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Are Akita Inus Good Family Dogs?

Are Akita Inus Good Family Dogs?

The Akita Inus is a powerful dog breed that was initially to protect royalty and hunt wild boars. This makes them an intimidating breed with plenty of affection for their owners while also being fearlessly loyal. They never back down from a challenge, sometimes getting them into trouble if they are not adequately socializing with other dogs and humans.

Are Akita Inus good family dogs? Akitas are affectionate and protective, so they want to be part of any family activities and get along well with children. However, Akitas can be aggressive towards other dogs and have prominent personalities, so households with other pets or first-time dog owners should be wary. 

Keep reading to learn about the temperament of Akita Inus with other people, dogs, and children and what other behaviors you can expect before you decide whether an Akita is best for you and your family. 

Are Akita Inus Good Family Dogs?

Akitas are incredibly loyal to their families, which makes them naturally wary of strangers or other dogs. They are especially aggressive towards dogs of the same sex, so if you have another dog, you might want to think carefully about welcoming an Akita into your family. 

Are Akita stubborn?

Akitas are exceptionally playful, and they will love the companionship they form with their family, so do not be surprised if they want to be part of your daily tasks. However, they are known to have strong personalities and are stubborn, so they need an owner who can give them loving discipline to keep them in check. 

Can you leave Akitas alone?

Due to their strong bond with their owners, Akitas don’t do well when left alone for long periods. They’re best suited for families that either work from home or can take their dog with them to work since hours of separation can cause them anxiety. 

Do Akita Inus shed a lot?

If you have a busy and growing family, then chances are you don’t have the time or energy to be cleaning up dog hair all the time. Unfortunately for the Akita Inu, they shed a lot because of their short and thick fur. Akitas are initially from colder climates, so they have a fur coat to protect them from freezing and wet weather.

Not only will they shed, but they will also need regular and thorough grooming. This is not a brush-and-dog dog but one that will need to be patiently groomed either by you or a groomer they have acclimatized to. 

General health issues

Before adopting any breed of dog, you should know some of the common health issues they are prone to. While all dog owners hope that their dog will never get sick, you need preparation for the care your dog may need in the future. If you can give them that care because of other obligations, maybe an Akita isn’t the dog for you.

The most common illness for Akita Inus is hip dysplasia which causes issues with walking, rising, and loss of bulk in their thighs. Most of the time, hip dysplasia requires surgery to entirely correct. 

There are also a few immune system disorders associated with Akitas that can affect skin and weakness in the skeletal muscles that can affect breathing. 

Dogs with these illnesses require more care to help them move around, need to be given medications, and may need someone with them at all times. For more information about the health issues for Akitas, you can check out the People’sPeople’s Dispensary for Sick Animals website

What is the temperament of Akita dog?

Akita Inus are brilliant dogs which means that they can also be very stubborn and independent. They can be challenging to train, and they must get the proper training while still puppies.

Keep in mind that Akitas have guardian instincts, so they will need training in socializing with other dogs and people to prevent them from acting out when feeling provoked. They don’t adapt very quickly to new situations or people, so have patience as they navigate new surroundings or routines. 

Do Akita Inus bark a lot?

Some people believe that Akitas never barks, but the opposite is true. They’re not overly mouthy, but they bark if they think the situation warrants it, as well as grumble and make other noises to get your attention. An Akita will voice their opinion on any matter, whether it’s how you’re doing your laundry to when it’s time for bed. 

However, Akitas can be somewhat aloof when around strangers. They generally don’t do well with interacting with new people, but they’re at their best when their owners are with them. 

If you are looking for unwavering loyalty and a strong protector that will follow you from room to room, then Akitas is an excellent fit for you. 

Are Akitas good with kids?

Akitas are very playful and loyal to the children that are part of their family. However, the unpredictability of children outside of their families can rub Akitas the wrong way. They don’t like to be teased or have screaming children running towards them. It ignites their protective instincts, and they may bark or act aggressively. 

It’s important to remember that all dogs are different and will interact with children or people in general differently depending on past experiences and training. If you are looking for an Akita that interacts well with children, you can adopt a young puppy that you can then train them to get along with kids or adopt a more mature Akita that has previously lived with children. 

If you want help finding an Akita to adopt in your area, then you can check out the Petfinder website and search for available adoptions. 

Remember that Akitas sometimes need some extra time to adjust to new situations, so it may be that you need to carefully watch your Akita during their initial interactions with children but then will eventually get comfortable with being around kids. 

Akitas are generally very affectionate with their whole family. They will love playing and getting attention, so raising them to get along with children can be an excellent way to get the attention they crave and tire them out with hours of play. 

While Akitas are not large dogs, but they aren’t small dogs either. It’sIt’s intimidating or scary for a dog of this size to bark or runs at a small child. Consider the age of your children and help well they will interact with an Akita as well. Teaching your kids to be gentle and quieter can make a huge difference in getting a dog used to interacting with children. 

Do Akitas get along with cats and other pets?

Akitas can sometimes get along with cats, but it can be unpredictable because of their strong prey instinct. Since Akitas are hunting dogs, they can view cats and other pets as game instead of fellow family members, so it’s best to avoid leaving them alone together. 

How well an Akita gets along with other pets will depend on what kind of pet it is, whether the Akita is bigger or more assertive. The smaller the pet, the more likely an Akita will see them as something to hunt.

Are Akita Inus easy to train?

However, training will make all the difference. Young Akita puppies that are well socialized and grow up in a household with other pets are more likely to get along well with them. An older Akita who has never had to share their home with other pets or has interacted regularly will be aggressive. 

However, this may be an area where you hire professional help as the Akita’sAkita’s independent and stubborn nature can make training them difficult and time-consuming. 

Final Thoughts

Are Akita Inus good family dogs? This is a rather tricky question because it depends on the training the Akita receives and the individual dog itself. However, if you’re looking for a loyal dog that will serve as a protector and close friend, then an Akita could be the perfect dog for you and your family. 

Remember that they need a lot of attention, leaving them for long periods alone or with other people they do not know well. If you are going to be at work while they’re home alone or your family travels a lot, then you might want to reconsider getting an Akita.