there are some special beagles which actually may not enjoy it that much. Each dog has their own personality, so it’s important to take the time to get to know a beagle, before smothering it with loads of love and affection. 

Do Beagles Get Attached To Their Owners

Loyalty is also part of a beagle’s breeding so they can become incredibly attached to members of the household. They have even been known to suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long. 

Owners of beagles often describe beagles as clingy. They are in fact far more reliant on social interaction than other dog breeds. If you’re looking at getting a beagle, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time with them and show them oodles of love and display of affection. 

You’ll be rewarded with a beautiful and fulfilling companionship that will last a lifetime, as your beagle will become very attached to you. A more loyal friend you will not find. Beagles will endlessly try to please their owners. 

Once you, as the owner, establish yourself as the pack leader, beagles are a smart breed and will try to get your attention by behaving well. If you award their good affectionate behavior, you’ll find that beagles are very easy to train, and you, in turn, will be rewarded with a very loving and cuddly friend. 

The more attached a beagle friend is to you, the more affection your dog will show. They will typically show affection in all the best ways. They will lather you with doggy kisses when you give them the opportunity (i.e. when you’re lying down trying to relax). They will also nestle into you and want to cuddle if they are allowed to.

There are also certain ways in which beagles will show you affection which you may consider impolite or annoying. They will jump on you and jump around the house if they are not trained into understanding that this is in fact bad behavior. 

Don’t ever reward a beagle for bad behavior if it is not how you want them to act. Beagles will try to get your attention in almost any possible way. If they learn that they can get attention through being naughty, this will make them more likely to act out. Try to ignore bad behavior, no matter how cute little beagles might be! 

Remember, the more of a leader you are, the greater a beagle’s attachment to you will be. 

Are Beagles Good Lap Dogs?

Beagles in general make excellent lap dogs because being close to their favorite humans is all they really want. If they had it their way, they would cuddle you all day long. 

They are therefore the ideal dog to have around for some quiet time on the couch. You may often find a beagle making a nest or a den with your blankets. Beagles enjoy being all cozied up in confined spaces so if you’re around to have them on your lap, they will be a very happy Beagle puppy. 

Although pet beagles are great at picking up on low or mellow moods, they also have a lot of energy and need to be exercised often. A beagle will love long walks and playing fetch in a garden or park. 

Having a cuddly beagle as a lap dog is also a great form of therapy for humans. Beagles are very instinctive and will pick up on your moos and emotions. If you’re upset or exhausted after a big day, they will definitely try to comfort you and will be more than happy to lend a helping paw.

Getting comfort and affectionate interactions from dogs is one of the best ways to feel relaxed. There are even special dogs bred nowadays as therapy dogs, specifically for the treatment of anxiety and other mental conditions in humans. 

Do beagles Like to be Picked Up?

So basically, a beagle enjoys all forms of petting and cuddling. They will enjoy getting picked up and coming in for a big snuggle. 

As the Beagle owner, you should also be careful when picking up your puppy. They are known for having back problems and can easily injure themselves during play or even walking up and downstairs. 

Picking up a beagle only seems natural when rewarding good behavior or when you want to move them somewhere they won’t necessarily go on their own. Let’s face it, you want to cuddle them just as much as they want to be close to you. 

When handling beagle puppies, be sure to provide plenty of support to their back and tail. If they are feeling a bit jumpy, it is best to let them jump around on the ground than to wiggle in your arms as this could lead to them twisting their back. 

Beagles will enjoy the attention that comes with being picked up so there are no worries there. Of course, some unique beagles may not be huge fans. In this case, leave them be and love them from a distance. They will eventually come to you for a much-needed cuddle. 

Beagles Are The Cuddliest

Often referred to as clingy and needy, beagles love to have physical interactions with their pack leaders – the owners. They look like a cuddly toy and you can certainly treat them as one. Make sure to provide proper training to weed out any unwanted instinctive behavior like jumping, and you’ll never have to invest in a teddy bear again!