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20 Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone For 8 Hours

20 Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone For 8 Hours

Owning a dog and working a full-time job can be a challenge. It requires time, energy, and effort to take care of a dog all day long. Some dogs may not have what it takes to stay at home alone for 8 hours while their owners work their jobs. These types of dogs need other people (babysitting) during the day or would do best with other dogs in the household that will keep them company. Here is a list of 20 dog breeds that can handle being left alone for 8 hours without any problems:

1. American Foxhound

If you live in an area where your house and yard are big enough and your neighborhood is safe enough, this breed will make sure to take care of itself while you are gone. This breed needs exercise every single day and if you have a big yard it will thank you for letting it run around and burn some energy.

2. Basenji

This breed is very independent and can really take care of itself. If your day job requires you to leave the house every day, this hound has got your back. It doesn’t bark or whine when left alone for 8 hours so no need to worry about upsetting the neighbors.

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3. Greyhounds

Another breed that is independent enough to handle being left alone most of the day. This breed needs daily exercise but if you find time after work they will love taking long walks with you. They are used to spending most of their days laying around outside, so don’t feel leaving them alone during working hours will upset them.

4. Ibizan Hound

This breed is very smart and doesn’t need much attention from you for it to be happy. It’s a low-energy dog that loves being outside so a big yard or a park nearby will keep this hound very busy during the day while you work.

5. Norwegian Elkhound

Very alert, hardy, and loyal breed, no need to worry about leaving this breed alone for 8 hours every day of the week. Their bark is impressive so they can protect your property if needed but don’t expect them to get in over their head with intruders. They are smart enough not to take on more than they can chew.

6. Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Confident and intelligent, this breed is usually very calm and relaxed when they are in the house. They can be left inside or outside during working hours with no problems whatsoever. As long as they get their daily exercise after work they will be happy campers.

7. Shiba Inu

This breed may not always look like it but it has a lot of energy that needs to be released on a daily basis for at least an hour or two. If you have a big enough yard for this hound to run around in it will make sure to take care of itself while you are gone and keep your property safe from intruders.

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8. Standard Poodle

For poodle owners that also like to work full-time jobs, this breed is perfect for you. This poodle doesn’t need much attention and will be happy if it has a big yard or parks nearby where it can run around, play fetch or just explore.

9. Weimaraner

This breed may not always look like it but they are strong dogs that love running around and exploring every single day. A big enough yard with some type of fence so they can get their daily exercise will keep this dog entertained while you are gone. Do not leave them outside unsupervised for too long because they may get themselves into trouble.

10. Puli

Even though Pulis does require a lot of grooming, these dogs don’t need constant companionship to be happy. They are very smart dogs that will make sure to take care of themselves while you are gone. A big enough yard or a park nearby where they can run around and release some energy will do great for these types of dogs.

11. Basenjis

Another breed that is very independent, Basenjis don’t need much attention from their owners to be happy. These hounds are very smart and love being outdoors so having a big enough yard with a fence or park nearby where they can exercise every day will keep these pups busy during the day while you work.

12. Bullmastiffs

This dog is not only loyal but also quiet most of the time. They prefer relaxing by your side all day long so if you work during the day and come home every evening to relax this is a great breed for you.

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13. Great Danes

If you are looking for a big dog that will be quiet most of the time then this may be your next pet. They love people so if they have enough space to roam around, they would prefer being inside with their owner all day long. Once in a while, though they do need to get outside to stretch their legs and play some fetch but mostly they are content just laying around watching television with their favorite person doing absolutely nothing at all.

14. Chow Chows

This breed might appear intimidating because of its fluffy coat but don’t let it fool you. It’s one of the easiest breeds you can find. They are docile and quite calm, very easy going and not hyperactive at all. If you leave for work for 8 hours every day this might be the perfect breed for your lifestyle.

15. American Staffordshire Terriers

This dog is also known as a Pitbull and on top of that, it’s one of the most popular breeds in America. Its misunderstood because of its common look but these dogs are very smart, well-mannered, gentle, and eager to please their owners. If you have enough space in your home or backyard they will be happy to stay inside with you all day long, just don’t expect them to protect your property when nobody is around.

16. Boxers

This breed may always look hyperactive but it’s actually one of the calmest breeds out there. They love staying inside most of the time and being lazy by your side, but they do need their daily exercise for at least an hour or two. So if you can go on a quick jog with them in the morning before you leave for work every day this is a great breed for your lifestyle.

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17. Bull Terriers

If you are not home during the day and want a dog that will keep your property safe then Bull Terriers may be the right choice for you. They are very protective and don’t require too much attention from their owners which will allow you to keep a full-time job without feeling guilty.

18. Old English Sheepdog

This breed doesn’t always look like it but they are very smart and easily trained. They love being around people so leaving them home alone won’t be a problem for this breed. Just don’t expect them to protect your property because most of the time they will welcome guests, even strangers with “open arms”.

19. Portuguese Water Dogs

This dog is very intelligent and has a great sense of smell, making it an ideal hunting companion. They are calm in nature so leaving them inside won’t be a problem especially if they have enough space to run around in your backyard or at least somewhere nearby. If you can go jogging with them once or twice a week that would be great otherwise just getting some brisk walks in every single day will keep these dogs entertained while you work.

20. Bearded Collies

This breed is very active so they love being outdoors, but if you have a backyard then that’s not a problem at all. Leaving them inside during the day shouldn’t be an issue as long as they have enough space to run around in. This dog may appear intimidating but it’s actually one of the most peaceful breeds out there. They are extremely gentle with everyone regardless of age or size which makes them great for families. If you can go on some hikes or jogs with these dogs once or twice every week that would be perfect because otherwise leaving them home alone for 8 hours straight may end up tiring them out.

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So there you go, 20 dog breeds that can be left alone for 8 hours while you work. But there are always some exceptions so please keep in mind that this is just a general guideline. Always be on the safe side and consult with your vet before making any final decisions, they will know best!