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Are Beagles Affectionate?

Are Beagles Affectionate?

Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds of all (Scent Hounds). You can find them in endless households across America and throughout the rest of the world. So, what is it about beagles that humans seem to love so very much? Well, I’ve examined the subject, focusing specifically on the question “are beagles affectionate?”. I believe that affection is a key component when it comes to dogs – otherwise, wouldn’t we all simply get cats? After ample research and analysis on just how affectionate beagles truly are, I’ve come to one overall conclusion. Are they affectionate and if so, how do they express their affection? I am confident I’ve established an extensive and informative guide to help you understand all you need to know. Read on to find your answer.

Are beagles affectionate? Yes, beagles are described by the American Kennel Society as a friendly and affectionate dog breed. Beagles love humans and express their love by jumping, licking, and cuddling – amongst many other forms of affection. Beagles connect with their humans through physical touch which explains their affectionate personalities.

Have you ever come across an unaffectionate pup? Perhaps you’ve met a dog that makes it clear they have no interest in coming close to you or even walks away while you’re petting it. Undeniably, this is an unfortunate feeling and if you’re thinking of adopting a canine, you may wish you know which breeds won’t act this way. Further, which breeds are full of love and affection. I’ve documented the various ways beagles express their affection for humans so you know just what to expect should you adopt one. Read on for all the information I’ve compiled on the sweet beagle and just how full of love they are.

Are Beagles Affectionate?

Beagles are classified as an affectionate breed. Starting from the 17th century, beagles were bred to be hunting dogs. They were encouraged to work in packs with other beagles to hunt ground prey such as rabbits. Over time, they became a household favorite because of their noticeably calm temperament and loving nature. Beagles are now regarded as some of the friendliest dogs around.

Beagles love kisses, burrowing, and jumping up on their loved ones. In addition to these wonderful traits, you will likely find these little guys trailing behind you around the house no matter where you go. They follow their humans constantly to show their loyalty. Though these are just a few of many ways in which beagles express their affection which I will elaborate on below.

Beagles are also the perfect lapdog. They rarely weigh above 25 pounds, and they are well aware of how cute and cuddly their size makes them. You can expect your beagle to curl up next to you and burrow their little nose into your side until you can’t help but hold them. Beagles thrive on human touch and affection. They are not necessarily attention-seeking, but they do enjoy expressing their unconditional love. Thus, you will likely find your beagle taking every opportunity to kiss you, cuddle you, and jump on you. In other words, beagles are undoubtedly affectionate hound dogs and your lack of affection is something they try to avoid.

How do Beagles Show Affection?

Now that I’ve established the fact that beagles are affectionate pups, let’s explore how they go about expressing their affection. The following behaviors are characteristic of beagles and contribute to their classification as affectionate canines.

Burrowing – Beagles are burrowers because of their initial domestication. As mentioned, they were bred to be hunting dogs, specifically for burrowing animals such as rabbits and squirrels. Though beagles are, more often than not, loyal companions today, they still have that burrowing instinct. This inherent trait comes out frequently as a sign of affection.

If your beagle is sitting next to you as you watch a film, they will likely start nuzzling up to you and then it will turn into a full-on burrow. They want to be close to you as physical touch is very important to them. Their burrowing allows them to get up close and personal. It also brings them comfort to be engulfed in the human embrace achieved through their burrowing.

Licking – When we were kids and a dog licked us, we were (understandably) confused as to why and maybe even startled. Eventually, someone likely explained to us that a dog’s lick was their way of kissing and showing affection. After that, we embraced the licking because we knew it was love. Beagles love to lick and therefore, love to show their love and appreciation.

Whether it’s a slobbery kiss on the nose or a continuous lick of your hands, you will likely find your beagle kissing you constantly. It is one of the primary ways in which they show their affection. If you’re not a fan of licking, you may wish to train your beagle to hold back on its kisses. If you intend on doing so, I recommend starting early as lots of licking is inherent to these pups, and training it out of them will prove most effective if they learn young.

Following You Around – Another way in which your full-grown beagle will prove their love for you is by following you around. This may mean staying with you as you complete your daily tasks around the house or keeping right in sync with your steps on their daily walk. Beagles want to be close to their humans at all times which often means quite literally following your every move. So, be careful where you step because your pup will be right behind!

Jumping Up on You (And Everyone Else) – If you’re looking for a pup that will run to greet you without fail when you come home each day, the beagle is a perfect breed for you. These pups will jump up on you or jump around you until you give them the attention they desire.

This form of affection is not everyone’s favorite as a jumpy dog tends to frighten children and occasionally irritate adults (or cover your freshly washed outfit in dirt). I recommend proper training these bad behaviors out of your dog early on. Despite their small size, the constant jumping isn’t ideal and is often unwelcomed by guests. A jumpy beagle runs the risk of knocking over a small child or constantly covering your clothes in mud and hair. Thus, the sooner you train them to stay seated when showing their affection, the easier your life will be.

Cuddling – Beagles are cuddlers. They were originally bred for hunting and learned to cuddle with each other and humans on cold nights to maintain warmth. So cuddling is inherent to them. This could mean crawling into bed with you, sitting by your side on the couch, and even simply laying on top of your feet to keep them warm. Their cuddling ways are indicative of their love and affection for their humans.

Are Beagles a Loving Dog Breed?

Affectionate behavior is a form of love. So, beagles are, by definition, a loving popular breed. Specifically, beagles love humans. They enjoy being around humans and expressing themselves through touch and loving actions. However, their friendly and independent nature does not stop at humans. They are also extremely loving towards other dogs. Their even temperament means they interact respectfully and their need for companionship encourages them to build friendships and express their affection. They are loving with both humans and pups alike which makes playdates enjoyable for all.

This family pet is also loving in that he will sense your mood and emotions and want to help. If you’ve had a bad day and are visibly upset, your beagle can read that emotion. They will do everything they can to make you feel better. They will cuddle you, burrow into you, and sit on your feet to comfort you because they care. Their loving instincts kick in when they feel your emotion.

Another way beagles prove their loving and affectionate nature is in their lack of aggression. Many small to medium dogs tend to become aggressive around small children and other dogs. Beagles, on the other hand, tend to remain calm and loving across the board.

I hope it’s now more than clear that beagles are affectionate dogs. They love to love. They are universally understood to be calm and friendly pups who appreciate every second they are around humans. If you’re looking for a man’s best friend, you will undoubtedly find it in a beagle.